One Piece Talent System Chapter 433

Chapter 433 One Vs Many
" Such arrogance!"

Sengoku looked at Ross in the sky and tightly squeezed his fists, he gritted his teeth and anger appeared on his face as he shouted at Ross:
"This is an island at the heart of the world, and it means a great deal to those who fear men like you, who fear pirates, who fear for their life, this is the Marine Headquarters and hope of Justice. The name of justice will never be destroyed. Ghost hand!"


Ross opened his hands slowly and raising his lips, saying calmly: "You made a mistake, this is not a challenge, nor a declaration of war, this is a notification."

As his voice fell, Ross raised his arms and his fingers snapped together.


As early as when he killed Blackbeard, he had already imbued the power of distortion in the Underground. At this moment, he blatantly opened up that power and swept the entire Marine Headquarters!

The earth made the overwhelming sound of kchkch as it began to collapse. If one looked at it from above the Marine Headquarters, they will find that the entire Marine Headquarters seems to be held by an invisible big hand and it seems to be twisting it.

"Son of a bitch!!"

Sengokus forehead was overflowing with blue muscles. For a time, he was irritated and angry. He roared and jumped up as the form of Buddha appeared and he punched towards Ross.

The terrifying impact swept away and hit Ross in the sky, trying to knock Ross away from the sky to prevent the destruction.


Faced with Sengokus attack, Ross just countered it with his backhand.

The surging power of distortion fell and collided with the impact, making the whole sky look like a waterhole, with visible ripples swaying in all directions.

The sound of Bang sounded like thunder, exploding in the ears of countless people.


The power of distortion seemed to be twisted into a majestic force, and the Storokus impact on it was crushed. Sengokus huge body also fell down from the sky and broke into the square.

Seeing that Sengoku could not stop Ross, Momousagi and Tokikake, who were hidden in the dark could not care about the others and turned into two lights rushing out and hitting Ross in the sky.


Ross didnt look at the two people but a strand of his hair fluttered up and the small Dragon Tornado wrapped around his hair appeared. The Hurricane Incarnation suddenly expanded and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a terrifying hurricane that traversed the world and it rushed towards Tokikake and Momousagi.

Countless Marine Officers of Military Headquarters were swept by the huge hurricane without even a bit of resistance. Even the Rear Admiral of Headquarters and even Vice-Admirals faced with horror and barely stabilized themselves in the strong wind.

"What is this?!"

Momousagi was caught off guard as she was suddenly faced with the Hurricane that swept through and was forced to slash it with a sword.

This sword turned into vast sword energy and flew out of the air. The sword energy was able to cut the Hurricane Incarnation and stop it.


It just stopped for a moment.

The Hurricane incarnation isnt a physical entity, even if her sword arts are stronger and even with the top Armament Haki, they would only consume some of the energy of the Hurricane Incarnation and wouldnt be able to destroy it.

"Multiple Wind Blades!"

In the roaring gust of wind, a depressed sound came and then the Hurricane that seems to penetrate the world. The winds inside it suddenly began to condense, and turned into countless blue shimmering wind blades and rushed out, it was like a Wind Rainstorm that was sweeping down.
Momousagi and Tokikake also had to wield their weapons to defend themselves.

"Stop for me!"

Garp gritted his teeth while standing in the ruins. In the end, it was impossible for him to sit idly by. He screamed and jumped up and slammed into the Hurricane, he utilized his Armament Haki and punched Ross.

But before waiting for him to approach, Rosss eyes flashed slightly.


The Marine Headquarters Island, which was about to be twisted into a twist, suddenly swelled up and there appeared a huge palm that seemed to hold up the sky.

This palm snapped upwards and pressed Garp directly into the palm.


Garp was caught off guard and was held down by the huge palm, falling down from the sky, and slapped in the long-shattered bay.

Then, the Distorted ground of Marine Headquarters stopped collapsing but began to creep up, just like a giant caught in a pit, struggling to climb out of the bottom of the pit.

Under the shocking gaze of countless people.

The Hell Incarnation(Enel) formed by condensing nearly half of the Marine Headquarters, swelled up to the upper body and one palm pressed Garp to the bottom.

"Damn! Get off me!"

Garp roared out with rage and swung his fist, he tore the huge rock palm apart and dashed through the crack.

But before he could rush out, the other hand rushed towards him again.

"Logia Earthy Fruit? Damn It, how come so many powerful Battle forces"

Sengoku looked at Garps fight and his face couldnt help but look very ugly. The violent wind that swept the world, as well as the terrifying rock giant, were not recorded in their data of the Ghost Hand Pirates.

In other words, the Ghost Hand Pirates have two more top Battle forces!

No wonder Ross dares to appear alone in the Marine Headquarters!

"Distortion Fist!"

Ross stopped releasing the power of distortion on the entire island and took a step in the sky, he suddenly came directly in front of Sengoku and punched him.

This punch contains Rosss full-strength. His goal was not to destroy this island, from the beginning, his goal was Sengoku himself!

Marine Ford is just an island, and even if it is destroyed, Marines can find other islands to rebuild Marine Headquarters.


If the Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku is dead, even if someone can find someone to fill the position, there will inevitably be a huge Battle force gap!

Sensing the power of Rosss punch, Sengokus face changed drastically, but at this moment he couldnt avoid it at all, because Rosss Distortion Fist is the same as Whitebeards Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) and it hits a large area and cannot be avoided in close range.