One Piece Talent System Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Pacifista

Kid groaned and attracted countless swords and guns towards him by some kind of force, converging into two huge arms, hammering hard at the Pacifista.
He used his Magnetic Fruit Power, he possess the power to use magnetic force to attract and control all metal.


The blow sent the Pacifista flying upside down.

Kid sneered and was ready to walk forward.

"Wait, Kid."

Before Kid could turn and walk away, a voice came from behind him.

The owner of the voice is also one of the Supernova, Apoo. He looked at the direction where the Pacifista was blown away too great interest and said:

"Its not over yet."

Just as Apoos words fell, the dust dispersed and the Pacifista stood there unscathed, his eyes twinkling like lights.

His eyes fell on Apoo.

"Bounty 260 Million Berries, Pirate Captain, Apoo."


Kids face looked a little gloomy as he couldnt beat the Pacifista down, and the other partys attention was still on Apoo next to him, which made him feel a little bit uneasy.

"This guy is weird. He doesnt look a bit human."

Apoo watched the Pacifista with interest and when he saw the Pacifistas eyes returning to Kid, he couldnt help but tilt his head and said, "Is it prioritizing? Is he choosing his target according to Bounty?

Si! Si! Si!

Almost immediately after Apoos voice fell, the Pacifista opened his mouth and sprayed three laser beams in succession towards Kid.

Kid waved his hands and countless scattered swords and guns gathered in front of him, blocking the laser attacks.

Countless fragments splashed around in the explosion.

But at the same time, more fragments came together in a rush and finally turned into a larger arm, hammering fiercely towards the Pacifista.

"No one can stand up after taking this attack!"


A loud sound echoed loudly in the field.
They saw that the Pacifista was embedded in the ground by Kid, like a radish, and there was a wound on his head, and blood was flowing out of it.


Kid grunted while dissipating his power and was about to leave.

But Apoo tilted his head and spoke weirdly, "Are you just going to leave like this? How could a Shichibukai be killed so easily by you? Arent you a bit too confident?"

Almost as soon as Apoos voice fell, the ground showed signs of cracking and the Pacifista came out of the pit, and a laser shot towards Kid.

Although Kid avoided the laser, the aftermath still struck him, causing him to fly backward and hit his back against the wall.

"Oh, is it my turn?"

Apoo looked at the Pacifista after seeing Kid getting stuck, he turned his head to the Pacifistas direction and could not help grinning.

It is impossible for him to remain neutral in this case. He is a pirate but the enemy in front of him is also quite tricky.


Just as he stood up and prepared to respond.

The Pacifista in front of him suddenly stopped moving and turned his head 90 degrees, and looked to the right, his eyes flickered like a flash.

This scene made Apoo startled for a moment and Kid, who freed himself from the wall, also subconsciously looked at the direction where the Pacifista was looking at.

Buzz !!

The Pacifista didnt speak but shot a laser directly.

The laser exploded in the distance as if something had been hit, and the dust spread everywhere.

"He changed his attack target again?"

Apoo showed a strange expression. He guessed that the person in front of him was some type of weapon or something, and would give priority to attacking people with higher bounty and higher threat, but now, he suddenly changed the target of his attack.

In other words, there is someone more powerful than him or Kid.

Could it be Dark King Rayleigh?

Both Apoo and Kid were at the auction site and they had seen Luffy punching the tenryubito and also had a scuffle with Marine for this, and they had also seen Rayleighs appearance in the middle.

And while Apu was guessing, the dust gradually dissipated and a figure emerged from that direction.


Ross walked out of the dust and looked at the Pacifista, and said, "I say, hasnt Vegapunk set up a program on you that stops you from attacking pirates with bounties of 1 Billion Berries?"

He had already sensed the fight between the Pacifista and Kid and Apoo, but he had no intention to get between them.
But he didnt expect that as soon as he walked by, this Pacifista would attack him with a laser, which made Ross a little unhappy.

"Hey its true."

"That guy, he is"

Kid and Apoos subordinates saw the figure appear and they all stared at the figure for a while, then their expressions changed dramatically and their foreheads were filled with cold sweat.
Even Apoo and Kids expressions changed for a moment.

In silence.

The Pacifista turned to stare at Ross and said mechanically: "Bounty of 3 Billion Berries, Pirate Captain, Ghost Hand Ross."

Although the tone of the sentence is the same kind of soulless, mechanically-synthesized tone it used to pronounce Kid and Apoos bounty, it still caused a storm in the hearts of Apu, Kid, and others.

Ghost Hand Ross!

Its really him! How could he be here!

"The worlds strongest "

Kid had a cold sweat on his forehead, and even with his defiance, he couldnt help but slightly shiver as he looked at Ross. Even taking a deep breath, he couldnt calm himself down.

The man who stands at the top of the sea!

Si! Si!

Before waiting for Kid and others to respond more, the Pacifista opened his two hands and the bright light gathered in his palms and turned into two lasers and came towards Ross.

But under the gaze of Kid and Apoo, in the face of two lasers with great power, Ross just raised his hand in the void pressed it.


The two laser beams were fixed in Void as if time were still.

Rosss eyes were dull and his fingers folded as he grabbed at the Pacifista in the distance.


Everyone saw the void in front of Ross getting deformed and the Pacifistas body that had suffered two full-strength attacks from Kid and did not have much damage, was, like a piece of paper under this force as it got squeezed.

The entire body quickly deformed, as if being grasped by an invisible large hand and then it was kneaded and completely turned into a mass of scrap iron!

Watching this scene.

Whether it was Apoo or Kid, they were shocked, their breath was almost stagnant and their backs were soaked with cold sweat!