One Piece Talent System Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Reversal

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"That appearance"

"Can hair also move?"
Not far away, a group of Marines, whose eyes were pierced by Ross attack and were painful and tearful, gradually recovered and when they saw what Onigumo looked like, they were all shocked.

One Captain, who followed Onigumo from Headquarters, his eyes flashed with awe and he said, "Its Life Return (Seimei Kikan). Ive only seen it twice, but I didnt expect that Rear Admiral Onigumo would use it against Ghost Hand Ross."

"Rear Admiral Onigumo use this skill, this Battle is probably going to end here."

Some Marine, who followed Onigumo from Headquarters, watched the scene and murmured in awe.

On the field.

Onigumos shawl is arising and his hair is condensed to form Spider legs. He holds six swords. He looks terrifying, Onigumo really deserves the name of Demon Spider.

"What you felt just now was the sword arts of the second blade stream and now I will use eight blade stream!"

His face was fierce and indifferent and the moment his voice fell, He stepped down and rushed towards Ross. Six swords held by spiders legs, together with two swords held by his hands, slashed vertically and the strong sword energy interwoven directly into a sword energy net.

Almost at the moment when the sword energy cuts came out, he leaped into the air, swung his legs violently displaying Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) and kicked out two energies in the void, intertwined with the net of sword energy that fell head-on towards Ross.

"Disorganized Sword Arts."

Ross motivated the power of Distortion Fruit and condensed it in his hands and pulled the net of the falling sword energy and tore it up. Though it was difficult, it was still torn by him

"Its impossible for the sword arts displayed by your hair to reach the level of your hands."

Ross stepped over the torn web of sword energy and went up to Onigumo, his eyes calm and indifferent, his fists swinging fast.

Onigumo held two long swords in both hands to take Ross fists on the front, while the other six swords fall towards Ross head and face.

"Thats true, but these six swords are extra, and you only have two hands!"

Zi Zi Zi!

Six long swords interlaced into a dense network of swords, which completely surrounded Ross. Even though Ross displayed Kami-e (Paper Drawing), he still could not avoid all of them and was occasionally hit by swords.

Cuts tore his clothes in an instant and left a bloodstain on his skin. But because the Distortion Fruit power can cover his entire body and the strength of the six swords is far less than those held in Onigumo hand, the real damage to Ross is very slight.


After a while, Ross still had more than ten bloodstains on his body. His whole body was dripping with blood and he looked terrifying.

Onigumo, opposite him, was also not very happy either. One of the six swords wrapped in his hair was completely broken, two were badly damaged and only three swords remained intact.

As for his arm, which is in the constant hard struggle with Ross, gradually develops muscle strain. In the case of Life Return (Seimei Kikan), Onigumo can hardly use Armament Haki hardening, so It is very difficult for him to resist the power of distortion.

"Why do you still have to resist, fall under justice, it is your destiny!"
Onigumo controls seven swords, constantly attacking Ross like a madman, the offensive is like a Rainstorm whose goal is to completely tear Ross apart.

"Justice? Ridiculous!"

Ross clothes were broken and his whole body was bleeding, but his face was still cold and calm and without any emotion, it was a terrifying sight.

He punched out one punch after another, constantly smashing Onigumos sword energy, and bombarding them. In the process, although his wounds were increasing, his heart became calmer, like a spring in a quiet valley.

In Ross eyes, Onigumos falling swords attacks gradually changed from frenzy to traceability and he gradually seemed to be able to see the tracks of those attacks.
It wasnt known when it started. But

Onigumo sword attacks started to only touch Ross body and then gradually Ross body become untouchable by those swords. Ross used Soru with his feet easily. His entire body is like a fish in water. He tosses and turns around, avoiding all the sword attacks of Onigumo.

Over time, Onigumo gradually realized that something was wrong. It was clear that he had an advantage, but suddenly that advantage gradually turned into a disadvantage.

Ross dodging is very similar to Kami-e (Paper Drawing) in Marines Rokushiki, but it is somewhat different.

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) is only a pure state of evasion. Once you want to launch an attack, you must exit Kami-e (Paper Drawing). Ross pays equal attention to attack and evasion and his every action is flexible with accurate judgment.
"This is"

"Observation Haki!"

Onigumo couldnt help but widen his eyes and look at Ross in front of him with an incredible look. If Ross could use Observation Haki, he would have used it a long time ago. There is only one possibility for him to use it now He learned it in Battle!

Any Haki has the possibility of a direct awakening in Battle and Onigumo has met such people who awoken their Haki in a battle but all of those people he encountered were in The Grand Line or in The New World.

It never occurred to him that Ross, a pirate from West Blue would be able to comprehend Haki!

How can he suddenly awaken Haki without experiencing battles on the Grand Line, Without experiencing life and death, Without experiencing great and terrifying pressure, how can he suddenly awaken Haki?!

Onigumos heart trembled, Now Ross is using the Observation Haki and his tricks now have no advantage.


Due to the special nature of Distortion Fruit which is similar to quake fruit, even if it can be equally divided in strength, but the twisted effect is constantly superimposed, the receiver body will be continuously affected and step by step it will fall.

Its like boiling a frog in warm water. By the time Onigumo notices the seriousness of the situation, his arms are starting to feel numb. His sword arts have become very slow.


As Ross dropped another punch, The Armament Haki surrounding Onigumos sword blade was forcibly dispersed and the whole sword was in a state of an unbearable burden, showing signs of twisting and fragmentation.

The situation of strength and weakness has been reversed completely!

Many Marines in the distance watched this scene, all of them were shocked and are in denial. It was clear to them that Onigumo had been suppressing Ross. Why did the situation suddenly changed?

"It seems that your justice is coming to an end."

Ross calmly watched Onigumo, who had been shocked out of his mind by him, He stepped forward and followed him directly and punched out, crushing Onigumos sword in his left hand.
"Damn it!"

Onigumo is grinding his teeth and his face showed a grim expression. He raised his left hand and took a sword from one of his hair, trying to continue the fight with Ross, but Ross dropped another punch. His arm muscles had been severely sprained and he could no longer resist it.

The punch freed both of his left and right hands swords and under the influence of the power of distortions, the muscles and bones were overwhelmed. If he were not in the state of Life Return (Seimei Kikan), it would be very difficult for him to even move his fingers.

Ross took another step forward, swung his arm violently and all the swords on Onigumos hair were shattered and the shattered swords fall on the ships board.

"Rear Admiral Onigumo!"

Many Marine looked at this scene and couldnt help but scream and all the faces were filled with horror.

Ross stared at Onigumo, who could not believe that he would fail. There was no mockery or excitement in Ross eyes, only the dreadful calmness. He looked so coldly at Marine Rear Admiral, who was numb and unable to move.


"How to carry out your justice has nothing to do with me, I will not care, but if you want to put your justice on me, then I can only say"

"You have picked the wrong person to fight from the beginning."


The sound of the broken bones echoed on the silent deck.

Throughout Battleship, there was silence.