One Piece Talent System Chapter 434 1

Chapter 434 Heavy Losses Part 1
In this critical situation, Sengoku roared and fully excited his own strength. The power of the Buddha form was exerted to the limit and Armament Haki also covered his entire body as he pushed his palms forward to maximize the shock wave.

This collision, the power that erupted, can be described as shaking earth and heavens.

In just a moment, the swaying waves made all the Marines spurting blood out of their mouths and they flew backward, including Headquarters generals!

In this collision, the land between Ross and Sengoku suddenly split into a terrifying abyss, dividing the entire Marine Headquarters in two, and the seawater also poured back, forming a river that runs through the island. !

In this collision.

Sengokus impact is ultimately unable to withstand Rosss power of distortion.

Rosss power of distortion has already reached as much as 950 points and the power is even more terrifying than that of the peak Whitebeard. Even if Sengoku goes all out, he alone wont be able to resist it!


The shock wave was destroyed and the Armament Haki was also broken, the power of distortion hit the body of the big Buddha and Sengoku was slammed back and he reverted to his human form from the form of the big Buddha. He flew backward and spat out blood and collapsed into the ruins.

"Fleet Admiral Sengoku!"

Seeing that Sengoku was hit by Rosss attack and flew back and it was also a full-frontal attack from Ross, countless Marines on the battlefield couldnt help but show horror and worry in their expressions.

They wanted to come forward to support their Fleet Admiral but the average Marine cant even survive the Hurricane Incarnation.

The Earth Giant and the Hurricane Incarnation that stands between the sky and the earth, one soil and one wind, are like two gods standing there, their heights are much higher than the fortress of Marine Headquarters, even the Vice-Admirals of Marine Headquarters are finding it difficult to deal with them not to mention the average Marine soldiers.

The Admirals Aokiji, Kizaru, Akainu, and other soldiers are chasing the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirate regiment.

They had thought that there was only Ross in the back and the remaining people would not have any hard time in dealing with him but no one could have thought that Ross would be bringing the Hell and the Hurricane Incarnation and the Marines were concentrating on the Whitebeard pirate regiment as they fought and retreated from the Marine Headquarters!

"Sakura Feather Cut!"

Seeing that the situation was critical, Momousagi roared while holding the hilt of her sword in both hands and she suddenly used Gepp (Moonwalk) to move towards the sky and she waved the blade in her hand, the sword energy bloomed like a cherry blossom and a feather-shaped sword energy appeared and rushed toward the Hurricane Incarnation and cut the Hurricane Incarnation into blocks.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Tokikake bypassed the Hurricane Incarnation, and because of the distance between him and Ross, he could only use his guns to fire two shots towards Ross.


Although he has the Future Prediction, the highest form of Observation Haki, Ross can also use Future Prediction and he is constantly utilizing Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki and he can sense everything above him!

In addition, Rosss Armament Haki and his physical strength have reached an alarming level. His Armament Haki is comparable to Garp and his physical strength is comparable to Kaido.


Faced with Tokikakes condensed bullets covered with Dark Armament Haki, Ross did not shy away or ignored them at all and continued to charge towards Sengoku.

Three bullets were shot on Ross chest, and the dark Armament Haki appeared at three positions on Ross chest. These three positions happened to be the three positions that were shot at.

Qing! Qing! Qing!

The three bullets fell to the ground after sparking on Rosss body as if they had shot into a steel wall, Rosss skin just sunk a little and nothing else happened to him!

"What in the name of"

Tokikake looked at this scene and his face revealed a horrified look.

Because Rosss Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki is stronger than his, he can only predict Rosss dodge or evade action but because both parties have Future Prediction ability, that is, they can change what will happen, the ability of Future Prediction can be seen as a mutual offset because they all participate in the future change that will happen.
But what he didnt expect was that Ross Armament Haki and his flesh being so powerful that they directly ignored his attacks ad it looked like his bullet has smashed against a steel wall!


Sengoku was again sent flying backward by Rosss attack and smashed into the building behind the Marine Headquarters. He coughed in the ruins while covering his chest with one hand. He sensed Ross rushing over and was forced to grind his teeth to get up again to defend himself.

The golden Buddha exuding a golden light and punched towards the rushing Ross.

Ross also punched back.


Between the punches, Sengoku was once again flown out by Rosss punch.

If the previous attacks can be explained by Sengokus carelessness, then this blow has already shown the hard truth to everyone present. Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku is not Rosss opponent!

There is a large gap between his and Rosss strength!

"The situation is not good."

Tokikake saw the situation turn sharply and rushed over to try to help, but before he could approach, Ross punched back towards him and the power of distortion rushed towards him.

Because both parties have Future Prediction ability, the future they see will not happen because they will change it and the illusion of being rewritten is equivalent to the ability itself getting canceled.

Faced with this attack, Tokikake could barely avoid the front area and folded his arms in front of him to resist it but his figure was still pushed backe=wards as he flew back.


He shattered several buildings in the back and eventually stopped on another.

Rosss current strength has reached a terrifying level, Tokikake is a bit worse than Aokiji Akainu and Kizaru in terms of strength as he has not eaten a Devil Fruit, that is to say, that at this point in time, he no longer has the qualification to fight against Ross.

Ross is almost completely immune to Tokikakes attack, and he can send him flying back with a single attack. Whether it is the two common types of Haki or Physique and strength, Ross suppressed him in all directions and it is a suppression of more than just one grade. How can he even fight against him?!