One Piece Talent System Chapter 439 2

Chapter 439 Appears Part 2
A Rear-Admiral of Marine Headquarters watched this scene, the blade in his hand fell to the ground and he also involuntarily kneeled to the ground. It was not because he had no power or stamina to stand but he had lost his will to fight anymore.

When faced with such a desperate situation caused by a terrible existence, there is no way that anyone would feel victory, forget about the desperate person, even a determined person will lose his will to do anything.

The faces of Aokiji and Kizaru also had an ugly looking expression.

At this time, no one knows what to do. It can be said that the Marine Headquarters can already declare its collapse no matter what happens next as they have lost both Battle powers and Command Power!


Almost as soon as Ross beheaded Zephyr and countless Marines were feeling completely desperate, a dark shadow quietly appeared on the battlefield and a black vortex rushed towards Ross.

"Black Prison!"

World Government support has finally arrived at the Marine Headquarters!

This black vortex is wrapped in a heart-wrenching power and the terrifying gravity contained in it seems to be able to annihilate everything.


Rosss Kenbonshoku (Observation) has reached its peak and he has the ability of Future Prediction, he has long foreseen the arrival of Black Prison and he turned around and cut the coming black vortex with the blade in his hand.

Wrapped around the sword edge is the power of distortion that cuts across the black vortex.

The black vortex was instantly frozen there and the upper and lower sides of it were divided into two, and the vortex finally turned into a ray of scattered power that dissipated in the Void.

"You are finally here."

Ross held the Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand and looked at the Black Prison, but his face did not show any surprise expression, but instead, he said coldly: "Only you? Do you really think you can stop me?"

However, just at the moment he finished speaking, his expression changed slightly, and his figure flickered abruptly, traversing a few tens of meters to the side.

And at the same time.

A thick thunder began to pour down from the sky like a column of water and fell to the location that was previously occupied by Ross.

Avoiding the thunder attack, Ross looked up at the sky.

There, a figure was floating in the air with inexplicable ability. He was wearing black clothes, and his face was no stranger to Ross.

World Governments Highest Power core.

One of the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars)!

"Master Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) "

A Vice-Admirals in the Marine Headquarters raised his head and saw the figure in the sky, his face could not help revealing a trace of shock. Few people thought that a Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) would come over in person.
Even Aokiji and Kizaru took a deep breath at the moment to suppress the surprise in their heart.

"So you finally cant sit still anymore."

Ross looked up at the sky and said lightly as his eyes flashed with a strange light.

Not all Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) can be counted as a Battle force and Ross had confirmed this before the invasion of Holy Land Mariejois.

What he perceives is that there should be at least two people in the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) with strong Battle power and they would at least be at the level of Marine Admiral.
In fact.

If Im, who exists under the shadow of the Tenryubito and is defined as king, then

Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) would be equivalent to subordinates civilian generals, and naturally, there is a distinction between those who are good at governance and those who are good at Battle.

"I didnt get rid of you in the earlier days. It was our mistake to let you run free and not kill you from the very beginning and the result of our carelessness had produced a pirate and a criminal to this extent, if we have killed you before then we would not be seeing what had happened today."

The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) looked coldly at Ross who was standing on the ground and said coldly.
"But Marine Headquarters is built to maintain peace and justice around the world, how can it be destroyed so easily."

As his voice fell, he raised his hand towards Ross and launched another attack.

"Who is that?"

"It seems that he is one of the highest power of the World Government Gorsei (Five Elder Stars)!"

The current scene made waves in the hearts of people who watched this scene from afar from all over the world.

They had thought that Marines would be defeated here but the World Governments support arrived and one of them was standing at the top of the World Government, with the highest power, a Gorsei (Five Elder Stars)!

In fact.

For the whole world, the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) is a very mysterious existence.

The world only knows that they are the highest power core of the World Government and the highest position of Tenryubito, but what these five people represent and what their specific identities are all mysteries.