One Piece Talent System Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Awe Inspiring
Luffy brought a group of prisoners from Impel Down, as well as a Shichibukai, Jinbe, who are not ordinary Battle forces, which has caused a considerable impact on this battlefield.

Marines who had a big advantage before were stuck on being defensive.
"Ready to launch a battle plan!" Sengoku stood on the execution platform while looking at a chaotic battlefield, he was holding Den Den Mushi in his hand and said in a deep voice while staring at Whitebeard from a distance.

The Whitebeard Pirates, along with the Straw Hats, darted into the square below the execution platform, while Marine began to fight and retreat, retreating from the ice in the harbor to the square and constantly blocking the attacks of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Shortly after Sengokus order was issued.

About twenty Pacifistas appeared at the back of the battlefield and began a willful attack on members of the Whitebeard Pirate regiment as ordered.

"Bartholomew Kuma no, is World Governments human weapon?" Marco stared at the Pacifistas in the back and spoke.

Whitebeard also glanced at the rear at this moment but he spoke with a deep voice: "Dont care about the enemies behind you, kill the enemies in front!"

At this time, if the division of troops deals with the Pacifista forces, it will undoubtedly greatly delay the rhythm of the attack on the square. Whitebeard sees it very clearly.

And at this time.

The Captain of the Squard Pirate, Squard appeared on the Moby Dick where Whitebeard stood.

"Squard, are you all right? I contacted you just now." Whitebeard glanced sideways at Squard.

Squard said: "Ah, Im fine, Father, some of our men were seriously injured."

As he spoke, he stepped forward.

Whitebeard didnt care either.

But when Squard came up, a small number of people, such as Admiral Akainu on the Marine side and Fleet Admiral Sengoku hid an imperceptible glimmer in their eyes.

At the next moment.

In a situation where no one on the Whitebeard side thought of it, Squad turned suddenly and stabbed Whitebeard in the chest.

Whitebeard hardly raised any vigilance against Squard. In addition, he was too old to avoid the sneak attacks by Ace in his sleep two years ago. Under Squards blade, he failed to make any response!


Before Sengoku, Akainu, and others could show their relief, at the top of Marine Headquarters fortress, Ross fired a silent single shot.


A stone flew through the air and blinked across space with a power of distortion, and hit Squards blade with perfect precision.

"Whitebeard is someone who fought with him. How can he let Marine use this insidious means to weaken Whitebeards combat power." Ross said calmly to himself.

The stone hits the edge of Squards blade.

This big blade wrapped in Armament Haki shattered in an instant under the impact of the stone.!!


Seeing this scene, almost everyone was stunned.

Their Kenbonshoku (Observation) had been open, and they had turned their heads to find the location where the tone came from, but in this chaotic battlefield, they cant find where the stone came from!
"Squard! What the hell are you doing?!"

Marco was also stunned by this and then he flew back violently, hitting Squards face with his fist.

Whitebeards eyes also flashed with a strange color, Sengoku and others may have failed to notice something more specific, but the nearest one, he was aware that the stone that smashed Squards blade was condensed with a force that he is very familiar with.

Is he here too?

Whitebeard raised his head and glanced at the battlefield, but he could not find Rosss figure.
Unable to find Ross, Whitebeard had a thought in his mind, but he did not intend to continue the search. Instead, he glanced coldly at Sengoku on the execution platform coldly.

"Why did you do that, Squard!" Marco angrily pressed Squards head and yelled at him.

Squard gritted his teeth and said: "Dont pretend to not know anything Marco, dont you plan to use our lives to exchange Aces life, isnt that your deal with the Marines! Now we have no retreat, arent we under attack?"

"Idiot!" Marco was furious and scolded.

Even if he didnt know the specifics, he also guessed that Squard was most likely deceived by the Marines. Fortunately, someone stopped that blade. Otherwise, it would be difficult to imagine, what would have happened to Whitebeard who got stabbed by his own son!

"To say that I betrayed my sons "

Whitebeard looked at Sengoku, put the Bisento in his hand on the ships board and slammed his fists, knocking on the Void on both sides, and the force of the shock burst out, destroying the two icebergs formed by Aokiji and creating an escape route.

This blow directly opened the way for the pirates to flee. The so-called betrayal was naturally a piece of false news.

"As a pirate, decide what you should believe!" Whitebeard shouted loudly: "Those who dont fear death, come with me!"

With a roar, Whitebeard held the Bisento and finally jumped from the deck of Moby Dick and suddenly charged into the battlefield.

"Damn it." Sengoku looked at this scene and couldnt help but scold.

Their plan didnt work, let alone weaken Whitebeard, their failed plan enraged Whitebeard. Its like giving the enemy a BUFF.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Whitebeard, who had entered the battlefield, burst out with a terrifying power under his anger.

Although he is much weaker than the time when he fought against Ross a few years ago, on this battlefield, he is still unstoppable and invincible!

Every time the power of the shock broke out, it was a nightmare power for Marines, which shattered the surface of the ice and the square and countless people flew upside down.
"Bastard." Looking at this scene, Akainu couldnt help but curse his heart, and he rushed forward with a punch and the magma exploded as he hit Whitebeard.

"If we let you run wild, this island wont be able to take."

"Gurararara, then try to protect it."

Whitebeard grinned and his right fingers folded into a fist and the white shock power condensed on his fist as he waved furiously against Akainus fist.

The shock collided with the magma.

Although Whitebeards body is old and he is not as powerful as Ross, but his powers are still terrifying without being stabbed or secretly injured.

During the collision of the two fists, the magma continued to burst and shatter, and the concussive force finally prevailed. It bluntly attacked and pushed Akainu backward.!

"ICE BALL!" Aokiji saw that the situation was not good and he immediately came to support Akainu, but before he could take any other actions, the ice ball was directly shattered from the inside by Whitebeard.

Whitebeard grasped the Bisento with both hands and slammed it forward.


The atmosphere directly in front of him seemed to break apart like ice. The terrifying shock power swept over and Aokijis body shattered and flew backward.

In the distance, Kizaru let out a cursing sound but at this point, he had to bite the bullet. He came up to Whitebeard in a flash, his fingers glinting, and shot a few lasers at Whitebeards chest.


Whitebeards Observation Haki has already been opened. At the moment, under the condition of no attack, he was able to respond to Kizarus speed completely. His right arm bent forward, defending himself with Armament Haki.

Then Whitebeard punched out and Kizarus figure had to be converted into golden light, his ability was not suitable for a frontal hard fight and Whitebeards attack range was too large.

Short burst.

The Three Admiral took turns in battle and were all repelled by Whitebeard!

The strength of the once strongest man in the world shook the battlefield and made countless people tremble!