One Piece Talent System Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Time
Fortunately, Namis posture did not prevent Ross from continuing to watch the battlefield below and as they were blocked by Distortion Space, no one could see them.

Namis body twisted a few times and she finally jumped from Rosss body, but her expression at the moment was very interesting.

Watching the battle between Sengoku and Whitebeard, Ross saw that she didnt move. "Im in a lot of pain from your head," He said. "Cant you say something?"


Nami would like to say that she wouldnt be able to hurt him even if she tried her best and when she hits her head against his, she felt that her head has been hurt and it left a red mark.

Before she could say anything, the aftermath of the battle between Whitebeard and Sengoku exploded again, and the Marine Fort shook again and Nami lurched back again.

But it wasnt a fall on Ross, it was a fall directly under the fort.

Looking at the height of the Marine Fort, she cried out in alarm, but before she could fall headlong, a hand caught her ankle.


Ross grabbed her by the ankles, pulled her back, and took an unmarked glance at a spot, his face unchanged.

Nami wanted to cry now.

But she recovered quickly. After re-stabilizing her body, she could not help flashing the picture she saw when she almost fell and stared.

She still vaguely remembered that she just saw a strange big guy under the Marine Headquarters and a strange group of figures.

They dont look like Marines.

"Its almost my turn."

Ross did not sit down again. He placed one hand on Namis bare incense shoulder, holding Nami steady and looking down at the battlefield.

Nami came to her senses and when she heard Ross words, her big eyes flashed with surprise. "What do you want to do?" She asked."

The following Marine Admirals, Whitebeard and so on are already terrible monsters, but this is the monster among monsters!

Once he start, Im afraid it will be earthshaking!

"I am a Pirate."

Ross glanced at Nami and said, "In this case, I have to see if I can completly destroy the Marine Headquarters."

Completly destroy the MarineHeadquarters

Destroy the Marine Headquarters

Marine Headquarters
Nami wanted to cry but there were no tears, this really is a terrible purpose!

While Ross was speaking, Blackbeard and his gang, who were hiding near Marine Headquarters, were finally discovered by Marines.

"Hahahahahaha, long time no see, Father, its nice to see you before you die, Hahahahaha!"

This burst of laughter came from the man that killed Whitebeard Pirates Fourth Division Captain Thatch and led to the outbreak of the war, Blackbeard Teach.

Behind him are also the partners he has searched for after he defected from the Whitebeard Pirates, and the men he set free from Impel Down who has now joined his Blackbeard Pirate Regiment!

At this moment.

Countless lights come together.

Sengokus face became a little ugly in an instant. Although he guessed that Blackbeard might be coming to do things, he did not expect Blackbeard to sneak into Marine Headquarters!

"How did you come here?"

"Teach "
Whitebeards eyes moved from Sengoku to Blackbeard. His face was gloomy, his voice low, but there was a terrible fury in it.

Meanwhile, through a special broadcast channel, the people looking at the battlefield also looked shocked. Some people called out the name of Blackbeard, while others recognized the murderous pirate behind Blackbeard!

"Colossal Battleship, Sanjuan Wolf and Crescent Moon Hunter, Catarina they are all Impel Down prisoners!"

The appearance of the Blackbeard Pirates caused Marines to freeze again.

In Marine Headquarters at this moment.

Both Momousagi and Tokikake are wearing the Great Justice Marine Clock, as well as the former Marine Admiral Zephyr are here.

"They were so close but I didnt even notice them."

"Blackbeard Teach"

Momousagis eyes flashed with a cold light and her hand pressed against the blade.

Tokikake stopped her and said, "Dont worry, the situation is still under control and we dont need to show ourselves for the time being."

Marines only revealed a part of their powers in the War of The Best and kept most of their powerhouses hidden, their purpose for doing this was to prevent all unexpected situations.

With all the power of Marine Headquarters, a Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirate force is simply not enough to fight against it. Even two or even three Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirate wont be enough to defeat them as long as Garp Sengoku and all others fight together.

If there are really three Yonk (Four Emperors) in the Marine Headquarters, then the World Government wont just sit back and ignore it, they will soon send reinforcements and the situation will evolve into a bigger battlefield.

In short.

Marine Headquarters and World Government are not afraid of any positive confrontation!

Whitebeard set aside Sengoku and shouted Blackbeards name and said in a low voice: "Only you, You re the only one I will not call a son, Teach, you have committed the only untouchable rule on my ship, you have killed your comrade!"

When his words fell, Whitebeard suddenly punched toward Blackbeard and the power of shock raged and broke the ground directly in front of him.

Although Sengoku was not on the front, he was forced to take back two steps. He looked at the scene with a sullen face but did not intervene.

Whitebeard dealt with Blackbeard and Marines just looked at it. It was not necessary to waste their Battle power to deal with both sides at the same time. The goal of this war was to win and the purpose was to reduce the losses on their side and expand the losses of the enemy as much as possible.
When Marco and others saw Blackbeard, they were all furious and tried to rush over, but Whitebeard stopped Marco and others.

"Dont come! Marco, Marco, Im going to kill this guy myself for what he did to Thatch!" Whitebeards voice was heard as he suddenly attacked Blackbeard.

Blackbeards Yami-Yami No Mi is indeed the nemesis of all Devil Fruit abilities, but it is only the nemesis of fruit abilities, and it is not useful for pure body attacks and Haki.

In a few attacks, Whitebeard understood Blackbeards ability and immediately cut Blackbeards chest with his Bisento, knocking him to the ground.

At the peak of his power, Whitebeard wouldnt even have to rely on the ability of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi), he would have been able to kill Blackbeard just by using his Haki and Physical attacks.


Blackbeards side is not limited to Blackbeard alone. There are many pirates behind him and many of them have a bounty of 400 Million or more than 500 Million Berries. At the order of Blackbeard, they finally came together and attacked Whitebeard.

"About time."

Standing at the very top of the Marine fortress, Ross saw this scene and finally murmured slowly, dispersing the space distortion barrier.

Nami noticed that something seemed to have changed around her and couldnt help looking at Ross.

"Im going to send Whitebeard on his next adventure." Ross stepped forward.

Nami hesitated for a moment and was about to ask What about me, but she heard Rosss words.

"You stay here and dont move. I guarantee that you would leave Marine Headquarters without a scratch on you." Ross didnt look back and said casually: "If you die here, I wouldnt be able to get back the interest of saving you for so many times."