One Piece Talent System Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Life Return Seimei Kikan
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"Such Insignificant skill."

Looking at the three identical Ross, surrounding and besieging him, Onigumo snorted and expanded his Observation Haki. He swept the two phantom doppelgnger with his two swords and at the same time attacked Ross with his sword energy.
Although creating phantom doppelgnger consumes stamina and takes up part of the power of distortion, Onigumo is more affected and it is more difficult for him to attack Ross with all his strength.

Zi Zi!

Ross hands were empty as he grabbed Onigumo sword energy attacks, twisted them into a ball and threw the sword energy ball back towards Onigumo.

Onigumo used Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) and kicked towards the incoming attack, but at this time, Ross followed up and punched out with his fist wrapped in the power of distortion.

At the same time.

The other two phantom doppelgnger also punched towards Onigumo, one from left and one from the right.

Although He knew that the left and right are the phantom doppelgngers, Onigumo still instinctively reacted to avoid Ross attacks.


The fists and swords intersected and the swords coated in Armament Haki in Onigumos hands showed sign of instability. The two swords also tremored violently, giving a buzz!

"It seems that you cant cope with this Insignificant skill."

Ross sneered, he stepped on his feet and used Soru, His entire figure moved sideways as he surrounded Onigumo with his two phantom doppelgngers constantly switching his position with them.

Onigumo hummed gloomily and suddenly closed his eyes. Instead of watching Ross attacks, He only used Kami-e (Paper Drawing) of the Marines Rokushikis and Observation Haki to captured Ross position, while holding his swords in both of his hands with Armament Haki coating them completely.


Around the two swords, the Armament Hakis colors shook violently. Suddenly, they gathered together. The colors changed from surrounding the swords and became attached to them, turning the two swords into pitch-black colors.

The strength of Armament Haki is high and low and at the high-level, Armament Haki can be used to achieve the hardening effect. Even at just the basic Hardening, it has already surpassed the basic level of Armament Haki and entered the high level.

"Armament Haki hardened"

Ross stared slightly but did not show any fear. He thought intently before putting away the phantom doppelgngers and roused up the power of Distortion Fruit.

"Distortion Fist!"

"Two blade stream caress cut!"

Onigumo combines two swords and chops strongly.


Ross power of distortion hit Onigumos cuts hard in the air and the fist and sword did not connect perfectly but stopped about half an inch apart from each other.

At its center, the collision of sword energy and the chaotic power of distortion badly interweave and collide, making a nurturing and crackling sound, as if there was static electric current in the air.


The waves of sword energy and the power of distortion finally burst apart and the aftermath of the collapse surged in all directions, leaving the deck beneath Ross and Onigumo totally disfigured and shattered.

In the aftermath, Ross took two steps back, while Onigumo staggered the same way, stepping back two steps as they have almost equally hit each other with all of their strength.

"Devil Fruit can be developed to this extent."

Onigumo opened his eyes and looked at Ross with a solemn look in his eyes.
He thought that he could easily catch a pirate like Ross who had never been to the Grand Line using his strength, But he didnt expect that even when pushing his Haki to its limit it will result into this situation.

Fighting with a West Blue pirate was somewhat unacceptable for him, he is a Rear Admiral, who is stationed at the Grand Line Marine Headquarters.

And just as Onigumo started thinking about tactics, Ross attacked again.


In the space around Ross, the light suddenly dimmed and at the same time, a brilliant light suddenly came out of Ross eyebrow, like a flash, piercing Onigumos eyes, making his eyes painful as he involuntarily closed them.

Now that the power of distortion has been able to make two phantom doppelgnger, it can naturally converge light in an area to form a strong flash attack.


This flash not only hurt Onigumos eyes but also made several Marines, who was watching from a distance, cover their eyes and scream, feeling a sharp pain in both of their eyes.


Ross stepped forward and punched Onigumo.

Onigumo, unable to concentrate because of the pain in his eyes, was forced to fight with a sword and staggered back under Rosss punch.

Bang! Bang!

Ross showed no mercy. Knowing that the other party had Observation Haki and soru, he did not waste his stamina by moving back and forth. Instead, he fought directly and a series of blows poured down towards Onigumo like a gale Rainstorm.
Onigumo has become extremely confused for a while, although he can use Armament Haki to protect his body, He cannot completely resist Ross power of distortion, with each punch, he feels extream pain in his arms.

"Get away from me!"

After being forced to retreat for more than a dozen steps, Onigumo roared while jumping up and swept his legs across and unleashed Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) toward Ross face, waving his swords in succession, sending out more than ten sword energy attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ross raised his hand and pressed all the sword energies in front of him as if he is holding countless snakes. After a twist, all of them collapsed under the power of distortion.

Onigumos eyes have been restored, but he has given up on opening them, He was really bothered by Ross tactics of restraining his vision.

"Youve pissed me off, West Blue kid!"
He looked at Ross and said in a cold voice, "Do you know why Im called Onigumo? Thats because

As his voice fell, a strange momentum suddenly appeared all over him. The hair spread over his shoulders and back suddenly floated one by one.

The floating hair, bundled up and twisted together, eventually turning into six spider-like legs, the six black spiders legs took out six swords from the coat he was wearing and he held eight blades in his current posture!

"Life Return (Seimei Kikan)?"
Ross watched the strange changes on Onigumo, his eyes flashed, his impression of Onigumo was not deep, he always thought that Onigumo has the ability of the Zoan Devil Fruit model: Spider, but he did not think that Onigumo was a high-level body skill user.

Life returns (Seimei Kikan) ability, even those who are proficient in Marines Rokushiki, have a little grasp on this technique, This is a top-notch body skill by which the user can freely control their body, hair and even internal organs.

"You havent been to Grand Line, but you have such knowledge that you recognize not only Haki but also the Life Returns (Seimei Kikan), It is quite surprising."

Onigumo grinned and grinned terribly.

In the War Of The Best in the original work, Life Returns (Seimei Kikan) has become Onigumos normal skill, but now it is his ultimate stunt, in order to press Ross down, he has no reservations anymore!