One Piece Talent System Chapter 439 1

Chapter 439 Appears Part 1
A figure stood in front of Akainus body.

At this moment.
Ross, dressed in a black cloak, looked like a god of death. Everyone has seen what he had done, everyone is afraid to even look him in the eye. The people who have seen these scenes through the broadcast were stunned and no sound escaped from their mouth, they stood rooted in their place and fear gripped their heart.

The Marine Fleet Admiral is dead and a Marine Admiral is dead too. One must know that this is the doing of only Ghost Hand Ross and the main force of Ghost Hand Pirates is still in their territory.

What would happen if every Division Captains and all the powers of the Ghost Hand Pirate are deployed? The secure Marine Headquarters, would they even be able to resist them? Would they be able to guard themselves against them?

Im afraid not!

The forces that can really overpower Marines are truly qualified to compete with the World Government and they are also qualified to declare war against the World Government!


Ross slowly withdrew the Cursed Blade Murasame and he turned to look at the battlefield.

He still retains more than half of his Stamina as killing Sengoku and Akainu was easier than he thought because of the 50 Talent Proficiency Points he had obtained from Whitebeard.

These 50 Talent Proficiency Points raised Rosss strength a bit higher, allowing him to directly overpower and kill a Marine Admiral. The Marine Admiral Candidate Tokikake and the previous Admiral Zephyr did not have the strength to block him.


Even after killing Sengoku and killing Akainu, Ross still did not receive any rewards from the system from defeating Marines. It seems that in this situation, the system had not considered him to destroy Marine.

"Thats it "

Rosss eyes flashed as he murmured and finally, his eyes fell on Kizaru.

Kizaru noticed that Rosss gaze came towards him and his heart began to tremble in an instant. A bad feeling arose in his heart. Why is Ross looking at him? Did he plan to kill him too?

Its too much!

He had already killed Akainu and Sengoku!

Ross glanced at Kizarus body, but he still looked away and finally looked his gaze on Zephyr who was standing not far away.

Kizaru is not much injured now and coupled with the particularity of Glint-Glint Fruit, he should be the most difficult one to kill except for Garp. It would take too much stamina to kill him.

In this case, it is better to kill Zephyr first and reduce Marines power and morals.

Although Zephyr left Marines in the later period, there was a psychological and hatred between him and pirates. Especially after defecting to Marine, he acted even worse than Akainu. He never took anyone alive and he didnt care if the people with pirates were innocent or not, there was no possibility of surrender with him.

"Not good!"

Garp noticed the change in Rosss gaze and suddenly his face changed and he yelled: "Zephyr! Carefull!"

But before he could finish his sentence, Ross has already moved out.

He moved his sword from a distance and his attack fell towards Zephyr.


This sword directly cut the space between Ross and Zephyr in half. The blade cut through the Void, spanning a distance of hundreds of meters, and cut towards the top of Zephyrs head.

Zephyrs face changed drastically but it was too late to evade the attack. He roared at this moment and excited his Armament Haki to the limit, he waved his wrist to block the incoming attack.

At the same time.
His body also backed away, trying to relieve the force while resisting.

But the power of Rosss sword is still strong and unmatched. Even if some of the power is spent on cutting space, it still slashes Zephyrs Armament Haki!


This sword attack didnt just injure Zephyrs wrist but it was cut into it instantly and chopped on the bone making an acid sound.

Seeing this, Garp shouted angrily and waved his fists as he charged forward.
But Ross ignored this oncoming obstruction and after taking a step forward, he directly crossed the space and came in front of Zephyr.

He waved the sword in his hand.

Zephyr also knew that he was facing a life-and-death crisis, he roared and forced his power to the limit, vaguely regaining his peak state powers and attached the dark Armament Haki on his fist while striking against the tip of Rosss sword.


Rosss Cursed Blade Murasame sword edge directly hit Zephyrs fist.

This collision did not make any sound of gold and iron symphony but instead snorted, everyone saw that the tip of Rosss sword had already pierced through Zephyrs Armament Haki!

Ross had an indifferent look on his face and he clenched his fingers around the hilt of the blade, he excited the power of distortion and condensed it on the blade before sending it forward fiercely.


This sword penetrated straight through Zephyrs fist and penetrated his arm, the blade penetrated all the way and appeared behind his shoulder!

The whole process took only two seconds, and Garp finally rushed over to their position.

Ross shook his wrist and the blade directly cut through Zephyrs arm, piercing through it. Zephyr stumbled back, his face pale.

Originally because his one lost arm, his Battle force had already dropped too much. At this time, this arm is also almost equal to being cut apart. With his old age and with both arms gone, he wouldnt have any battle force in the future.

At this moment, Ross shows his powers to everyone and their was only one feeling in the hearts of everyone.

That is Despair!

Desperate, Hopeless, and him being Powerful!

Ross crossed his sword in front of his body to block Garps fist and then continued to charge towards Zephyr. Once he decided to do something, he would not show kindness. Once he made up his mind to do something, it was impossible for him to show any mercy.
Garp was feeling helpless and powerless as he couldnt stop Ross, and under the numb gaze of many people, Rosss sword penetrated through Zephyrs chest.

Can anyone stop him?