One Piece Talent System Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Beast Incarnation
The improvement brought by the 80 Proficiency Points in the power of distortion has also made Ross feel very clear about his strength. It is obvious that his strength has increased.

If he was able to beat Yonk (Four Emperors) like Hundred Beast Kaido steadily before he couldnt deal with two Yonkos at the same time, now, even if he had to deal with Garp and Fleet Admiral Sengoku at the same time, he would be able to fight them both at the same time without losing any ground!
His current power is not something that a strong man can contend against. There need to be at least two people with the strength similar to that of Garp and they must join forces to fight him!

Trafalgar Law couldnt see the Talent System Interface but he couldnt help glancing at Ross with a flash of confusion in his eyes.

He didnt know if he had seen the situation wrongly.

Rosss breath, which should have been drooping from exhaustion, was suddenly stable again and it is also much stronger than before.

It should be a Misconception.

Trafalgar Law finally shook his head.

Both of them turned to look at Hundred Beast Kaido, who was just sitting there, Hundred Beast Kaidos heavy body, sitting there just like that was motionless.


The next moment, Hundred Beast Kaidos eyelashes flickered.

Both Ross and Trafalgar Law captured this movement with a gleam of light flashing in their eyes, they stared at Hundred Beast Kaidos face.

The eyelashes continued to tremble and the eyelids eventually became too high.


Hundred Beast Kaido looked around blankly, then he noticed Ross and instinctively spoke to Ross and called him Boss.

Kaidos incarnation spoke to Ross as Boss and Ross and Trafalgar Law both breathed out a sigh of relief. It seems that there was no unaccepted accident. Hundred Beast Kaido was successfully made into an Incarnation!


Hundred Beast Kaidos state at this moment is obviously not as good that of Katakuri. His movements appear a bit stiff and unnatural and he stands still when he stands up, and almost falls down.

And not far away, seeing Hundred Beast Kaido speaking to Ross and seeing his strange state, the wakeful Jack could not help but slightly widen his eyes.

"Kaido Sama"

"What the hell have you done?!"

On the other side, Smoothie who was also watching this scene was stunned, she faintly felt something familiar and could not help but show a shocked expression on her face.

Although she didnt know what Trafalgar Law did, as one of the former Sweet Commanders of BIGMOM Pirates, she knew that Ross used the ability of Soul-Soul Fruit. What he got out before was a soul incarnation!

Did Ross inject the soul incarnation into Kaido?

But how is this possible!
Smoothies eyes are filled with disbelief. She knows that the souls extracted from soul-soul Fruit cannot be injected into living things, let alone into other humans.

But she couldnt explain what she saw just now!

Going by Kaidos appearance, it is obvious that he is made into a Homies!


Ross didnt bother to reply but instead looked at Hundred Beast Kaido, or should he say his Beast Incarnation.
"Cant you control this body?"

He showed a doubtful look. If Kaidos body was replaced by his to control it then it would be easy to do so, but the Soul Incarnation is only an incarnation and it only possessing part of his will, and it seems that it is a bit difficult for it to control Kaidos body.

"No, I am just a little unfamiliar with it."

Hundred Beast Kaido spoke to Ross. The sound was still the heavy tone of Hundred Beast Kaido, but the tone was similar to Ross.

He raised his arm and shook his fist, then lowered his arm and walked around the place. At first, his pace was stiff, but as time went on, he began to get smoother and smoother.
"Thats fine."

Ross looked at the scene and finally nodded slightly.

As long as his incarnation can control Kaidos body flexibly, the Incarnation of Hundred Beast Kaido will become the strongest of his subordinates, he will be even stronger than the Hurricane Incarnation.

The undead can rampage on the battlefield to their heart content.

"Congratulations, Lord Ross."

Trafalgar Law stood aside and took a deep breath before speaking to Ross. He is the one who knows all the puppets and incarnations of Ross. He also knows how powerful these puppets and incarnations controlled by Ross are!

His reincarnations were originally strong enough to match the Three Admiral, now coupled with Hundred Beast Kaido, it can be said that Ross alone can already go to war against the Marine Headquarters!

A single person is more powerful than a Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirate regiment!

"Hmm, try to adapt to the strength of this body."

Ross spoke to the Beast Incarnation. Hundred Beast Kaidos body had no special ability but the only ability it does have is an undead body that is already overpowered.

And this characteristic also makes his soul incarnation not being able to control his body perfectly.


The Beast incarnation responded to Ross.

At this time, Ross finally felt a little tired. Although his power of distortion has been greatly improved, he defeated Kaido and then suppressed Kaido for three days and nights. He constantly tortured Kaidos soul with the ability of Soul-Soul Fruit. He was spiritually tired.

"Dont let people know about the existence of the Beast Incarnation."

Ross opened his mouth slowly at Trafalgar Law and glanced at Jack and Smoothie at the same time. "Keep watch over both of them."
He wont mention Smoothie but Jack is barely qualified to make his puppet, but he has already cut out the incarnation that controls Kaidos soul, and cant cut another one in a short time.

His soul incarnation will need about half a month to adapt to Kaidos body.

"I know."

Trafalgar Law responded to Ross.
He naturally knew that the Beast Incarnation could not be exposed, which also includes Golden Lion incarnation who also can not be exposed. These are hidden combat powers that will be used against the Marines and the World Government.

When they finally did show them to the world, whether its Marine or World Government, they would be shocked!

Walking out of the palace, Ross came to sleep in a room that had been arranged by Robin in advance.

He fell asleep for nearly ten hours.

After waking up, the tiredness of exerting strength for several days and nights finally subsided and Rosss spirit was restored again.

Ross stepped out of the room and glanced at Robin who was reading in the outside hall, he rubbed his eyes and said, "How long before Fire Fist Aces sentence?"

"Ten days."

Robin replied while reading a book.

Ross nodded slightly and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes and a smile appeared on his face. He walked to Robins side and took a sip of her juice on the table.

The Ghost Hand Pirates still need to receive the territory of the Beast Pirates and acclimate it into their territory and managed it. It will also take some time for the soul incarnation to adapt to Kaidos body. As for Jack, he can be made into a puppet in ten days.

The War of the Best is not the right time for his decisive battle against Marines and the World Government.


There is no problem in going to the Marine Headquarters to giving Marines and the Government a big surprise. How can he be absent from things like war?