One Piece Talent System Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Gathers
"Outsiders have the audacity to show up here so blatantly."

"They have guts!"
Both Givers were natives who became Artificial Devil Fruit Users. At this moment, they have just arrived at this small town and saw Ross and others and their expressions turned cold.

One of them had a huge machete in his hand, and his arm had long silver hair, like an orangutans arm.


Neither Ross nor Fujitora looked at him.

He came to the place closest to Shiliew and was about to use his machete to cut it down. There was a flash of coldness in Shiliew of the Rains eyes. He snorted, picked up the teacup and poured tea in the teacup.

Kch! Kch!

When the tea was poured, it condensed into ice and spread outward in an instant, directly freezing the orangutan like arm before freezing the entire body of the Giver!

Seeing this scene, Daisy suddenly showed a look of shock and a look of unbelief also appeared on her face.

"Frozen, why is this "

The remaining Giver saw this scene and stare for a while, and then a look of horror appeared on his face. His expression suddenly became tense, and he did not dare to move forward. He yelled, "You What have you done?!"

His tone was fierce, but there was a hint of trembling and fear in it.

Shiliew was too lazy and completly ignored him.


Sitting next to him, Trafalgar Law took a sip from his teacup. Instead of looking at him, he looked at the table and said in a flat voice, "If you want to live, run away.

Even your bosss boss would be afraid to come here, so run away."

"Hohohoh, you scaring people."

Laffittes smile and his figure suddenly disappeared silently, a dark shadow flashed and he appeared behind the Giver.

The Giver only felt that his scalp was going explode and the hairs on his body were standing up. He almost wanted to escape, but a red wooden cane blocked him in an instant.

"Dont run away."

Laffitte smiled and said with certain hypnotic magic in his voice: "Go and tell Kaido that the Ghost Hand Pirates are here for a visit oh no, it should be said that the Ghost Hand Pirates are here to play, go. "

As Laffittes voice dropped, the Givers mind was filled with Laffittes words, which echoed back and forth.

He ran as fast as he could and disappeared.

And at the same time.
Laffittes figure flickered as he disappeared again and when he reappeared, he was back where he had been sitting and he picked up the teacup again.

"The tea here is ordinary."

Ficheux Erman took a small sip took a sip and said what he wanted to say, he looked over at Fujitora and said, "Dont you think its hard to swallow?"

Fujitora smiles and takes a sip of tea, and says, "A simple meal is enough to keep you satisfied.

Ficheux Erman was speechless and said. "Why drink rough tea when you can have good tea?"

Several people spoke one by one. After a long time, the shocked Daisy and Tsuru finally woke up.

Tsuru had already guessed that the people who appeared here were not ordinary people and she was right. The Givers didnt even have a chance to touch any one of these people!

But Ross and others seemed to be trying to challenge Kaido, which makes her heart sink.

Kaido is terrifying and this a fact known to everyone in the Country Of Peace, Kaido is even more terrible than Black Snake!
"You guys"

Daisy looked at the Givers ice sculpture that had been frozen into ice and looked at Shiliew. Although she had returned to her senses, her eyes were still filled with shock.

Ross glanced over at her side and said: "Are you worried about us involving you, but if there is danger, there will also be rewards, drink your morning tea once, you will not drink it in vain."

She tried to say something, but Robin interrupted.

Robin took a sip from her teacup and said, "Dont worry. It was your bad luck and your good luck to get caught up in this situation and it wont be long before your life will be different."

Just as Ross and others continued to drink tea.

Hundred Beast Kaido was sitting cross-legged in a sumptuous hall in the heart of the Kingdom of Peace, some miles away, taking a sip from a wine gourd.

"You are saying that the Ghost Hand is here?"

He took a sip of wine and looked at the person in front of him.

His subordinate trembled and said: "Yes! According to the Giver, he should be that Ghost Hand, and it seems that all the Division Captains are here."


Hundred Beast Kaido snorted and put down the wine gourd, saying, "In other words, they are here to fight."

"It should it should be the case."

The subordinate shuddered and looked nervous.

He is very clear that the Beast Pirates power had expanded over the years but the Ghost Hand Pirates are terrifying, once they fight, only one of the two is coming out that fight!
What kind of madness did that Ghost Hand have for him to come to the Kingdom of Peace without a word to wage a war against them, he was just like their boss Kaido, he was a lunatic!


Kaido stood up and a domineering momentum suddenly swayed inside the palace. He grinned from ear to ear and said, "For that Ghost Hand by to come to my territory for war, go and call Jack and others!"

"Yes, Lord Kaido."
The subordinate trembled in response and immediately ran out of the palace.

In addition to Kaido in the palace, there is also a person sitting in the dark, he is the King of the Kingdom of Peace in all but name, the Black Snake.

The Black Snake slowly opened his mouth and drank wine before saying: "The Ghost Hand Pirates, arent they the strongest pirates in the sea?"

"They do have some skills."

Kaido touched the back of his head before taking the gourd and took another sip.

The Black Snake said slowly: "Since they have reached the Country of Peace, how can we not be indifferent, we must teach them a hard lesson."

Following Kaidos order.

Many Beast Pirates cadres in the Country of Peace gathered together at the fastest speed, and the Three Disasters were not far away at the moment, and they soon arrived.

"Ghost hand has that guy come to the Kingdom of Peace?!"

Smoothie, the former member of the Sweet Commanders of the BIGMOM Pirates suddenly stood up after learning this news and a hint of coldness appeared in his eyes.

Snack standing next to her said coldly: "He is so arrogant that he dared to come to the Country of Peace alone and came to the base camp of the Beast Pirates. This time, he will pay for his arrogance with his blood! "

Beast Pirates.

Complete assembly!