One Piece Talent System Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Ross Vs Onigumo

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With a slight force from Ross fingers, the long sword twisted and broke, At the same time, a twisting force was transmitted along the long blade and bombarded the Captains body, letting blood gush out of his mouth as he flew backward.
Then he stepped on his feet and the entire ship again showed strange ripples that spread in all directions. Eventually, countless boards overturned and the entire ship folded violently in the middle and broke apart.

After destroying two Battleships in succession, Ross stood on the broken Battleship and gasped for a moment. After adjusting slightly, he jumped up and landed on the sea.

Destroying Battleship takes less stamina than Ross though.

Despite the enormous burden placed on his physical body by the power of distortion, it took only about 20% of his actual physical strength to destroy two Battleships in such a short period of time.

This consumption is completely affordable.


Ross continues to charge towards the next Battleship.

His body is actually running on the surface of the sea. In the case of Gepp (Moonwalk), the air can become a pedal to step upon, so it is naturally much easier to use seawater as a pedal.

With the power of his current Distortion Fruit, the phantom formed by refracting light can be as far as twenty or thirty meters away from his original body, enough to make the gunfire on the Battleship unable to find his true location.


After an ineffective cannonball fire, Ross stepped up and out of the sea. He jumped up and landed over on the next Battleship.

"He is here!"

"Damn! What should we do?"

Seeing Ross once again ignoring the cannonball fire and jumping up from the sea and onto the Battleship, numerous Marines on the Battleship showed some horror on their faces.


Almost immediately after Ross jumped on the battleship and landed, a single powerful sword energy strike came from the West direction intending to cut his head.

Faced with the sudden attack, Ross did not panic, He hugged his hands from both sides and clamped the sword energy between his palms and then he rotated in the air throwing the sword energy towards the sea.


The sword energy fell into the sea and cut a fissure of more than ten meters in the sea.

Looking at the aftermath of the attack on the sea, Ross eyes slightly fluctuated. He had guessed who wielded the sword that attacked him. There was no doubt that the only one who could display this level of sword arts was the Rear Admiral Onigumo from the Marine Headquarters.

Ross also had a little impression of Onigumo, He vaguely remembered that during the War of the Best in the original story, Onigumo cooperated with Admiral Kizaru and captured Captain Marco of the First Division of the Whitebeard Pirates by clasping seastone cuffs on his wrist.

Ross turned his head and looked in the direction from where the sword energy came.

A figure is Wearing a Marine Justice coat with a brown-purple hair and a Marine justice plaque embroidered with a military officers badge and standing on the top of the cabin. It is the Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo!

He held a sword in his hands and was coldly staring at Ross.

"Yes Its Rear Admiral Onigumo!"

"Oh, We are saved"

Many Marines on Battleship did not see when Onigumo arrived on their Battleship, but they were relieved seeing the power displayed by Onigumos sword.
Ross strength is too terrible for them to resist and the only person that can take him down is the Rear Admiral Onigumo, an elite marine sent by the Marine Headquarters on Grand Line!

As a Rear Admiral of the Marine Headquarter, Onigumo has a prestigious reputation on the Grand Line and he had also defeated pirates with bounties of over 100 million berries so it is natural that he will not have any problems dealing with Ross.

With him on the Battleship, it was like eating a reassurance pill for many Marines present, Their panic and fear faded away and a calm feeling replaced them.

"Ghost Hand Rossyou bastard"

Onigumo looked at Ross on the deck with cold eyes and said: Do you know how much responsibility I have to take for losing two Battleship!"
At the same time as his last sentence fell he suddenly turned into a shadow, rushing towards Ross, with his sword wrapped in a powerful sword energy force descending at Ross.


Rosss footsteps turn as he also shows Soru of Marines Rokushiki. After avoiding the sword, his body turned as he attacks Onigumo with his one leg.

Onigumo snorted as he blocked the attack with his sword.


Ross kicked Onigumos legs on the side of the blade and the power of distortion jumped up, causing Onigumo arms to slightly shake with the blade.

There is a huge power gap between the branch Rear Admiral and Headquarters Rear Admiral. One is responsible for the defense of their respective sea area whether it is the East, North, South, or West Blue, while Headquarter Rear Admiral is responsible to guard a section of the Grand Line!

As the Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral, Onigumo is not only proficient in Marines Rokushiki, but he can also use two different types of Haki.

After the standoff, the two men retreated a few steps.

"If losing two Battleships make you this angry, then I am sorry because this is just the beginning."

Ross looked at Onigumo and said calmly, "I said this when I was forced to become a pirate, I hope you dont regret the orders that were issued at that time."

Onigumo was silent when he heard Ross words.


A little bit.

But what he regretted was not that Ross was classified as a pirate, but that Lieutenant Colonel Leica a waste of Marines who couldnt even deal with Ross in the very beginning.

At this point, there is no possibility of any reversal. Marines can never give up their prestige for a single individual. Only by putting Ross down to the bottom of the sea can the majesty of Marine be demonstrated and the pirates on the sea can be deterred.
"From your refusal to join Marines, I can see that there is no justice in your heart, Even if we didnt do anything, you will surely be on the road that is opposed to justice, so whatever you say does not have any significance"

Onigumos coldly said and he stepped forward, his left hand holding a sword sweep and his right hand holding another sword chops at the same time creating a cross shape sword energy to cut Ross.

"A good excuse."

Rosss face flashed with a trace of sarcasm, He punched out hitting the center of the cross-shaped sword energy, The power of distortion suddenly broke out and the cross-shaped sword energy was twisted and crushed, creating a deep crack on the surrounding Shipboard.
After smashing Onigumos sword energy, Ross suddenly stepped forward with a strong power of distortion wrapped around his fist and punched towards Onigumos chest.

He was too lazy to start an argument with a Marine.

There is no room for reconciliation between him and the Marines. By killing Marine captains and rear admiral he can get Talent Proficiency points. In his eyes, Marines are just his prey.


Onigumo crossed his two swords and resisted Ross attack then he violently swung his swords at Ross direction. At the same time, he jumped up and swept his legs.

Rankyaku (Tempest Kick)!

The two sword energies with strong horizontal foot power are interwoven with each other forming a network of sword energies, which cuts towards Ross.

Ross eyes were indifferent, his hands were separated up and down and he tore the web of sword energy by pulling it up and down and then he stepped right through the middle.

"Distorted Tempest."

As he stepped out, his whole body suddenly shook and it was divided directly into three figures, which surrounded Onigumo from three different directions.

The original power of Distortion Fruit, in terms of Light Distortion he could only refract light to this extent, Ross has been able to use the distortion of light to create two phantom doppelgangers that are identical to himself.

Such phantom doppelgangers have a certain impact, even for people who can use Observation Haki, because when they see a fist coming, even if they know it is a phantom, most people will still make instinctive evasion or take defensive actions.