One Piece Talent System Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Chaotic Sabaody
Just as Ross put down the juice glass and the sound of Den Den Mushi suddenly rang out. Robin reached into her pocket and takes out a Den Den Mushi.

When Robin answered the Den Den Mushi, her expressions didnt change much. After a couple of minutes, she hung up the Den Den Mushi and turned to Ross and said: "A Mermaid was caught by a slaver in Sabaody Island and is now being auctioned at the Sabaody Archipelago island auction."

The Fishman Island is now a territory of Ghost Hand Pirates and because of Shirahoshis special identity as one of the three Ancient Weapons. Therefore, Ross has always been more concerned about the people of Fishman Island.

Although Jinbe can handle most of the things but if there comes a situation where Jimbe cant intervene or couldnt help then they would send out a Division Captain.


Ross heard Robins words but he did not show any unexpected expression, he put his finger on his chin and thought, if the timeline is correct, the captured Mermaid must be Keimi.

"Should we send someone there?"

Robin asked at Ross.

Although a Mermaid being captured is nothing but the Slave dealer dares to attack a Mermaid, which means that they had attacked the Ghost Hand Pirates.

Ross rubbed his neck and said, "No, Ill go there myself. The War between Whitebeard Pirates and the Marine Headquarters should begin soon, Ill stop on Sabaody Island along the way."

Robin came to his side and sat down while sipping her juice, "Who are you going to take with you? The situation on Totto Land hasnt settled down yet."

No one knows whether the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates will take any actions. Marines are now fully prepared to confront Whitebeard, and they would pay special attention to the other Yonko Pirates and the World Government must be staring at Totto Land secretly.

"No One."

Ross said casually: "Marine Headquarters is not Holy Land Mariejois, it is enough to bring the Hurricane Incarnation and the Naraka(Hell) Incarnation."

With his current strength, and with the strength of Hurricane Incarnation and Enels Naraka Incarnation, it can be said that the three peoples Battle power is enough to reach the level of a Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirate!

"Mariejois and Marine Headquarters are not that far away."

Robin calmly said: "If you intervene in Whitebeards Battle, its impossible to guarantee that World Government will not take action, but this is indeed a good time to weaken Marine and the government so are we ready to take the fight to them."


Ross put on his cloak and said, "I will hand the Totto Land to you in my absence. Let Issho take care of external threats, Im leaving."

After the words fell, Ross walked out of the palace and disappeared.

Seeing Rosss back disappeared completely, Robin could not help but shake her head lightly. She was not the strongest in terms of strength, but she was the first person who followed Ross. Recalling the days when she struggled in West Blue, and now, she wouldnt even bat an eye while standing in Marine Headquarters.

Thoughts fluttered like dreams.

Sabaody Archipelago Islands.
A figure on a stone platform glided smoothly across the sky, then fell in a straight line, and fell to the Sabaody Archipelago Island.

At the moment of landing, the stone platform moved rapidly and became like Enel, but then it broke down again and melted into the earth and disappeared.

"I see."

Ross is holding a Den Den Mushi in his hand and Robin is on the other side of the Den Den Mushi.

He had just arrived in Sabaody Archipelago, and Ross was not surprised to hear from Robin that the Straw Hat Pirates had fought off a Tenryubito and had saved the Mermaid Keimi.
"Its quite similar to the original plot."

Ross hung up the Den Den Mushi and thought internally.

The Naraka(Hell) Incarnation has elementized into the form of dirt and integrated into the Underground. As for the Hurricane incarnation, at this moment it has turned into a small vortex Dragon tornado, which entangles a strand of Ross hair, letting that strand of hair keep spinning and flying.

"What is this plot?" The Hurricane Incarnation asked dumbly.

Ross didnt answer the question, but looked at the island in front of him and walked forward.
If there is no change in the plot then the Straw Hat gang will meet Kizaru here, and then they would be rescued by Bartholomew Kuma who will send them to different islands.


Ross didnt want Luffy to reach the Amazon Lily Island.

In addition, the Straw Hat group had saved the Mermaid Keimi, so it was okay to save them this time.

As he walked forward, Ross unleashed his Observation Haki and spread it towards the entire island, but the Sabaody Archipelago Islands is not a single island, but a group of islands. In addition, there is chaos everywhere in Sabaody Archipelago at this moment. With his Kenbonshoku (Observation), it is difficult to find people accurately in such a large range.


Before Ross could go far, there was a loud noise in front of him, which led Ross to look that way with his Kenbonshoku (Observation).


A bright golden laser exploded on the ground.

Eustass Kid, one of the current generation Supernova managed to avoid the attack but the attack still grazed him, leaving a scald on his abdomen.


He covered his wound in the abdomen and looked forward with a cold face.

A huge figure was standing right in front of him and there was a little smoke coming from the edge of the mouth. Apparently, the laser was released by this person.

This figure is made in the form of Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, it is a special war weapon, a Pacifista!

"Bounty 315 Million Berries, Pirate Captain, Eustass Kid."
The Pacifista stared at Eustace, speaking mechanically.

Kid stared at the Pacifista in front of him with anger on his face and said, "Seven Warlords of the Sea? Why is a Shichibukai here?"

The Pacifista unit has not been made public yet and Kid who is no stranger to Shichibukais appearance naturally regarded this figure as Kuma himself.

The Pacifista did not answer.

Its setting procedure is to capture pirates and log all intelligence information of the bounty pirate. At this moment, it directly locked Kid.


The fat body, at a speed and sensitivity that was seriously inconsistent with the appearance, rushed towards Eustass Kid, the bright light gathered in his palm and a laser beam directly came out of it.

Kids pupils shrunk and he quickly rolled over to one side, avoiding the attack. He had suffered a little loss just now, and naturally, he didnt dare to take any attack head-on.


Pacifistas attitude and attack also made him completely angry.

"It seems that you are not going to give way, Bartholomew Kuma"

As one of the Supernova who had conquered the first half of the Grand Line, Kid naturally has his arrogance. Although his journey was not as dangerous as Luffys where he met not one but two of the Shichibukai and defeated them but it is impossible for him to be afraid of a Shichibukai.