One Piece Talent System Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Begins

Whitebeard flexed his sturdy, muscular arms and hammered them into the air.
The power of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) was used and blows the air around it like cracks on the mirror surface, spreading in all directions.


Ace was restrained on the execution platform and as he watched this scene, he could not help but grit his teeth and shouted, "Why did you come here! It was my fault that I went out alone and got caught."

Ace is not a fool. He knew in his mind that Marine Headquarters put such a large lineup not only to execute him but also to destroy the Whitebeard Pirates!


As Garp said, Whitebeard will still come here.

His Second Division Captain was being publicly executed. Regardless of the cause and effect, he will definitely come. This is Whitebeards nature. Before Ross and after Roger, he ruled this era for more than a decade.

"No, I let you go," Whitebeard said calmly.

At the same time, Marco and others also folded their arms in front of them and said, "Yes, I heard that too. You have suffered a lot, Ace."

In any case, the cause of this incident was that Blackbeard who killed Fourth Division Captain Thatch and Ace went to sea to kill him. Although there is a willful factor in it, no one could bear such a thing.

"You wait, Ace! Well save you!"

"Marine Headquarters, get ready to die!"

Countless pirates grinned, fearlessly facing Marine Headquarters, with a wicked and unruly look on their faces, yelling.

Below the execution platform, although Aokiji Akainu and Kizaru were still sitting there securely, there Observation Haki was all open and they were ready to go.

"Its time to start."

"Theres a lot of trouble coming."

As the three men spoke one by one, the earth began to tremble slightly. The tremor grew larger and became a violent earthquake.

Millions of people looked at MarineHeadquarters in horror and saw a huge tsunami on either side of MarineHeadquarters, which was large enough to cover the entire Marine fortress.

"Here we go. The guy started the earthquake, turned it into a tsunami."

Garp, who has fought against Whitebeard countless times, glanced down at the tsunami and said, "The earthquake man with Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi), Whitebeard, Edward Newgate!"

Right now.

Countless people watching the Marine Headquarters scene through the broadcast showed a shocked face, even if most of them were living on the Grand Line, but this level of power is still not something they can recognize with their current thinking process!

"This is the power of Whitebeard!"
"Too frightening."

"He caused a tsunami, its incredible"

Many people couldnt help muttering.

Some people cant help but think that Whitebeards power is already so terrifying. Then what about Ross who had defeated Whitebeard and recently destroyed the Beast Pirates. How terrifying should he be?

A huge wave was pouring down to engulf Marine Headquarter and just in time, Aokiji stepped out into the air, where the ability of ice-ice Fruit was aroused.

"Ice Age!"

Two ice branches spread out, inserted into the huge ocean waves, and in a blink of an eye, the huge tsunami enough to devour Marine Headquarters was frozen into two icebergs!

This scene has caused countless shocks.

"Thats Admiral from Marine Headquarters, Aokiji!"
"He froze the terrifying tsunami."

In the face of this level of power, countless people feel their insignificance, and they are not at their level at all, even those Marine generals began to feel the same.

After freezing the tsunami, Aokiji tentatively attacked Whitebeard.

"Aokiji, you little bastard." Whitebeard punched the empty space in front of him without any hesitation.


The air ruptured suddenly, a force of shock hit the entire front area, hitting Aokiis body causing his body to be shattered instantly, and the ice fell into the sea below, but then the entire sea area in the harbor was frozen.

The scene fell into a brief silence.

After stagnating for a few seconds, A Vice-Admiral of Marine Headquarters waved his blade and yelled, "Bombard! Destroy the Moby Dick!"

With the issuing of this order, the stagnant battlefield finally broke out again, countless pirates rushed off the ship, stepped on the ice, and rushed towards the harbor.

At the same time, numerous Marines generals on the Marine side also dispatched one after another.

The war broke out!

When the Marine Headquarterss forces and the Whitebeard subordinates pirates rushed together, a splendid sword energy suddenly broke into the air.

This sword energy is so immense that wherever it went, countless people were forced to retreat and the harbor frozen by Aokiji is also divided into two under this sword energy!

"Thats Greatest Swordsman in the World, Hawkeye Mihawk!"

Someone looked at this scene and couldnt help looking at the direction in which the sword energy came from and he suddenly saw the figure holding the Black Blade (Kokut).

Many people in the Sabaody Archipelago islands are also shocked at this moment.
"This sword attack is too exaggerated, are they really human?!"


Under the shocked gaze of countless people, the vast sword energy suddenly stopped and was stiffly resisted by a figure which lifted the sword energy into the sky where it eventually disappeared.

Blocking Hawkeyes attack was the Third Division Captain, Diamond Jozu.
"You have to take out the king as soon as possible if you want to finish this war."

Kizaru looked at the battlefield and stood up and walked forward. He had been wounded by Ross in the Sabaody Archipelago island and has almost recovered in these days.

However, it still made him unhappy for several days. At this time, when the war broke out, he was naturally unhappy and planned to vent out his anger.


Kizaru turned into a golden light and suddenly appeared in mid-air, and a sphere made out of light struck towards Whitebeard.

He can do nothing against the Strongest person in this world but he can fight against an old guy who has lost the strongest name in the world.


His attack failed to hit Whitebeard and it was blocked by First Division Captain Marco.

"You cant aim at the king from the get-go."

Marco flew up towards Kizaru without any hesitation after blocking his attack, he fought against Kizaru in the sky and forced Kizaru to fall to the ground.

"Stopping Kizarus attack, another strong man."

"Whitebeard Pirates First Division Captain, Undead Marco, I heard that no matter what injuries he suffers, he can recover under that blue flame!"

Someone looked up at the sky at Marcos figure and said with a bit of fright.