One Piece Talent System Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Arrives
"Giant Unit, pay attention to the enemies in the air." After Kizaru fell back to the ground, he said to the Giant Unit.

The Giant Unit of Marine Headquarters responded in unison and then stepped forward to join the battlefield.
"Giant Unit "

The Third Division Captain Diamond Jozu stared at the Giant Unit rushing towards them and he could not help but think of the Giant Corps of the Ghost Hand Pirates.

The Giant Corps of Ghost Hand Pirates and the Giant Unit of Marine Headquarters in front of them, are not in the same level in any way!

Especially the leader of the Giant Corps, Thunder Giant Hajrudin, even he would have difficulty in dealing with him and Marco would only be able to fight him on equal terms!

"Youre a long way from that fellows Giant Regiment!"

With a roar of rage, Jozu cracked the ice with a thump of his fist, struggling to lift an iceberg-like mass of ice and threw it toward the Giant Unit.


Akainu looked at the huge ice cube, and his face became gloomy. It wasnt the ice cube that made him unhappy, but what Jozu had just said.

The Ghost Hand Pirates Giant Corps has now become the worlds most terrible army, with powerful Devil Fruits users such as Thunder, Sand, and metal gathered together to create a terrifying combat power that is enough for Marine Headquarters to have a headache!

And by comparison.

The Giant Unit on the Marine side feels like children playing in the sand.

Its not that Marines and the government dont have powerful Devil Fruit, but on the one hand, they are reluctant to use it on giants. On the other hand, they are worried that once the Giants eat the Devil Fruit, their strength would increase too much and they wouldnt be able to control them.

A combination of factors led to the creation of a Giant Unit that was neither weak nor strong. But compared to the Giant Regiment under the command of the Ghost Hand Ross, the Marines Giant Unit is a joke.

"The forces that fought for Pirates would never be comparable to the forces that fought for Justice!"

Unable to find a retort to Jozus words, Akainu had to squelch his face and cover up the Giant Unit in the name of Justice and blow out his fist in anger.

Bang !!!!!!

The huge fist of the magma swept away the huge ice cube without a trace and then turned into numerous volcanic bombs, hitting the whole harbor.

Despite the current melee situation in the harbor, Akainu does not care about his own people at all, as long as most of the attacks hit the Whitebeard Pirates, he doesnt care.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The violent attacks hit the ice surface and the area shook for a while. Under the eruption of the volcanic bombs, the general pirates and Marines could only scream and escape around as it was difficult for them to resist it.

With the appearance of Little Oars Jr., the battle is finally into Whitebeards favor and finally, Oars fell and completely penetrated the bay.


There is no doubt that the invasion of the bay was a long-established strategy on the Marine side, otherwise, it would be difficult to enter the bay directly with Sengoku and the three Admiral with Seven Warlords of the Sea guarding it.
After putting Whitebeards side into the harbor and under the command of Sengoku, a special battle plan was already ready.


Before waiting for Marine to implement the battle plan, a voice suddenly came from above.

No one has noticed it yet. Ross, who is sitting on the top of the Marine Fortress, also raised his head and looked up with interest.

"It still fell."
With the sound of crumbling ice, a Battleship falls from the sky and into the battlefield, along with Knight of the Sea (Kaiky) Jinbe, Ivanov, and Strawhat Luffy gang!

Everyone, including Whitebeard, was stunned for a few seconds.

"Its your family again, Garp!"

Sengoku couldnt help but scream at Garp as he reacted.

Garp opened his mouth wide and stared. He did not expect Luffy to come at the Marine Headquarters at this time!
"The man everyones talking about, Straw Hat"

Hawkeye looked sideways at the boy who had made Akagami give his hat and arm.

Sengoku gave Garp an angry look, then turned to look at the battlefield again and looked at Knight of the Sea (Kaiky) Jinbe, and clenched his fist, "Is this your choice? Jinbe!"

"Yes! I wont be a Shichibukai anymore!" Jinbe stood beside Luffy and responded, "I will rescue Ace this time!"

"This is Marine Headquarters."

Standing on the other side of Luffy was Zoro holding his blade. He looked up at the execution platform and said, "Hey Luffy, your brother is there."

"Huh, all big and ruthless characters are here."

Sanji lit a cigarette and took a sip, pretending to be relaxed but he actually felt extremely heavy pressure in his heart.

In this battlefield, Shichibukai are not the leader. Marine Admiral and Whitebeard are the top fighting forces in this war!

"Are you afraid?" Zoros head didnt turn as he asked this.

Sanji was immediately irritated when he heard this: "You are the one who is afraid, idiot green algae head!"

The two started to quarrel but Luffy took a deep breath and rushed forward, beating two Marines in a row, saying:

"Ace! Im here to save you!"

"Hey, Luffy."

When Zoro and Sanji saw Luffy rushing out, they could only take a deep breath and rushed forward.

But before waiting for the three men to run out, a magnificent sword energy swept across the battlefield and instantly stopped in front of Luffy and others.
"Hawkeye "

Zoros eyes suddenly set and he looks away at the figure holding Black Blade (Kokut) in the distance. He didnt think he could win against Hawkey now, and it was unexpected for him to meet Hawkey here.

Nami also noticed Hawkeye and couldnt help bursting into tears. Hawkeye is here, Marine Admirals are also here. What the hell are they doing here!

Hawkeye also glanced at Zoro and secretly said, "This battlefield is too early for you."

Without waiting for Hawkeye to step forward, the Whitebeard Pirates Fifth Division Captain Flower Sword Vista rushed over to block Hawkeye and did not give Hawkeye a chance to attack Luffy and others.

Seeing that Hawkeye was blocked by another swordsman, Zoro also came back to himself and followed Luffy and rushed forward, and the three of them went forward under the cover of Ivankov and Jinbe.

As Luffy and others broke into the battlefield, the situation in the war also changed, and countless sights focused on Luffy, making him inexplicably become the center of attention.