One Piece Talent System Chapter 418

Chapter 418 Breaking
"How is this possible"

At this moment, both Kid and Apoos men were covered with cold sweats and fear awe-filled their eyes. Even the Captains Kid and Apoo were shocked.


Shichibukai Tyrant Kuma was killed in one shot!

This is the strength of the strongest man in the world!


After Ross broke the Pacifista with one hand and slowly retracted his palm, he turned his head to look at Kid and Apoo not far away and there was a hint of indifference in his eyes.

He held no grudges against the two men but the two of them were unruly and slaughtered civilians. They had too much blood in their hands and he didnt like them very much.

"Is this the new generation of Supernova? The quality is so poor."

Ross lifted his head slightly and opened his mouth.

As early as Ross looked over, Apoo and Kids heart made a strange noise. At this time, when they heard Ross words, they had a chilling feeling.

The next moment Ross stood there speaking the second half of his sentence.

" Quality is so poor, dont go and become a shame the New World."

Buzz !!

Ross lifted his foot and stepped on it gently and a loud noise broke across the ground.

Kid and Apoo, together with their subordinates, were shaking, their feet were unstable for a moment and they all showed great horror.

"Not good!"


The two didnt even think about it and directly gave up their intention to fight with Ross, they turned around decisively and stabilized their bodies before ordering their subordinates to run away.

But Ross did not pay any attention to the fleeing pair and with his five fingers close and a flock of power of distortion condensed on his fists, he waved his hand in the direction of Kid and Apoo.

Buzz !!

The surging power of distortion burst out.

This is Rosss unprecedented power after killing Hundred Beast Kaido and the power of distortion after it reached 900 points.

Even Ross himself doesnt know how powerful his full-strength punch is today so he just casually waved his hand, it is just like an ordinary person throwing a punch at random in the air.

As if to destroy.

Kid and Apoo both sense the driving force behind them and fought back with all their might. But they cant hold it for half a second and their abilities crumbled like a rotten piece of wood.

The huge fist print formed by Air Distortion continued to fly towards the rear and eventually hit the Mangrove.

In the middle of the huge mangrove, there was a terrible Distortion and it collapsed and cracked at a speed visible to the naked eye.


The whole giant mangrove had a terrible Distortion in the middle, which caused it to collapse and shatter at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

In the end.

In the middle of the giant mangrove, half of it was shattered by RossDistortions blow, leaving a clear fist-shaped hole!

"I seem to have pushed it too hard "

Watching the shattered Mangrove, Ross retracted his fist and scratched his hair.

Kch! Kch!

The shattered half of the Mangrove remained supporting the remaining area and the upper part of its body gradually began to crack apart.

In the end, the entire Mangrove collapsed to the side in front of countless peoples shock and horror gaze.

"Ah, no!"

"The Mangrove again Lord Kizaru is too messy!"

Some of the Marine on the distant island saw this scene and they could not help but feel their scalp tingle and their hands began to sweat.

Because a tenryubito had been beaten, a Marine Admiral had to go out so Kizaru himself came and broke a Mangrove with a kick.

When the marines saw another broken Mangrove, they thought it was Kizaru again.

"Even if Mr. Kizaru were an Admiral, breaking two pieces of Yarukiman Mangrove would be condemned by the World Government."

Kizarus subordinates are Rear Admiral and some officers and at this moment, they all wore a helpless expression.

At the same time.

On the other side, the Straw Hats also encountered a Pacifista.

They fought together, but they were still pushed back by the Pacifista, their battle was extremely fierce and difficult and dazzling laser attacks were continuously emitted, causing explosions everywhere.
The Pacifista can be regarded as something like the discriminator of the strong. It is almost difficult for any Supernova that has not yet entered the New World to fight against them. Even if the pirates were to win, they would have to use all of their forces.


For those of the New World with bounties higher than 340 Million and the strong ones who can use Haki, the Pacifista is very average in front of them and they can be easily dealt with.

"Diable Jambe Dragon kick!"
"Santoryu Ogi Nine Demon Flash!"

"Gear Third! Giant Round Ball!"

The three main battle forces of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji Zoro and Luffy, all attacked in unison.


Under the three strongest attacks, the bruised Pacifista finally cracked from inside and its body stopped moving.

After this attack, Luffy became a small version of Luffy, he was panting with his tongue out and Zoro and Sanji were also breathing hard, they were close to their limits.

"Its not moving!"

"Amazing, you guys." Usopp gasped in relief.

Sanji lit a cigarette and gasped, "Hoo, we have to find a place to take a good rest before we can fight. If a Marine Admiral showed up here, we wont be able to face him."

"I agree." Nami also agreed at this moment.

Luffy gradually recovered, he also knew that he and his companions were powerless to fight again and spoke while his tongue was still out, "Hoo hoo makes sense but you guys have to wait for me for a while."

And just as Luffys breathing calmed down, heavy footsteps suddenly came from a distance.

Their breathing abruptly stagnant, their bodies stiffened and they turned their heads, and they saw another Pacifista coming out of the ruins.

"Oye is this a joke?"

"Another one?!"

When Sanji and others saw this scene, their faces changed dramatically, and Usopp and others showed their horror and fear.

"No way."

Nami was holding the weather stick. At this moment, her pupils contracted violently, and she said, "How many of these guys are there!"


The Pacifista locked Luffy and others and opened his hand and the bright light gathered and a laser shot out.

"Damn it!"

"Retreat, Luffy."

Sanji avoided the blow and said to Luffy in the distance: "No matter what this guy is, we are already powerless to fight again, and we will be dead if we fight again."

"Everyone cant stay together, run away!"

Luffy knew the importance of this matter and reluctantly avoided a laser while speaking to his crew.