One Piece Talent System Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Prepration
Ross appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago and that caused a shock in the Marine Headquarters, shocking the whole Marine up and down as they were confused about Rosss intentions.

Is Ross going to intervene in their war against Whitebeard?
To Ross, Whitebeard was the enemy, but Marines were relatively more hostile and much stronger than Whitebeard Pirate.

"Report, Fleet Admiral."

A Headquarters of Rear Admiral hurriedly walked into the highest office and reported to Fleet Admiral Sengoku: "The First Division Captain of the Ghost Hand Pirates has now returned to Totto Land, and the Second Division Captain Shiliew of the Rain is still in the Beast Pirates territory."

After hearing the report from Rear Admiral, Sengoku felt a little relieved. It seemed that the Ghost Hand Pirates that had just destroyed the Beast Pirates were busy taking over the Beast Pirates territory. They should not be able to free up their troops for the time being to intervene in the coming war.

"What about the other Division Captains?" Aokiji whispered, sitting on the sofa.

The Rear Admiral reported: "The Sixth Division Captain is nowhere to be found, and the rest of the Division Captains have traces of being in the country."

Sengoku thought for a moment and said, "Dont be careless, let people keep an eye on Ghost Hand Pirates and report to me at any time they move."

"Yes, Sir!" The Rear Admiral responded and exited the office.

After his departure, Aokiji raised his head slightly and said, "Since the Ghost Hand Pirates forces are on the Country of Peace, we can rest assured that only Ghost Hand is here, and we can deal with it."

Sengoku is also nodded.

As long as the entire Ghost Hand Pirates personals arent dispatched and only Ghost Hand Ross came, the Marine Headquarters is not afraid. They can divide up to two top combat powers to suppress Ross, and the remaining Battle power is still sufficient to deal with Whitebeard.

In fact, there is no need for Marine Headquarters to build up their troops against the Whitebeard Pirates at all. The reason for the big buildup is to make a complete plan on the one hand, and to prepare for other possible situations!

The Admiral Candidates Momousagi and Tokikake, and Zephyr with hidden troops will not appear on the front battlefield unless the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates also appears and attacks Marine.

Just the three Admirals and Shichibukai will remain on the front and they are enough to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates.

Sabaody Archipelago Island.

Somewhere in a Tavern, Ross was sitting face to face with Rayleigh.

Its not clear if the Straw Hats are going to get news of Aces execution and go to war, and Ross isnt very interested. It doesnt matter whether they go or not.

After chatting with Rayleigh for a few moments, he thought that Rayleigh was quite good, so he followed Rayleigh to this bar, drinking and chatting.

"Rayleigh "

While Ross and Rayleigh were talking about New World, a voice came over, and the Mermaid Keimi, with short green hair, came in from outside.

She has been hiding here since the accident.

"You must be Keimi."
Ross took a sip of wine and glanced at Keimi sideways.

Keimi noticed that Ross was there and was stunned, she was shocked and said, "Are you Ross Sama?!"

As a Mermaid of the Mermaid Island, she knows naturally about who protects the Mermaid Island and no one has dared to offend the Mermaid Island in these years.


Rosss attitude towards Fishman Island is far more than that of Whitebeard. He didnt say anything about the island. Even if there was a Mermaid who was caught by the slaver, the Ghost Hand Pirates will dispatch someone to kill the slavers and rescue the mermaids.
After several consecutive times, there was no slave organization that dared to touch any Mermaid. Today, it was purely a few slave traders who found Keimi on the land. They got greedy and planned to run away after selling her.

"Do you not know me?"

Ross watched Keimi and smiled slightly, and said, "I do go to Fishman Island sometimes."

I havent seen you before.

Keimi murmured, even if she was a mermaid, she couldnt know anything about Ross, let alone the fact that Ross was a protector of the Fishman Island.
"You had a hand in saving Keimi today."

Seeing that Keimi was a bit squeamish, Ross looked back at Rayleigh and laughed.

Rayleigh smiled and said, "Keimi and I have known each other for a long time now. I had intended to be slaves and blackmail the buyer. I didnt expect such a thing to happen, and it was right to save her."

Ross nodded and after having a drink with Rayleigh, he said to Keimi standing there: "Sit, dont be so restrained, how is Jinbe doing now."

He also asked this question casually.

Jinbe has never given up the post of Seven Warlords of the Sea. On the one hand, he has contacted the government, and he has also assisted Whitebeard everywhere. On the other hand, as the protector of the Fishman Island, he has also been associated with the Ghost Hand Pirates.


When the war is about to come, it is impossible to pedal three different ships at the same time. The World Government, which once turned a blind eye will never accept this situation now.

"Jinbe opposes the governments war against Whitebeard."

Rayleigh took over a topic that Keimi didnt know much, saying: "There are many islands sheltered by Whitebeard. No matter who wins or loses in this battle, the sea will not remain calm. Jinbe wants to stop the war, but he was locked up by the World Government, he should be in the Impel Down."

This result was not unexpected by Ross.


Its only a matter of time before the world is in chaos, and even if Whitebeard doesnt fall in the War of the Best, how can he possibly sit in Yonkos place for much longer at the ripe old age of 72?

Ross is only thirty-one years old, and there is still a long way for him to go before aging.

It can even be said that the War of the Best was the last time where Whitebeard could show off his majesty so that Whitebeard would not have to die on the couch because of injuries.

If there was no War of the Best, with Whitebeards constantly falling body, maybe in two or three years, it will fall and wouldnt rise.
"If Whitebeard loses, what are you going to do."

Rayleigh stared at the bottle, his thoughts fluttering as if asking himself.

Ross calmly said, "Ill take over his place."

As soon as Whitebeard died, all islands sheltered by Whitebeard would be affected by various pirates and dark forces. However, this time, Ross has prepared several teams to be ready. If Whitebeard died, then he will take over all of his territories.
"The sea will be yours."

Rayleigh opened his mouth slightly. Although he and Roger also swept the sea and pushed Whitebeard and Golden Lion back, they could not defeat Whitebeard and Golden Lion.

Or it can be said that they could defeat them but they couldnt destroy them.

Today, Ross is already the strongest person in the sea, and the Ghost Hand Pirates are already the strongest pirate force.

Even if Whitebeard and Akagami (Red Hair) join forces, they may not be able to resist Rossoffensive attack in the future, let alone Whitebeard. Most of them will lose their lives. Now only Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates would be left after the War of the Best and it is even more impossible for him to do anything to stop Ross.

Do whatever they want.

This is the future Totto Land.

Ross slightly shook his head and said in a leisurely tone: "Its hard to say. Isnt there a mountain that nobody has climbed in eight hundred years?"

"World Government?"

"They wont be able to sit there much longer," Rayleigh said with a faint smile. "They did destroy OHara but the answer will come out someday."

"Unfortunately, I am not interested in history, I am only interested in creating the future."

Ross sipped calmly.

Rayleigh hesitated for a moment, then laughed and didnt speak further and only drank.