One Piece Talent System Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Captain Convened
Enel was eventually taken back to the Cake Island Base.

Ross cut out the fourth Soul Incarnation and made Enel into the fourth puppet, Enel of Naraka Path with the power of Logia!
In terms of rank alone, the Earth Fruit is above the Mochi-Mochi Fruit of Katakuri, but the Devil Fruit of Katakuri has already awakened and is not much worse than the Earth Fruit, and Katakuri is proficient in Haki, so Enel is not as good as Katakuri.


The Earth fruit also has its strengths, that is, it can easily create a huge giant of the earth, and it has a strong defense and regeneration ability!

When it comes to large-scale attacks, Enel should be above Katakuri and the difference between their strength is not that much!

"Its almost time."

Ross looked at the puppets in front of him, and the hurricane incarnation floating beside him and his eyes flashed.

He turned around, took a deep breath, and said to Trafalgar Law: "Notify all Captains, except for the Eighth Division and Ninth Division, all members are to come to the Cake Island base to gather!"

"Finally Theres going to be a big move."

Trafalgar Law, who had not stretched his muscles for a long time, answered, and went out at once, to inform the captains.

Since their war with Whitebeard, the Ghost Hand Pirates havent had a full Captain rally in a long time.

Somewhere on an island.

Fujitora, who was betting on the dice in the casino, heard the whisper from the person next to him and raised his head slightly, his face showing a hint of innocence.

"Are you going to start?"

Somewhere on the sea, Shiliew of the Rain split a Pirate Ship in half, stepping on Gepp (Moonwalk) in midair while slowly retracting the blade and holding the cigar:

"Trash, for them to dare invade Totto Land "

Immediately after his voice fell, the Den Den Mushi in his arms rang and after Shiliew of the Rain answered, his eyes flickered slightly and he grinned, revealing a sense of happiness that had never been seen before.

He turned around and dropped a few steps and returned to his ship, he ordered his subordinates: "Set Sail, We are going back to the Cake Island!"

In a tavern, Ficheux Erman hugs a beautiful woman in one hand and he was burying his head in the chest of another with an intoxicated look on his face.

Just then, the Den Den Mushi on Ficheux Erman sounded.

A little displeased at the interruption, but after listening to Den Den Mushi, Ficheux Erman was so surprised that he stands up, nearly causing the two women to fall.

On an empty plain somewhere.

More than a dozen giants have gathered here, practicing and fighting each other.

For the giants, they can spend a hundred years on a trivial matter. Their views on time are very different from humans. A few years are nothing for them.

"Hey! Hajrudin! All Division Captains are being called in!"

The Sand Giant Road came to Hajrudin while holding a Den Den Mushi in his hand and grinning at Hajrudin, and said, "It looks like we are going to fight again."

Hajrudin opened his eyes, and there was a flicker of light in his eyes. He stood up and said in a deep voice, "It is our glory to fight for Captain Ross!

Somewhere in the peaceful auditorium.
Laffitte was holding the red wooden cane while leaning back on a chair, listening quietly to the piano music that rang through the auditorium.

Just then, the Den Den Mushi rang, breaking the harmony of the piano.

"Well looks like its about to begin."

After answering the Den Den Mushi, Laffitte stood up and smiled at the pianist, saying, "Thats all for today."

One day later.

Inside Cake Island.

Except for Captain Judge of Eight Division, Captain Boa Hancock of Ninth Division, and Captain Nico Robin of Sixth Division, all the other Captains are here!

Due to the large territorial waters of Totto Land, plus many Captains responsible for different things, some Captains have not been here for one and a half years.

"Captain Shiliew, you seems to have become stronger again, Hohoho."

Laffitte walked beside Shiliew and felt that Shiliews aura seemed to have changed, and he could not help but smile.

Shiliew didnt answer. He held his cigar and gave a dangerous smile.

"Boss Ross hasnt come yet."

Ficheux Erman curled his lips and said, "We seem to have come here a little early. I knew I should have had some fun with those ladies."

Trafalgar Law glanced at him and said, I dont know whats in it for being early, but if youre late for something like that, I think your bird might die.

Ficheux Erman shuddered.

Although Trafalgar Law is ranked below him, he is now more closely related to Ross, and the remark was offensive in itself, but he did not dare to pursue it.

While the Captains were talking to each other, there was a sound of footsteps from outside the door, and Robin came in first. She was wearing a black cloak with the words Six embroidered on its sleeve.

Fujitora and others are also wearing these cloaks. The cloaks cuffs are marked with One, Two, Three, Four and Five. This is a new cloak belonging to Totto Land Division Captain.
"Captain Robin, you are here."

Ficheux Erman greeted Robin.

He didnt care much about the other Captains, and he wasnt even afraid of Shiliew of the Rain and Fujitora, but he couldnt ignore Robin because the relationship between Ross and Robin couldnt be clearer.

"Isnt Lord Ross here yet?"

Laffitte also looked at Robin and asked a question.

Robin took her own seat and said to Laffitte and others: "He will be here soon."

Almost as soon as Robins voice fell, footsteps sounded again.

The door was pushed open again.

A figure came in first. He was like a corpse with his head lowered and his arms hanging down, he walked into the door without a word and stood by the door.

Then, a small Dragon Tornado visible to the naked eye flew in. The little Dragon tornado had eyes and mouths, and looked around curiously.

At last.

Ross came in, dressed in a black cloak and embroidered with blood-red cuffs. There were no Numbers on the cuffs, only two blood-colored lines.

"Master Ross."

"Boss Boss."


The captains spoke to Ross when they saw him.

They had been following Ross for more than a year and two years, and Rosss strength and style had made all the Captains feel at their ease. Even Shiliew was only dissatisfied with the position of Fujitora and he had no thoughts of rebelling against Ross.

"Everyone is here, good."

Ross looked at the many Captains who were present and pointed his finger at the corpse-like figure next to him, saying, "This is one of my puppets and he will be participating in this operation. His strength is not inferior to everyone present here."

When Ross said this, the eyes of everyone in the room flashed.

Naturally, they will not question whether Rosss words are true or false, but if they are true and this puppet has the strength close to them than Ross has a secret power that none of the Captains are aware of except for those who are involved in it.