One Piece Talent System Chapter 421

Chapter 421 The Time Will End
Bang! Bang!

The remaining two Pacifistas are still pursuing Luffy and Zoro and others.
Ross looked at the two Pacifistas and flicked his fingers and hit the two Pacifista with the power of distortions the size of a finger.


The accurate power of distortion hits the chest of the Pacifistas and the chest of the Pacifistas is hollowed out instantly, like a swirling Distortion, and the precision of the internal mechanism crackled and distorted.

"OK, you can leave."

After destroying the two Pacifistas, Ross retracted his fingers and looked at Nami next to him.

Nami gradually came back to herself, she smiled and said, "You who saved us again, thank you, but we were all seriously injured in order to maintain your rules."


Ross glanced at Nami and said, "Serious injury? Where are you injured? Come and let me check it for you?"

When Sanji heard this, he instantly felt dazzled, and just when he was about to say something, he was held down by Zoro.

"What are you doing, you idiot nosebleed man?"

"Ah?! What did you say? You Sword Freak!"

Sanjis anger instantly shifted to Zoro, both of them were seriously injured, but at the moment it seemed like everything was fine with them.

Namis expression stiffened slightly when she heard Rosss words.


"Come, let me check it carefully and see how I can compensate you." Ross glanced at Nami and walked directly towards her.

Nami was startled and took a step back, and said, "Well, Im okay, Im not so badly hurt uh "

"You were being greedy now, did you really forget who I am." Ross didnt stop and walked in front of Nami and stopped, looking at her with eyes filled with amusement and said, "Ill check you for minor injuries."

Nami panicked and looked involuntarily at Luffy and others. But Zoro was still arguing with Sanji, and Luffy and others seemed to see nothing.

He distorted the Light and sound and also distorted the space. Ross didnt want anyone to see anything.

Even Rayleigh couldnt see through the Space Distortion while using Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki, he can only perceive that space is disappeared by Distortion with Ross and Nami and he cannot feel anything more specific.

Three minutes later, the screen shook a bit and returned to its original state.

Nami bit her lip and looked at Ross angrily, and then puffed out her cheeks, looking pitiful.

"Nami, whats wrong with you?" Luffy noticed that Nami was a little weird and couldnt help asking.
In their eyes, Ross just stood in front of Nami and spoke two words with Nami.

"No its nothing." Nami looked at Ross wrongfully and responded to Luffy.

Ross turned a blind eye to her grievances.

She was asking for it.

"You are a little hurt and some places are still bleeding. Well, if you encounter any danger in the future, you can go to Totto Land to hide."

Ross casually said to Nami.

Nami was still feeling aggrieved but she had already been taken advantage of, and thinking about it would not bring any benefits to her so she said, "Where is Totto Land?"

"My territory in the New World," Ross responded casually, no longer paying attention to Luffy and others, but turned to look at Rayleigh.

Rayleigh has been on the sidelines since Ross appeared, and he doesnt care what it looks like until Ross sees it.

Ross smiled faintly at Rayleigh, and said, "I have heard much about you, Rayleigh."
"You are overpraising me." Rayleigh smiled and said, "A long time ago, I heard that someone killed a tenryubito in Sabaody Archipelago. At that time, I wanted to see who had such big courage. Unfortunately, I never had a chance. Today I finally saw you."

Rayleigh is a legend on this Grand Line but compared to Ross today, he is no longer that famous.

Today, Ross can set sail for Raftel and reach it anytime he wants.

Among the Yonk (Four Emperors), only the Red Hair Shanks has not been defeated by Ross, but he is not likely to be Ross opponents. As for Marine Admiral, they were also hammered by Ross.

Even if Ross had not reached Raftel, many people have started to call him a Pirate King in this era.

He had defeated all Admirals, he had defeated all Yonk (Four Emperors) except for one and if he is not a Pirate King then who is?

Even though Ross has not acknowledged or expressed interest in Raftel, there is no doubt that the top pirate of this era is Ross!

"It was only a moment of courage." Ross shook his head and said, "There is no absolute strength needed to do that kind of thing. You cant use strength to describe it, you can only say that it was impulsive."

When Rayleigh heard Ross, he couldnt help laughing, and said, "How long have you been a pirate at that time? Isnt being young means being impulsive?


Ross nodded and said leisurely: "I was too impulsive when I was Young. But I am still that impulsive and I will remain so in the future."

This sentence reminded Rayleigh of that year.

When he first boarded Rogers ship and fought with Roger on the Grand Line, his Captain also did a lot of impulsive things, and Roger was braver than ever. Now, he cant help but feel a little lost.

To be young.

Gone forever.

"Whitebeard is old too."
Looking back, Rayleigh couldnt help sighing again, saying, "Before, Marine and the government wouldnt have dared to make such a decision."

If Whitebeard was in his peak condition, although Garp and Sengoku would have been able to suppress him, they wouldnt have been able to prevent Whitebeard from destroying everything. The power of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) is enough to destroy the Marine Headquarters.

Even if the Marines won, it would be a terrible victory. Marine wont choose to fight Whitebeard with such a great price involved in it.

"The times are moving."
Ross stared deeply: "A New Era is coming."


Rayleigh nodded and said: "I dont know if my old bones would allow me to see that New Era."

The current time is different from the previous time.

The world entered the Great Age of Pirates 22 years ago after the death of the Pirate King Roger, but at the same time, this Great Age of Pirates is also believed to belong to Whitebeard.

Golden Lion cut off his legs, Roger was executed, and no one could compete with Whitebeard. Whitebeard stood at the pinnacle of the sea, so the time belonged to him.

And a few years ago.

From the moment Ross defeated Whitebeard, it can be said that this era belongs to Ross.

However, this era belongs to Ross, but it is still called the Great Age of Pirates. Its name has not changed. It is still the age when the government ruled the world and the pirate was numerous.

And at the moment.

In the dialogue between Ross and Rayleigh, the New Era mentioned is a truly brand new Era, an era no longer named after any Big Pirate!

Although the World Government is still huge and stable, the appearance of Ghost Hand Pirates, the construction of the Totto Land, and the development of the Revolutionary Army have already threatened the existence of the World Government itself.

Rayleigh knew it.

The Era belonging to the World Government would likely come to an end soon!