One Piece Talent System Chapter 423

Chapter 423 War
Nine days later.

The Strawhat Luffy gang broke into Impel Down and released some pirates such as Knight of the Sea (Kaiky) Jinbe, but in the end, they were one step behind and failed to rescue Fire Fist Ace.
Blackbeard, who arrived later, pushed forward and defeated Chief Magellan. He finally released a large number of prisoners from Eternal Hell.

At this time, the prison ship escorting the Fire Fist Ace had reached the Marine Headquarters through the acceleration of the Gate of Justice and the great whirlpool at sea.


The entire Marine Headquarters represented a solemn scene and hardly any Marine could be seen with a smile or anything like that, and no one could laugh at this time.

The Vice-Admirals and Rear Admirals stood there with a serious expression on their faces and many officers and soldiers stood there with them, their expressions were tense and solemn, all holding their swords or guns.

100,000 Marine Elite!

Highest level of war alert!

Everything is prepared to welcome one of the three legendary pirates, Whitebeard, Edward Newgate!

"Dont relax your vigilance!"

"No matter what happens, there are only three hours left, and then it would be over!" The Giant Vice-Admiral yelled at the 100,000 Marine on Justice Square.

Standing in front of Marine Headquarters are five of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

In addition to Greatest Swordsman in the World Hawkeye Mihawk, and the tyrant Bartholomew Kuma, the rest are pirates that have emerged in recent years. Some have bounties up to Four hundred or Five hundred Million Berries, and some are Pirate Hunters.

"With such a big army, Seven Warlords of the Sea and 100,000 Marine elite with three Marine Admiral, if Whitebeard is sensible, he would remain in his territory and live out his old age.

One of the Seven Warlords of the Sea smiled and said.


Everyone at the scene knew that with Whitebeards character, it was impossible for him not to come, he will definitely come here. For such a character, it is a shame to die on the sickbed, and only the battlefield is their destiny.

"Admirals are here!"

Below the execution platform, three chairs were placed there early. At this time, Akainu Kizaru and Aokiji, one by one, stepped out of the Headquarters and came to the execution platform, and sat down on the chairs.

All three wore Marines Justice clock and didnt speak, but as the three sat down in their chairs, they seemed to push out a clam and peaceful feeling which caused the tense Marines to relax a little.

Three Marine Admiral!

Marine Headquarters highest Battle Force!

These three people sat under the execution platform, as if three mountains were standing behind them, which made countless Marines feel at ease.

Fire Fist Ace was fettered in handcuffs and was finally taken to the execution platform.

Then came out Fleet Admiral Sengoku of Marine Headquarters and the Marine Hero Garp.

Sengoku and Garp walked all the way to the execution stand and Sengoku said to Garp: "Thats it, Garp, Im going to announce everything."

"Do as you please, Im going down."

Garp responded with a low emotion and then came to the bottom of the execution platform and stood with Chief Staff Tsuru.
"Its not your fault." Tsuru glanced at the silent Garp and spoke.

Garp grinned, covering his emotions with a big laugh, and said, "Are you being gentle with me at this time, Tsuru Chan."

On the execution platform, Ace heard Garps voice and he opened his eyes and glanced at him, the expressions in his eyes couldnt be more complicated.

"Ace! Name your father!"

Sengoku picked up a speaker Den Den Mushi and went to the execution stand, saying righteously.
Ace closed his eyes and said, "My Father is Whitebeard."


Sengoku interrupted Ace and said, "Your mothers name was Portcas D. Rouge, and she had an affair with a man who was once the biggest criminal in the world. Later, he came to be known as the Pirate King."

Speaking of this, Sengokus tone suddenly became incredibly sharp, shouting to the world: "Yes! Your biological father is the Pirate King Gol D Roger!"

There was a moment of silence in the audience.

In the Sabaody Archipelago Island and many other islands, people were using Den Den Mushi to remotely watch the Marine Headquarters scene were also silent.

The blood of the Pirate King is still in this world!


Hawkeye was also looking sideways and glanced at the execution platform with the light from the corner of his eye. The news was slightly unexpected to him.

In Lougrtown that year, he was also one of the witnesses who saw Rogers execution and he had also heard the words Roger had spoken that started the Great Age of Pirates.


Ace gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. Naturally, he didnt approve of this information being published. In his heart, the only father he had is Whitebeard.

And just as Ace gritted his teeth, and the whole audience was in an uproar, and countless people couldnt help talking about it, a Marine Rear Admiral suddenly came over in panic.

"Fleet Admiral Sengoku! There was an obituary, the Gate of Justice has been opened without anyone issuing instructions, and we are unable to contact the power room!"


Sengoku turned his head, his face suddenly changed.
He immediately raised his head and looked out to the distant sea, only to see the misty sea. Without the Marines knowing anything, many ships have gradually appeared.

These ships gradually showed their shape. It was a completely different Pirate Ship. Take a closer look. There are as many as thirty or forty ships!


"Wait a minute, we havent seen Whitebeard yet."
Seeing the emergence of the large fleet of pirate, countless Marines appeared nervous.

As everyone searched for Whitebeards trail, a huge shadow emerged from the sea surface of the harbor, and then countless bubbles murmured.

At the top of the Marine Headquarters fortress, Distortion appeared in the space and even if this location was observed with Observation Haki, the abnormal shape here can not be detected.

No one knows when but Ross had appeared here was just sitting there as if he had been here for a long time.

So he looked down at the harbor and looked at the gurgling bubbles, his eyes flickered slightly as he spoke.

"The plot hasnt changed."

Under the shock and unexpected gaze of countless people, Moby Dick, wrapped in a coated bubble, got out of the water!

Wearing a large salamander jacket and holding the Bisento, a figure walked out step by step and came to the front of the deck. The end of Bisento collided with the ships board, making a sound, without any confusion and anxiety.

This figure had a naked upper body, and although he is old, his boldness still makes many Marines tremble!


Edward Newgate!

With the emergence of Whitebeard, the War of the Best has finally kicked off!