One Piece Talent System Chapter 420

Chapter 420 Run
"Ah! Its that uncle!"

Luffy watched Ross appear from a distance and suddenly made a sound.
Ross was lost in thought as he heard this.

Unconsciously, did he already becomes an uncle-level character?

Seeing Ross appearing, except for Luffys grinning face, Zoro and Sanji and others almost went rigid, showing a bit unnatural looks on their faces.


This situation is a lot better then them facing Kizaru.

Kizaru was just standing there, he had originally come here with a relaxed and happy mood to deal with a few misbehaving childrens, but then Rayleigh came out to rescue the Straw Hats and now Ross had actually appeared!

Is his luck really so bad that he always encounters Ross in such situations?

Its only a few days since Ross killed the Beast Pirates and now he ended up on the Sabaody Archipelago Islands, is he interested in their next war against Whitebeard?

A chill ran down Kizarus spine at the thought. The more he thought about it, the worse it looked.

And just then.

The three Pacifistas launched attacks on Luffy and others, it doesnt matter to them about who Ross is, they are all mechanical reformers. Their set procedure is to arrest or kill pirates.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three laser attacks were suddenly launched from three directions, and Luffy and the others rushed sideways, evading in all directions.

Nami also screamed. Although she jumped up, she was still shocked by the aftermath and flew into the sky. The direction she flew back was towards Ross.

And Sanji flew upside down with her.


Ross watched Nami and Sanji flying upside down and stretched out his left hand to catch Nami. As for Sanji, he slammed onto the ground.

Watching Ross catching Nami with one hand, Sanjis face was filled with black lines as he raised his head from the ground and his lips twitched.

"Thanks thanks "

The caught Nami glanced at Ross in shock. After being put down by Ross, she thanked Ross with a trembling tone.

And just then, a Pacifista rushed over.

"Miss Nami, hurry up!"

Sanji saw the Pacifista rushing over and jumped up, he shouted at Nami to run while he planned to block it a little.
But Nami didnt respond to his words and looked at the Pacifista which was rushing over, she opened her mouth and tilted her head towards Ross next to her, and said pitifully:

"Can you save us?"

Nami looks at Ross with big, pitiful eyes, coupled with the slightly embarrassed look due to the fight, it was quite protective.

Sanji standing next to them almost vomited blood.

Whether Ross is going to step in or not, asking Ross for help is the way to go, but why does his heart feel so cold?
Ross glanced at Nami and didnt know how much of it was real or faked, but he didnt hate her because she was good enough.


Rosss response was one short word.

This incident was originally caused by Luffy and others when they rescued a Mermaid of the Fishman Island, which was equivalent to Luffy doing his work for him.

Buzz !!
The Pacifista rushed over, without showing any worries about Rosss existence, it opened his mouth directly and a bright light gathered and struck towards Nami and Ross, he planned to take out both Nami and Ross together.

Rosss Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki had already captured the laser attack. He looked up dullly and just flicked his fingers.


The golden laser was turned by Rosss finger and flew back along the trajectory, just as the moment when the Pacifista closed his mouth, the light poured into it.

Bang Bang.

There was a crackling sound of broken parts coming from Pacifistas mouth.

Seeing the laser that stunned Zoro and Luffy and others flying back under Rosss finger, Nami couldnt help but feel her throat dry.


Kizaru watched as his old face crumpled into a bitter expression. Even if Rayleigh didnt bother to stop him, he didnt dare to step forward and intervene.

"Do you really care about these kids? Ghost Hand Ross."

Ross turned his head and glanced at Kizaru, saying, "Mermaid Islands Mermaids are prohibited from being capture and trafficking as a slave. It is my rule. I did not expect some people to ignore my rules."


Kizaru is now getting a headache.

He also knew that this incident was caused by the trafficking of a Mermaid, but he did not expect that Ross would come in person for a Mermaid, which was a bit too exaggerated!

In the past, Whitebeard sheltered Fishman Island. Although no one dared to invade the land, many Mermaids were occasionally captured and Whitebeard did not care about it all.

But here with Ross, its all about taking care of everything thats in his territory.
"I say."

Ross tilted his head and looked at Kizaru. Seeing that Kizaru was still standing still, he said, "Are you a bit stupid? Im here and you havent left yet. Where on earth did you get the courage to stand alone in front of me? Did you forget the beating you received last time."

Kizaru stared for a moment.

Before he could react, Rosss fist had appeared in front of his face.
Buzz !!

A power of distortion erupted, hitting the entire area in front of him.

Kizarus Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki had captured the power of this attack and he is terrified, and he did not hesitate any longer and fled away.

But even so, he was still hit by the power of distortion and the attack flash exploded in the air and he fell to the ground like a meteor.

After punching Kizaru, Ross didnt chase after him. Kizarus strength is not worthy of him now, but he is still fast enough, faster then him. If Akainu was here, he wouldnt have minded killing him but Kizaru can run back to the Marine Headquarters.


Watching the golden streamer disappear, Ross retracted his fist and a touch of mockery appeared in his tone.

Recalling the events in which he was chased by Aokiji before and fled into despair by Kizaru, now he only needs one punch and these Admiral have to run away.

"Escape Escape a Marine Admiral"

Sanji and others watched this scene and even though they were a little familiar with Ross, knowing Rosss identity and name, but they still felt a wave in their hearts.

Even a Marine Admiral had to run away in front of Ross!

Now Luffy, in particular, looked at Rosss figure, and there seemed to be a row of little stars in his eyes, and he said,

"Too so awesome."

With some longing in admiration, even a Marine Admiral had to turn around and run away when he saw Ross. This is the strength he desires for becoming a Pirate King, the freedom he yearned for!

No one can stop and no one would want to stop, even a Marine Admiral would clear the way for you.