One Piece Talent System Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Let The Beasts Become History
"The Hurricane incarnation here is also not inferior to everyone here."

After simply explaining that the corpse-like thing was his own puppet, Ross spoke again and pulled the hurricane incarnation.
Buzz !!

The Hurricane incarnation was deformed and compressed instantly by Ross, and turned into a wind ball with a bright white light, faintly exhaling a heartbreaking aura.

Everyone present here was a strong man who was proficient in Haki. Their Observation Haki simply perceived this scene and they all know how terrifying the power contained in this wind ball is!

In addition to the newly-added Eighth Division and Ninth Division Captain in these years, two powerful Captain-level combat powers were added at once, and Ficheux Erman and other people present could not help but look at the changes with shock.

The Ghost Hand Pirates have become stronger and it is naturally a good thing, but it also means that Ross authority will become more terrifying. Even these people here are not necessary for the Battle power for Totto Land.


They are also very clear that they are the original Division Captains who established Totto Land. As long as they do not violate certain principles, they will always remain at the Division Captains position.

"The reason why the Eighth and Ninth Division were not notified this time is that this operation will be a covert operation and will not be made public."

Ross walked to his position, and glanced at the Division Captain on the left-hand side and the Division Captains on the right-hand side, and said in a deep voice.

The Division Captains present have actually guessed what will happen next, and Fujitora and Robin and others have already known for a long time.

"Thats right."

"Our next move is to Destroy the Beast Pirates!"

This sentence sounded in the hall but it did not make any waves of surprise. Even the expressions on the Division Captains faces did not change.

Its not the old-time now!

At that time, it was very difficult for them to defeat the Beast Pirates, let alone destroy them. But today, they are already the Strongest Pirate Force in the world!

In this sea, apart from the World Government, there is no force that can make them concede, not even the other Yonk (Four Emperors)!

"It looks like the death knell of the Beast Pirates is about to ring, Hohoho."

Laffitte smirked and broke the silence and laughter rang in the hall.

Ross is very satisfied with the many Division Captains present here. No one disputed against his words and no one asked for reasons. This is his favorite situation.


"Now, lets talk about the main points of this operation."

After a pause, Ross said slowly: "The Beast Pirates are now camped in the Country of Peace, and the location of the Country of Peace has been locked by our intelligence team."

"This time, we will take the initiative to invade the Country of Peace."
"Kaido and the leader of the Country of Peace Black Snake are now in a cooperative relationship. The specific intelligence about this Black Snake is not clear, but his strength will not be inferior to the Three Disasters of the Beast Pirates, otherwise, there wouldnt be a relationship as Kaido would have killed him."

Having said that, Rosss tone became a little more serious.

"That is to say, this time we are facing the Three Disasters of the Beast Pirates, the two Sweet Commanders of BIGMOM Pirates that fled and the Black Snake."

Fujitora would have no problem in dealing with the most powerful of the Three Disaster and the same could be said for the Hurricane incarnation and Shiliew of the Rain as both of them could suppress the remaining two Disaster.

Ficheux Erman and the grown-up Trafalgar Law are enough to deal with the remaining two Sweet Commanders. As for the Black Snake, Hajrudin would have no problem in dealing with him.
As for the other Battle forces of the Beast Pirates.

The Giant Corps, the other Division Captains, and the Naraka Path Enel are enough to deal with them!

As for the Hundred Beast Kaido, he would be naturally dealt with by Ross himself. In their previous encounter, he was unfamiliar with his new abilities and was only able to draw a tie with Hundred Beast Kaido, but now his strength is completly different from that time!

Even if Kaido becomes even stronger and improves on his Haki and powers but his improvement is far less than Ross, and it is impossible for Kaido to compare with Ross.

"That is to say Are we the only ones who are going?"
Fujitora asks Ross after listening to his brief introduction.

Ross didnt answer. Robin stepped in to answer the question, her lips lifted, her eyes relaxed, and she said,

"Besides the Captain, there is the legion of Giants and the present Division Captains, including the Eighth Division Captain Reiju."

Fujitora heard that and nodded slightly.

If this is the case then they will not carry any other forces and even with these forces, it is enough to turn the country on its head. Even if they cannot destroy their enemy, it will not be too difficult to defeat them.

"When would we act?"

Shiliew asked slowly as he exhaled a puff of smoke from his cigar and a faint wisp of ice appeared on his body, giving the ground a frozen texture beneath his feet.

Ross looked at him, smiled slightly, and said:

"Right now."

There is no advance notice, and a notice is direct action.

Not to mention the Beast Pirates, it is impossible for even the World Government to know anything in advance and before the invasion of the Country of Peace, I am afraid that no one would know anything.

"The Battle power of the Beast Pirate Regiment and the specific battle plan will be read carefully by Robin, and "

Ross narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the Division Captains, saying, "Failer is not allowed in this battle. I want to make the Beast Pirates into a history!"

Just as the Division Captains and many others assembled on the Cake Island.

On the Grand Line, the Straw Hat crew arrived at Water Seven and finally made a big noise there as they confronted the new CP9 of the World Government and eventually defeated the new CP9 and rescued Franky.
This news caused the World Government a big headache. The World Government had never thought that the CP9 would be defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, causing Plutons designs to fly away from their grasp.


When the World Government questioned Marine Admiral Aokiji, who was in charge of the matter, Aokiji shied away from that by saying that the spy organization Cypher Pole had been involved in this matter and he could not intervene making the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) angry with him for a while.

The Water Seven incident has attracted the attention of the World Governments senior management. Various intelligence agencies have never discovered that many Division Captains of the Ghost Hand Pirates have gathered together and they are heading towards the depths of New World together with the Giant Corps and many Division Captains.
Their marching goal, the Country of Peace.

The route they were taking is the sky!

The possibility of being found at sea was almost eliminated and by the time the World Government became aware of anything, the incident will be over.

They cant be stopped by anything and the Ghost Hand Pirates will completely turn the world upside down again with their action.