One Piece Talent System Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Defeating Enel
There was silence between heaven and earth.

Only the Giant of the Earth, who had lost his right arm, and half his chest and head, still stood between heaven and earth and did not fall.
"Its impossible Thats impossible!

Enels voice came from the Earth Giant. The voice turned with a shudder and it was filled with fear and horror.

Since receiving the power of the Earth Fruit, he had always felt that he has never been more stronger, especially when standing on the land of Skypiea, it seems that he can destroy an island by turning his hands.


Even if he has such power, he is still not Rosss opponent!

"God Sanction!"

Enel bellowed, and the other arm, still in the air, rushed at Ross again, with a thick frown on its face.

However, Ross just punched out again.


There was a loud bang from their collision.

The power of distortion filled the giant arm of the Earth Giant, and it spread all the way to his body so that his arm and the rest of its body were all broken.

Kch! Kch!

The Earth Giants whole body began to crack like an Egg and the soil blocks continue to fall off, eventually falling apart completely, and turning into countless clumps and scattered and countless parts of Earth splashed around.

Seeing this scene, Luffy and others were completly stunned and they slowly came back to themselves with a shock in their eyes.

Far away.

On the top of the Angel Island Palace, Sugar looked at this scene from afar, but also took a long breath as she didnt have to worry about being punished by Ross.

The Iron Wall Giant stood beside Sugar, his eyes were full of awe and admiration, and he couldnt help saying: "Ross Sama is really too strong, I am still far behind him."

"After all, he is already the Strongest in the World."

Sugar couldnt help whispering.

Before she was taken away from Dressrosa, Ross was still a long way from becoming a Yonk (Four Emperors), at best, he was at Shichibukais level, but that time has passed, he has already reached the apex of this world.

Her status as a special cadre of Ghost Hand Pirates is also rising. She can eat as much candy as she wants in Angel Island, and she can play whatever she wants.


A big chunk of dirt hits Luffy and others in the face.
This part of the earth seemed to be alive as it kept squirming and it struggled into Enels shape and made to stand up.

But before it was fully condensed and formed, Ross fell from the sky, stepped on its head and he forced him to the ground again.

Enel struggled desperately.


Ross stomped again and the power of distortion hit Enels head and he fainted completely and no longer struggled.
After putting down Enel, Ross turned his head to look at Luffy and others not far away, and raised his eyebrows slightly as he did not expect them to be on this Island and said:

"We meet again."

"That is"

When Nami saw Rosss eyes fall on her, she couldnt help but smile. She raised her hand to say hello to Ross and didnt know what to call Ross.

Ross didnt care what she behaved like but asked her: "The question is why are you here?"
"Cough, cough, this "

Nami coughed twice, trying to say that they came here to deal with Enel, but Enel just beat them down and he was defeated by Ross in two moves, but she couldnt speak.

Usopp was a bit afraid of Ross. Seeing Rosss expression was not good, he could not help but said quickly: "Well, we heard that someone had taken Holy Land and we came here to help!"


Ross glanced at Usopp a little strangely as he didnt quite believe what he had said. In his opinion, it should be Luffys idea to break into Holy Land to defeat someone strong, or Zoro got lost and brought the rest of them into Holy Land.

He turned to look at Nami, and asked her, "Is that true?"

"Ah that, thats it."

Nami responded quickly to Ross.

Usopps instinct is to lie, but Nami is about the same, but with Rosss right hand on the hilt of the sword, and a little bit of soul-soul Fruit, Nami cant lie.

Seeing this.

Ross touched his chin.

"Since you broke into Holy Land because you want to deal with this guy, its understandable, you didnt violate the law of the Sky Island."

The moment his voice fell, Ross raised his hand and patted Luffy and others.

Buzz !!

Before Luffy and others could respond, everyone was shrouded in some weird power and all of them flew up and soared into the sky, they accelerated in midair and flew towards the Angel Beach on the Angel Island in the distance.

Usopp and Chopper screamed in fright. The crowd finally fell on Angel Beach, but because Angel Beach is a soft island cloud, their bodies became embedded in it and looked very funny.
After patting away Luffy and others.

Ross looked down at Enel, who was under his feet, with a slight smile.

"I didnt expect it to be the Earth-Earth Fruit."

If it was the Stone-Stone Fruit used by Pica, the highest cadre of the Donquixote Family which had limited ability and has little effect at sea, but the Logia Earth fruit is at a completely different level!
As one of Logias Devil Fruit abilities, the Earth Fruit may not be as good as Light, Ice, and Magma in terms of pure attack, but it is undoubtedly the greatest in terms of defensive properties.

Just like Enels trick.

The average person would have been swept away by a giant of that size, which had the ability to heal itself, and Enels tiny body, hidden deep within the Earth Giants body, was impossible to reach.

It would take a force of Rosss magnitude to knock Enel out so easily.

If it was anyone else, they wouldnt be able to do so.

Even if Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru may be better than Enel, but that doesnt mean that they would be able to quickly finish the battle.

"Its a pity."

After chuckling, Ross shook his head again.

If this fruit was obtained by him, then he could have directly produced a peak level battle force like Hurricane incarnation, which is directly at the Marine Admiral level.

Now that Enel has eaten this Devil Fruit, he can only make Enel into a puppet and it would be difficult for Enels Battle Powers to reach the level of a Marine Admiral.


Enels battle strength can be directly displayed because no one in the Blue sea knows him.

Unlike Golden Lion Shiki and Katakuri, if they appear, it will definitely cause an uproar. They cannot be used until the final battle or as a last resort.