One Piece Talent System Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Marines Shock
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Each time Ross punched out, Hundred Beast Kaido couldnt resist it and flew backward, his stamina was also consumed a lot.
From sky to the ground, and from the ground to the coast, a town was completely shattered, and even the entire area around the small town was completely shattered.


Ross threw a punch and hit Kaidos body, causing Kaidos body to fly out for many kilometers and smashing the ground into thousands of huge horizontal trenches and then, everything was completely silent.

Yonk (Four Emperors) Hundred Beast Kaido


From now on, there is no Yonk (Four Emperors) as there are now only Three Emperors!

"It looks like its over."

Judging that Kaido was making no movement and he also didnt get up, Fujitora and others who had completely defeated the remaining Beast Pirates looked at this side.

With Rosss current strength, it is naturally not difficult for him to break Kaidos undead body and kill him completely, but killing Kaido in this way is a wasteful act, Ross intends to make Kaido into one of his fighting powers.


This battle is finally over.

Or it should be said that the battle was over incredibly fast, and many people have a vague and unrealistic feeling about it.

A Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirate, were they really destroyed so easily?

It is not that the Beast Pirates were weak, but the strength of the Ghost Hand Pirates is too strong.

Even if Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates appear in the Country of Peace now, the Ghost Hand Pirates can still continue to fight again and defeat the second Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates!

"This way, Totto Lands territory has been expanded by half."

Laffitte smiled as he watched this scene.

Because Ross was not interested in becoming the Pirate King or anything like that and they have also destroyed the Beast Pirates, it meant that theyre almost at war with the World Government, the monster that has ruled the World for 800 years.

Whether it was the Pirate King Roger of the last era, or the Pirate Rox before him, or any invincible character before him, no one has been able to shake the World Government.


To the current Ghost Hand Pirates, the defeat of the World Government does not seem to be a distant task anymore.

"Its over".
At the edge of Leak Town, Daisy and Tsuru both noticed that the constant earthquake had disappeared. They looked up and saw that the battlefield in the distance was already in a mess.

Their minds became blank for a second as they saw the scene in front of them.

They saw that the leader of the Giver was killed like a chopped melon.

They saw that the Three Disasters of the Beast Pirate Regiment were killed by Fujitora and others.

They saw that the Black Snake, the leader of the country was surrounded by Fujitora and others and issued an unwilling roar, which was extremely miserable in the end.

It turned out that these people had killed the Beast Pirates.

For them, this is a scene of unrealism and they felt as if they are dreaming, but even if they dream, they dont think that they have the imagination to make this all up!

"The Kingdom of Peace is about to change."

Tsuru took a deep breath after a long time and slowly recovered, she looked at the battlefield from afar and spoke in a deep voice.

Because the Country of Peace is closed to the outsiders.

After the destruction of the Beast Pirates, it took some time before the news was passed on to Marined and World Government.

Marines and the World Government are shaking as they heard this news!

"How is this possible!"

Fleet Admiral Sengoku was standing in his office against the table with a grim expression on his face.

Are you kidding me?

He actually attacked and killed the Beast Pirate silently!

The overall current combat power of the Beast Pirates is still above the Whitebeard Pirates and Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates, they are the second strongest Pirate force after the Ghost Hand Pirates.

And their Captain is the Hundred Beast Kaido, who is known as undead and unkillable monster. Marines have caught the Kaido many times before and they have tried everything to kill him, but they could only watch as Kaido escaped from them again and again without them being able to do anything.


In just a few days, they have received the news that the Beast Pirates were completely destroyed by the Ghost Hand Pirates!

"So terrible, the Ghost Hand Pirates"

Kizaru was sitting on the sofa in the office. He was at a loss at the moment, and he slowly spoke after a long time. Although his tone was still filled with ridicule, the expressions on his face were more serious than ever and he was also greatly shocked.

They are still discussing about Fire Fist Ace who was captured by Blackbeard Teach and sent to them. What should they do, should they fight against Whitebeard? But between their discussion, they got the news that the Ghost Hand Pirates had destroyed the Beast Pirates.

The atmosphere was low throughout the conference room.

Even Sengoku was slowly sitting back in his chair, wondering what to say for a while.
The rise of Ross was so rapid and so unexpected that in just a few years, he has grown to become one of the Yonk (Four Emperors), and he had led the Ghost Hand Pirates to become a behemoth that runs across the sea unimpeded. They have also destroyed another Yonk (Four Emperors).

One of the reasons why they were really shocked was that they did not get any news about this matter which means that the Ghost Hand Pirates did not dispatch their whole army at all!

Even in that situation, the Beast Pirates were still destroyed!

The current Ghost Hand Pirates have truly become a lingering cloud, pressing on everyones heads.
It was okay before today. After today, Ross would take over Kaidos territory and then annexed a portion of Kaidos power. Even if the Marine Headquarters went out to fight against the Ghost Hand Pirates, they may not have much chance of winning.

Even in the era of Pirate King Roger, no pirate forces have never grown to this point!

Even Roger, the Pirate King did not bring them such intense oppression as they are getting from Ross!

This is a new era. It is indeed a new era. This is an era that belongs to Ross. Everyone else must walk by the edge, not Shichibukai, neither Yonk (Four Emperors) can go against him!

Until now, they could still say that the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates were still tied with the Ghost Hand Pirates, but how could they say that now?

Or to put it another way.

Can anyone stop Ghost Hand Ross from becoming the Pirate King?


No one can stop him.

Even though Ross has not gone to Raftel, with his current power and current strength, he can already be regarded as the Uncrowned King, The Pirate King overlooking the sea!

The meeting room was quiet and no one spoke for a long time.

At the same time, inside the World Government, the same severe tremors as Marine Headquarters are also happening. From high-level officials to the Commander-In-Chief "Steel Bone" Kong, to Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), almost all of them were shocked.

"How is this possible!"

"Such a big movement and we didnt even know about it until the end, are all people in the intelligence department sleeping?!"

A Gorsei (Five Elder Stars)s angry roar came from the room.

They panicked.

They panicked for the first time in their life.