One Piece Talent System Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Despair
With the defeat of the two of the Three Disasters, the battlefield where the remaining BIGMOM Pirates were fighting also brought major problems.

"Dont look over there."
Ficheux Ermans voice rang in Smoothies ears. She didnt know when he had appeared on her side and a bullet shot precisely into Smoothies body.

Smoothies Kenbonshoku (Observation) perceives Ficheux Ermans movements, but due to the distraction, and the fact that Ficheux Ermans bullet is accelerated, she has difficulty in avoiding it and she barely moved her body back a bit.


The bullet crossed her chest, leaving four blood holes.

The severe pain made Smoothie scream. Although she immediately used her ability to close the wounds, she inevitably fell on defending position.

Ficheux Ermans figure flickered and he had already taken advantage of Smoothies wounds as he fired three consecutive shots at Smoothies heart and neck.

Smoothie barely avoided them.


Ficheux Erman kicked Smoothies lower abdomen with one kick and he kicked her upside down, she spits blood from her mouth but she still insists on standing up.

But at this moment, a light flashed.

Si! Si! Si!

Smoothies body instantly broke apart in eight pieces. With Trafalgar Laws ability, her arms, legs, and feet, as well as her torso were all cut open.

Although she was not physically harmed, she completely lost her Battle ability.

"Hey! Dont interfere with my Battle, you bastard."

Ficheux Erman looked at Trafalgar Law with dissatisfaction.

Law was holding the Cursed Blade (Yt) Kikoku and he was standing before the body of Snack and spoke calmly, "You were moving to slow."

"Its over, Beast Pirates."

Laffitte fired a shot that penetrated Perosperos head, he glanced at the battlefield with an evil glint in his eyes and spoke to himself.

Another Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates has fallen in their hand.

Under Rosss command, the pace of their progress cannot be stopped, this has already become a trend, where they would sweep and shock the world again and again with their feats!

Just like the Pirate King Roger.

In the early days, Roger also fought against Whitebeard Pirate, Golden Lion Shiki, and others. He even fell into a disadvantage and was cornered by Garp several times.

But each time he survived, each time he became a winner, victory after victory which laid the foundation for his ascent to the top of the sea!
It can be said that at some point, the Roger Pirates were unstoppable.

Sweeping the sea, both Golden Lion and Whitebeard retreated in front of the Roger Pirate because they knew that if they fought desperately, they will be defeated by the Roger Pirates.

"The Pirate King."

Trafalgar Law was also quiet.

Currently, Ross with his trend of sweeping the world is no different from the Pirate King, because neither the Whitebeard Pirates nor the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates can stop Ross.

To go to Raftel or to collect the Road Poneglyph, it is just a matter of time.

The trend is here!

There is nothing that can stop them.

"Unfortunately, Captain is not interested in being the King Of The Pirate."
Laffittes smile. He squinted his eyes and a deep light appeared in his eyes as he looked far away towards the direction of the Red Line and also the direction of World Government, Holy Land, Mariejois.

The Beast Pirates were defeated by them.

They have long defeated the Whitebeard Pirates and the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates wouldnt be able to go against them no matter how strong they are.

Now on the whole sea, the only one standing at the top is Ross, standing in front of the Ghost Hand Pirates and their only opponent is the World Government!

Far away.

The only remaining one of the Three Disasters is still in a battle with the Hurricane Incarnation.

"Damn "

He gritted his teeth and looked pale, almost skeptical of life.

Because of this Hurricane Incarnation which only posses a simple thinking process and has the IQ of a child was able to block him and was pushing him back!

Not only was he blocked, but the more sad thing was also that he couldnt beat it!

He cant beat a mental retard!

"You son of a bitch, what the hell is that "

He smashed various wind blades with one punch and roared towards the Hurricane Incarnation.


The Hurricane incarnation replied while continuing to build momentum and attack him.

The last of the Three Disasters felt that he might become mad before he was killed. Obviously his opponent was mentally retarded but he couldnt beat it. This feeling was the most painful in this world.
At this time, a figure appeared on his left and right side.

"Ice Mourning Sword!"

"Gravity Blade!"

Fujitora and Shiliew both kept their faces calm. They both pulled their swords at the same time and two attacks came from both sides, squeezing the last of the Three Disasters in the center.
At the same time, the Hurricane Incarnation also shouted and compressed the violent wind, hitting from above, and pouring it into the skull of the last of the Three Disasters.


Its like falling into a meat grinder.

Under the combined attack of the three Admiral-level Battle forces, the Last Disasters failed to emit even a scream, and he was crushed into countless blood-red crystals that scattered all over the place.

Even Ficheux Erman in the distance couldnt help but get stunned as he watched this scene.

So miserable."

Fortunately, he is from the Ghost Hand Pirates and not from the Beast Pirates.

With the three Disasters and the remaining BIGMOM Pirate Regiment all defeated, the last one, Black Snake was also close to getting defeated.

"Thunder Spear!"

Hajrudin yelled and innumerable thunder and light turned into a spear of thunder and he threw it towards Black Snake.

Black Snake barely blocked the attack but he still stumbled back.

Currently, Hajrudin has fully developed the power of Rumble-Rumble Fruit. His strength has even surpassed Ficheux Erman, reaching the ranks of Fujitora and Shiliew.

In front of him, the Black Snake was obviously not his match!


After hitting Black Snake with his attack, Hajrudin stopped his pace and did not attack immediately. Instead, he floated in the air and looked at Black Snake with cold eyes while his body was interweaving between thunder and lightning.

Black Snake gritted his teeth and looked at Hajrudin in the air, but then the hairs on his neck stood up to their end and he subconsciously looked around him and saw a figure walking slowly along with two revolvers in his hand.

Totto Land Third Division Captain, Ficheux Erman!

He looked in the other direction and saw a man carrying a long blade. His eyes were calm and indifferent, and he came slowly to this side.

Totto Land Fourth Division Captain, Trafalgar Law!

His forehead was overflowing with cold sweat and he turned his head slightly. He looked behind him from the corner of his eyes and saw two figures approaching him from left and right, and the aura around the one person was really frightening. Everywhere he went, there were traces of ice on the ground, and the other person is holding a wooden staff while he came towards him at a steady pace.

Totto Land First Division Captain, Fujitora Issho!

Totto Land Second Division Captain, Shiliew of the Rain!

"Its over."

Laffitte also turned his cane and walked from a distance and then Robin appeared, and finally the Hurricane incarnation turned into a small Dragon tornado and came from the sky.

Seven teams, seven Division Captain.

Surround the Black Snake in the center.

At this moment, all the blood drained from Black Snakes face as he became pale and there was only one emotion left in his heart, that is