One Piece Talent System Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Invincible
They know that Ross has already declared war on the World Government and the Marines under the eyes of the whole world!

In this case, if Ross also killed the Marine Fleet Admiral in Marine Headquarters, the momentum of Totto Land might expand to an unprecedented level!
At that time, I am afraid that there will be signs of response from all over the world. Those countries that have not joined the World Government will likely become Totto Lands subordinates, or even join the World Government.

"Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama)!"

Kizaru was the first to give up on chasing the Whitebeard pirates. His figure turned into a golden light and he suddenly appeared on top of Ross. An Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama) smashed towards Ross, trying to stop Ross from continuing to pursue Sengoku.

But in the face of Kizarus attack, Ross just raised his hand.


With one punch, the entire void was filled with Distortion and as if this fist could smash the sky, it rose into the sky. In a flash, all the lasers in the sky exploded and they looked like countless fireworks launching in the sky and the scene was huge and shocking.

Rosss distortion punch reached Kizaru and he had a bad feeling in his heart as he tried to avoid it with his speed but he found that he had no time to avoid it.


Kizarus body was hit by Rosss attack and his entire body burst into a golden light as he flew higher towards the sky.

Ross kept walking and rushed towards Sengoku. After one step, he came to Sengokus front and punched him again.

"The Fleet This is not good!"

"Quickly stop Ghost Hand!"

Seeing this scene, all the Marines finally panicked as no one would have thought that Rosss strength was so fierce to this extent.

With his own strength, he defeated Sengoku, Tokikake, and Kizaru. In this battlefield, there is no one who can stop him!

"ICE Frozen!"

Aokiji noticed that the situation in the rear had turned sharply and there was a trace of horror and fear in his eyes. He couldnt help but give up the pursuit of the Whitebeard Pirates and turned back.

Before he rushed over, his Devil Fruit ability was fully stimulated, and two streams of ice froze directly towards Ross.

Faced with Aokijis obstruction, Rosss response was still a punch.

Kch! Kch!

Under Rosss punch, the fragmented square was once again torn apart as if it was hit by a meteorite. The ice released by Aokiji was also broken by the violent power of distortion in an instant.

This power of distortion swept by unstoppably and enveloped Aokiji in it, directly breaking him into countless pieces of ice that flew to the ground of Marine Headquarters!

"Admiral Aokiji !"

"How is it possible, even Admiral Aokiji"
When the nearby Marine saw this scene, the horror on his face had reached an unprecedented level.

If they didnt see it with their own eyes, they wouldnt believe that the highest Battle Power of their Marine Headquarters, the Admirals will be defeated by a single punch!

This is no longer a simple difference between strength and weakness, but a gap in levels!

Two punches.

Two Marine Admirals were blown back and up!
Ross ignored Aokiji and Kizaru and again charged into Sengoku. There was no fierce expression on his face and his face was filled with calm and indifference.

Marine Fleet Admiral will definitely die today and no one can stop it!

Akainu saw that the situation in the rear was not good and that he was the only one left who was still in the pursuit of the Pirates. It was difficult for him to continue to pursue the Whitebeard Pirates. He could only grit his teeth and rush back to return.

He held his fist and the magma surged wildly, like a volcanic eruption, washing the broken square and hitting Ross.

Responding to him is still a punch of Ross.

Under Rosss punch, the magma completely exploded, splashing in all directions and the surging power of distortion swept through everything. Even if Akainu was already prepared and resisted with all his strength, he still couldnt completly protect himself!


The Power of distortion hit Akainu on his body, splashing the magma by his body, and eventually, his entire figure turned into magma and collapsed and he was blown out of the island!

Ross walked towards Sengoku again.

At this moment, on the entire battlefield, all eyes are almost concentrated on Ross, whether it is Nami and others, or the Whitebeard pirates, or the Vice-Admiral, Rear Admirals of Marine Headquarters, their eyes are surprisingly consistent and they all focused on just one figure.

Their eyes were filled with one thing: Shock!

No one can stop the power of one punch!

Looking at the whole sea, who has the power to defeat a Marine Admiral in one move? Looking at the 800-year history after the establishment of the World Government, who can run wild in the Marine Headquarters?!

Fleet Admiral Sengoku isnt even able to defend himself, The three Marine Admirals were blown up, back, and out by a single punch and Ross appeared calm during all of this, there is no fierce momentum, but at this moment, Ross is like a black cloud suppressing everything below, giving rise to desperate and helplessness emotions in their heart!

Under the trembling and terrified gaze of countless people, Ross walked to Sengoku and punched him again.

Sengoku has already taken a breather and recovered a little after Ross was blocked by Kizaru Aokiji and others for a moment, while Ross attacked Aokiji and others in a row, he was able to control his own breathing.


Faced with Rosss fist, Sengoku was still unable to resist it and he flew back while vomiting blood.

"This is too "

On the head of the rock and earth giant, Nami, who was in a small pit, looked at Ross wearing a black cloak and sweeping the entire Marine Headquarters battlefield. Her mind had already become blank.
Even in the East Blue or in Sky Island, everything she experienced was not so shocking as this current scene was.

The more the status of the promotion, the more the strength of the improvement, the more clear the seas most elite forces, such as Aokiji and other Marine Admirals and any one of them is enough to nit just defeat but crush a country or their pirate group.

But now.

In the face of Ross, these Marine Admirals, who were almost invincible in her eyes got crushed one by one with a single punch.
This is the real and pinnacle of power in this world!

No one can interfere or stop him.


Even in this Marine Headquarters, there are no places that he cannot reach and there is no one who he fears, there are none of them, none of them exist who can stop him.

"Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven)!"

"Ice Age!"

Aokiji and Kizaru had blood on the corners of their mouths but they still rushed back towards the battlefield. They both attacked Rosss back at the same time.

But Ross ignored their attacks and continued on to Sengoku.

The golden blade and the frozen land were all contained behind Ross, unable to break through the space of Distortion.

Standing in the Marine Headquarters, countless top combat powers were helpless and the one making them feel such is taking a leisurely walk. At this moment, The Strongest In The Word is not enough to define Ross. Another word has appeared in everyones mind.