One Piece Talent System Chapter 432

Chapter 432 War Declaration
As the Blackbeard Pirates collapsed, the stone in Sengokus heart fell to the ground.

"Go after the Whitebeard pirates with all your might. Dont let any pirate escape!" Sengoku clenched his fists and ordered quietly while staring at Ross, he was ready to fight.
His biggest worry was that Ross and Blackbeard team-up, which, together with the Whitebeard Pirates could really bring Marine Headquarters into crisis.

But now.

The Blackbeard Pirates has been killed, even though Rosss personal strength is almost beyond Whitebeard at his peak of that year, but with only one person, he wont be able to do much of anything in this battlefield.

Even Sengoku was wondering what he could do to get Ross to stay at the Marine Headquarters permanently.

Once they defeat Ross, no matter how strong his pirate group is, they will be destroyed!

By then, there will be only one Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates left in the sea and the Great Age of Pirates would come to an end, Marines and the Government will make sure of that and the World Government and Marine will be firmly established in the whole world.

Even if the Revolutionary Army is doubled in their strength, it is impossible for them to set off a storm.

"The Blackbeard Pirates are destroyed "

"The war is over."

Many people who watched the scenes of Marine Headquarters through the image of Den Den Mushi gradually recovered from the shock and couldnt help but mumble.

The emergence of Blackbeard was a big event, and the appearance of Ross was even bigger, but Ross killed Blackbeard and the war should end here unless the Ghost Hand Pirates comes here to fight against the Marines, Otherwise, Marines victory should be set in stone.

Although Fire Fist Ace was rescued, Whitebeard fell on this battlefield, and the entire Whitebeard pirate regiment suffered heavy casualties. In any case, Marines won.


On the battlefield of the War Of The Best, the Division Captains of the Whitebeard Pirates watched as Ross wipe out the Blackbeard Pirates and killed Blackbeard and Marco and others showed an understanding and complex expression in their eyes.

"Ghost Hand"

Ace looked at Rosss direction from afar, and for a while, his emotions were in turmoil. Although Whitebeard died, Ross undoubtedly protected Whitebeard from humiliation before death and also wiped out the Blackbeard Pirates.

This is a kind of favor that is difficult to get rid of for the entire Whitebeard pirate regiment. In this sea, especially the Whitebeardpirate regiment, it is the most respectful of favor.

After this battle.

Even if they will not join the Ghost Hand Pirates, they can no longer stand opposite to them. Many people have already raised the idea of exiting this era.

Anyway, this era has already belonged to Ross, they cant stop it, and now there is no reason for them to stop it. If they dont join, they will just wait and see.


At this time, it is not time to consider these issues. The Admirals of Marine Headquarters are still chasing them. In addition, Aokiji directly froze the sea and their ships. It is not easy for them to evacuate in a short time.

The battle is still going on and blood and death are everywhere.
And in this fierce battlefield, in the middle of the cracked square, Ross figure slowly flew out of the huge crack and came into the air.

"What is he going to do?"

A lot of people looked up at Ross with a trace of doubt in their hearts.

Ross flew into the air like this, under the gaze of countless people, Rosss figure stopped in the sky as he looked at the entire Marine Headquarters, his black cloak trembling constantly in the sea breeze.

"You Marine defined me as a pirate for the sake of face. Remember what I said, I said that you will remember what you did that day because your decision will affect the entire world."
Rosss words spread calmly and reverberated clearly on the whole island, which made the movements of countless people stop. Marine Admiral and Sengoku, Garp, stopped and watched him.

Everyones expression was gloomy, serious, or indifferent.

"Justice is written by the victor and defined by the strongest This world is ruled by the World Government. You have the power to say who is a pirate and who is your friend."

"I have a question now, Sengoku, my title of being a pirate, would you be taking that off now?" Ross looked at the direction of Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku and spoke calmly.

Sengoku looked at his face. The scenes of this moment were all broadcast to the whole world. He knew this very well and his eyes showed seriousness and solemnity: "How can a pirate be forgiven? Even if you killed the Blackbeard Pirates, it cant make up for the crimes you did!"
"Well." Ross smiled slightly as if he knew that Sengoku was going to answer in that way. He stood in the sky while overlooking the Marine Headquarters and said:

"Then, the war begins here."

"I, Ghost Hand Ross, the ruler of Totto Land Sea, here, at this moment, declare war on the Marines and the World Government"

There was no need for any harsh tone and no need for any domineering words, this simple sentence was said in a flat narrative tone but it caused the Marine Headquarters to fall in silence.

Through the image of Den Den Mushi, countless people who watched this scene were also stunned at this moment and their minds suddenly become blank.

Declare war!

This is a declaration of war on the World Government that has ruled the world for 800 years!

The Ghost Hand Pirates, which has been dubbed as pirates since the beginning, completely opened its fangs in the eyes of the whole world. Its target is not Yonko (Four Emperor), nor the Pirate King, but The whole world !

From this moment on, the definition of pirate to describe Ross and Totto Land has become somewhat inadequate. Whatever the final result of Totto Lands declaration of war on the World Government is, at this moment, it represents the struggle between two huge regimes for the domination of the World!

At this moment.

Whether it is Sengoku or Aokiji, the expression on their faces changes drastically.

"Are you serious?! Ghost hand!"

Sengokus pupils shrank violently, and there was a trace of disbelief and shock on his face. He didnt expect that Ross would come here, in this battlefield of the War Of The Best to declared war on the World Government and Marines!

This is a declaration of war against the World!

"This is really no good." Aokiji had a tinge of awe in his eyes, and he knew exactly what Ross said.

You know, even the Revolutionary Army, until now, has never really declared war on the World Government, but this is what Ross did!
"This is really a bit scary." Kizaru also couldnt keep calm. Although his tone was still filled with his habitual insignificance, it was more of a slightly suppressed shudder.

Ross lowered his head and looked calmly at Sengoku.

"The war has already begun."

"First I will have this Marine Headquarters disappear completely."