One Piece Talent System Chapter 438

Chapter 438
"Cough cough "

Akainu coughed violently.
Although his Armament Haki took some part of Rosss Armament Haki and his elementalized has weakened part of the damage but Rosss attack power is too strong and he still suffered some injuries which were unbearable.

Every time he coughed, blood rushed out of his mouth.

"Bastard, Ghost Hand "

Akainu gritted his teeth, with a trace of grimace on his face, but at this moment he dared not fight against Ross anymore but fled to the rear without hesitation.

As he chased down Luffy and Ace, many Division Captains of Whitebeard Pirates tried their best to block, and at this moment, his status was completely transferred. In front of Ross, he became the target of chasing, and Garp and other Marines tried to block.

"Ghost Hand, thats enough!"

As Ross continued to charge into Akainu, a purple-haired figure rushed out of the ruins. In the case that Garp was too late to support, he chose to support Akainu.

He is the teacher to Akainu, Aokiji, and others, the previous generation of Marine Admiral, Black Wrist Zephyr. At this moment, Zephyr has not lost faith in Marines and he has not become detached from Marines, and still holds the position of chief instructor of the new camp.

"One by one, do you have to come here to obstruct me?" Facing Zephyrs obstruction, Ross still punched him with a single punch.


Even if he hasnt broken his arm, Zephyr in his peak state will not be the opponent of Ross at the moment, not to mention the old and broken arm Zephyr.

With a single punch from Ross, Zephyr flew backward and with his power, at most, Ross suffered a one second blocked.

"Sengoku has been martyred and I cant let you continue doing as you wish here."

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Garp rushed towards Ross again. He clenched his fists and attacked and at this moment it looked as if his momentum has been restored to the point when he chased the Pirate King Roger on the sea.

Ross stared at Garp.

"As you wish!"


The moment his words fell, Ross punched Garp and Haoshoku Haki and Armament Haki broke out at the same time, rising into the sky and the vast oppression swept in all directions.

Rosss current Haoshoku Haki is no less inferior to Akagami (Red Hair). It bursts out at the moment and shook the very earth he was standing on. People can see his Haoshoku Haki rising into the sky, turning the whole sky into a depression swirl.


Ross, who burst out with Haoshoku Haki was like a god at this moment, and no one could stop him. With a punch, Garp was once again flying backward.

Immediately after that, Akainus Ryusei Kazan (Meteor Volcano) exploded in the sky, which turned into countless magma splashes and rushed towards him and Zephyr also attacked at this moment.

At this moment, Ross is already staring at Akainu. The strong people of this level are already at the top of the sea and it is difficult to defeat and kill them. Garp and others know this and they were trying to stop Ross and try to give Akainu a chance to breathe.


Rosss murder intention is now decided.

On the one hand, Doberman was originally a subordinate of Akainu. Needless to say, his enmity with Akainu is self-evident. On the other hand, in Marine, it is Akainu who inherited the position of Fleet Admiral. The two generations of Marine Fleet Admirals are naturally his most important targets.


After repelling Garp and Zephyr, Ross pulled out the Cursed Blade Murasame and swept the sword towards Akainu.
The sword waved out and directly disturbed the Void in front of him so that the area within a few hundred meters in a circle around Ross showed the state of spatial Distortion visible to the naked eye.

Under this blow, Akainu exerted Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki to the limit and dodged desperately, but he was still grazed by Rosss sword edge, and his whole chest and abdomen were almost cut open!

"Admiral Akainu!"

Nearby Marine Vice-Admirals couldnt help crying out loud.

If Akainu was in his peak condition and with Garp and Zephyrs with him, he could really stop Ross, but he was hammered by Whitebeard before, and then took a punch from Ross. He was seriously injured, even if Garp and Zephyr tried to block Ross, he can no longer defend himself.
Whiz! Whiz!

Garp and Zephyr gritted their teeth and continued to rush.

But Ross faced the two of them, but he has no intention of giving in. The Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand waved horizontally and a slash of Distortion space hit the directly in front of him.

Garp and Zephyr both punched with their fists and Armament Haki and power of distortion madly interweave and collided, but in the end, they were still unable to resist and were repelled by Ross!

Another step down.

Ross attacked Akainu again.

Akainu was already seriously injured, and this time he could no longer avoid it. In the face of Rosss sword, he was forced to use his Armament Haki to the limit and wave his fist to resist it.


Rosss sword edge flashed.

The Armament Haki on the blade directly smashed Akainus Armament Haki and the Distortions edge flew over his arm. This time it was not lava splashing, but blood spewing!

One arm rose into the sky.


Akainus arm was cut and he screamed, he retreated backward, his right hand covering the part where his left arm was cut and the magma surged, stopping the outflow of blood.

After cutting off Akainus arm with one move, Ross ushered in the joint attack of Garp and Zephyr, still wielding a sword and slashing out, knocking them back in a hard way.

Whether it is Garp or Zephyr, almost everyone on this battlefield can only watch at this moment. Ross is like an unstoppable devil, sweeping the entire battlefield, and there will be blood splashing as soon as his sword falls.

Another sword.
Akainu had a terrifying scar between his chest and abdomen.

Another sword.

Akainus right arm also flew into the sky.

Another sword.
A head full of unbelievable and unwilling expressions flew into the sky.

Until the moment of death, Akainu had a hard time accepting the fact that he would die here, in the Marine Headquarters.

He had dreams of becoming Marine Fleet Admiral, to eradicate all pirates, to end this Great Age of Pirates, and to wipe out the shame that Ross had brought him, but all of these became out of his reach at this moment.


His heart was filled with unwillingness. His head fell on the distant ice and rolled twice, he was dead.

After Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku, Marine Headquarters highest Battle force Akainu, one of the three Admiral is dead!

The expressions of Aokiji Kizaru and others have long become frozen.

Both Garp and Zephyrs movements were completely halted. A trace of despair came up in the hearts of countless Marines.

Who can stop Ross!

Too strong, too strong, ridiculously strong, almost incredible, even Garp was unable to stop Ross from rampaging on the battlefield as he killed wantonly!

Is it true that Marines are going to be destroyed by Ross here today?