One Piece Talent System Chapter 402 2

Chapter 402 One Fist Part 2
Luffy and others were shocked and their pupil contracted as they saw this scene and cold sweat ran down on their foreheads. At this time, Sanji took the lead in responding and shouted:

"Escape! Run!"
Sanjis voice awakened the shocked Nami and others, and everyone fought desperately to flee to the distance. Fortunately, the Earth Giant was not fast and they desperately tried to escape, and eventually escaped before the foot fell and trampled the area.

The problem is that although they escaped the area which was trampled by the Earth Giant, the severe impact and shock caused by this foot fall still swept directly at Luffy Zoro and others!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Everyone was blown out by that fierce impact.

After being pushed back to tens of meters away, the crowd stabilized their bodies, and when they struggled to get up, they looked at the huge giant, but their backs were filled with cold sweat.

Even if it is Luffy, it is difficult for him to raise any battle intent at this moment. It is not fear, but they do not know how to fight faced with such a huge monster!

They thought that after defeating a Shichibukai, they would never have to run away as they did in Louge Town, but they didnt expect that after coming to the Sky Island, they would once again encounter a monster that made them feel desperate!

Such a huge thing, even those monsters in Lougetown wouldnt be able to deal with it.


While Luffy and his men were stiff, the giants legs were lifted up again. Enel had missed them this time and he had increased his speed a little.

But the foot stopped in mid-air before it could go down, for Enels attention had shifted from Luffy and others to a figure directly in front of him, arriving at some point in the face of the Earth Giant.

Luffy and others who were desperately escaping the trampled area of the giant looked up and faintly saw the figure floating in the sky.

"That is"

Everyone has a vague sense of familiarity as they saw this scene.

After Namis eyes flickered a little, her pupil couldnt help but shrink as she recognized the figures identity. Even if she was far away, she still recognized this figure, because this figure has left an everlasting expression on her!

Ghost Hand Ross!

The person with a Bounty 3 Billion Berries the Strongest Man in the World!

The moment she recognized Ross, Nami finally thought the Ghost Hand spoken by Enel. There was no doubt that he was referring to Ross. In other words, the ruler of this Sky Island was Ross, the big pirate standing on the top of the world!

After thoroughly trying to understand the current situation, Nami looked at Ross in the sky, but her eyes couldnt help but change because the Earth Giant was so huge that Ross looked like an ant in front of it!

Even if Ross is the Strongest Man in the world, faced with such a big Giant, I am afraid

Namis eyes were filled with endless tension.

"Blue Sea People"

Enel depresseds voice came from the Earth Giant.
The Earth Giant is controlled by him which is equivalent to him having the whole body of the Earth Giant and the sound of his voice is also loud that even the people on the remote island can clearly hear it.

"It really is you."

Ross flew in the air while staring at the Earth Giant from a distance. His Observation Haki swept over and caught Enels body directly.

He did not expect that it was really Enel and looking at him like this, he had really eaten the Logia Fruit, the upper-level fruit that could control earth

Enels luck was really good.
"I didnt know I had this kind of power."

Enels Earth Giant raised his giant hands and said: "I am the real God!"

Ross looked at him indifferently, and said, "Talking so much crap, cant you just fight?"

Enel was silent for a second and his depressed voice was heard all over the world.

"As you wish!"
"Let me grant you this honor, Blue Sea Man Gods punishment!"

With Enels voice falling, the Earth Giant raised his arm and smashed into Ross in the air.

Compared with the giant of the earth, Rosss body size is just like the gap between a mosquito and a human.

The huge fist that hit towards Ross in the air was like the collapse of a mountain with an irresistible force.

The sky seems to be falling down!

Seeing this scene, Luffy, Zoro, and others faces changed but at this moment, they couldnt do anything at all and they could only look at the scene from the bottom.

On the distant Angel Island, countless Sky Islanders are also feeling horror and fear. Although they cant see Ross from a long distance, they can hear Enels voice and they know that Ross has appeared and they also know that Enel is communicating with Ross and confronting him.

Ross has ruled the Sky island for so long with absolute power and with the help of Laffittes hypnosis powers and his Distortion power, he had a thriving governance.

It can be said.

Rosss status in Sky Island is not only that of a god who had overwhelmed everything with absolute power but he is also an existence of awe and admiration to countless people.

Despite Enels sheer strong force now, no one is going to give in to the idea of surrender, they are just looking in that direction with a worried face.

"His Highness Ross "

Gan Fall stood on the edge of the Angel Island, his face filled with worries.

If Ross lost to this guy, they wouldnt be able to resist this terrifying power. By that time, it would be difficult for anyone to predict what the Angel Island would look like.

Under the intense and worried attention of countless people, the Giant Earths arm finally swayed and smashed towards Ross.

Just at this moment.
Ross stood flat in the sky and also stretched out his right hand. He also pinched his fingers together and raised his fist, thus meeting the huge fist that Enel swung over.

Even Rosss whole figure is not comparable to that of Giants fist and he looks like a mosquito, let alone Ross fist, which is almost as small as the tip of a needle.

Just the next moment.

The two fists collided against each other.
The World seemed to have become silent and almost no sound was made, or even if there was a sound, it was just an extremely depressed muffled sound.

It was as if the sound itself had been completely broken.

At this moment.

Countless faces glazed over, from Luffy and others to Gan Fall, On the Angel Island, the Iron Wall Giant responsible for protecting Sugar also looked at this scene with stunned silence.

Everyone saw a Giant that was so large that it was comparable to that of an island, it towered between the heavens and the earth but the Giants entire right arm had disappeared without a trace, along with its right arm, half of its head and half of its chest had disappeared!

Looking over at the huge hole.

They saw that the higher clouds were divided in two from the center, exposing a clear blue sky, and spread all the way to the distance until the end of sight!