One Piece Talent System Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Marine Headquarter Vibrates

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Far away.

On the other two Battleships, all Marines stared at Ross and Onigumos Battleship, but it was very difficult to see clearly because of the distance.
"The sounds seems to have stopped."

"Is it over? Ghost Hand Ross should be overwhelmed by Rear Admiral."

Someone listened to Ross and Onigumos battle on Battleship, and the constant battle sound ceased. They could not help but look at each other and show their concern.


"Rear Admiral Onigumo is a Headquarters Rear Admiral of the Grand Line, Ghost Hand Ross will definitely be suppressed by Rear Admiral"

The Rear Admiral of the West Blue has a cigar in his mouth as he says with a dull tone.


Almost as his voice fell, a sudden noise came from the distant Battleship, the cracking of the planks and the entire hull of the ship seemed to be violently shaking under the influence of some force.

"What happened?!"

Many people were startled and intent to take a closer look at it when the Battleships hull suddenly burst with an overwhelming sound and the whole ship was constantly twisted and shattered from the middle.


With countless Marine staring in horror, the Battleship twisted and folded in the middle and was cruelly destroyed like the previous two Battleships.

"Battleship was destroyed!"

"How is it possible! Rear Admiral Onigumo is on that Battleship!"

Many Marine officers were shocked and looked incredibly at the destroyed Battleship. Some even grabbed the sentrys telescope to look at it.


The collapsed Battleship splintered on both sides, causing a huge wave of water below it which surged in all directions.

And on the broken wreckage of the Battleship, a blood-drenched figure is standing there, like a god-killer coming out of the battlefield, which is terrifying.

"That is, Ghost Hand Ross!"

Looking at the bloody figure and judging his identity, Marines on the remaining two Battleships showed horror in their faces.

The ship was destroyed and Ross appeared on the wreckage. What about Rear Admiral Onigumo?

Could it be that

Some people have an almost unbelievable idea in their hearts. Their eyes show a tinge of fear and they couldnt help but shake their heads with that knowledge.


No Way!

Onigumo is a Rear Admiral of the Marine Headquarters, how is it possible for him to lose to a pirate from West Blue?


Just as the group of Marines was shocked and horrified, the blood-bathed figure suddenly stepped under his feet and jumped up coming out of the wreckage and rushed towards the two remaining Battleship.
"He is coming!"

"Damn! Where is Rear Admiral Onigumo?"

Many Marines were in shock, they still could not believe that Rear Admiral Onigumo would be defeated by Ross until Rosss figure arrived at their Battleship, they began to fire at Ross with their knives and guns in panic.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullets flew but they couldnt cause any damage to Ross. When he stepped on his feet, the ships board was twisted and broken and he directly fell to the lower levels of the ship.
Then a strong power of distortion centered on Rosss position spread in all directions as if the center of the ship had been hit by some severe impact and the ships plates were stacked like waves.

Kch! Kch!

The fourth Battleship, under Ross power, was also totally destroyed and shattered!

"Withdraw quickly withdraw!"

Marines on the fifth Battleship in the distance saw the tragedy of the fourth Battleship and finally recovered from the incredible fear and horror.

The Captain on board looked at the wreckage of the Battleships in horror at the distant sea. The whole Battleship was in chaos.

On the wreckage of the fourth Battleship.

Ross stood in the center of the broken ships deck, watching the fifth Battleship, which fled in the reversed direction, gasping violently and barely standing.

In the fight with Onigumo, he almost consumed most of his stamina. If he hadnt finally succeeded in understanding Observation Haki, even if he could still win, he would surely have won miserably.
After destroying the third Battleship and the fourth Battleship, the remaining small part of his stamina has completely reached the bottom. Now, he has almost no power to move. If the fifth Battleship had turned its cannons and fired one round, that scene wouldve been extremely dangerous.


Ross had no worries. Firstly, He knew that Marines psychological endurance on the fifth Battleship was very weak when Onigumos life and death were unknown to them and their four Battleships were destroyed.

Secondly, After killing Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo he got another 40 Talent Proficiency Points. If the fifth Battleship really dares to fight him, it would have been no big deal to put these 40 Talent Proficiency Points into Physical Enhancement for a temporary recovery.

"Headquarterss Rear Admiral strength is remarkable, I underestimated him."

Looking at the fifth Battleship in the distance, Ross shook his head and looked at the bloodstains on his body. He couldnt help but whisper.

His present physical constitution is far from ordinary peoples comparison, all the bloodstain on his body are no longer bleeding and all of them are forming scabs.
After a while.

Robin drove the Pirate Ship slowly through the ruins. By the time the ship approached, Ross had recovered a little of his strength. With a hard step under his feet, He jumped up and landed on his ships deck.

"Captain Ross"

Seeing the blood marks on Ross, Robin couldnt help but reveal a trace of surprise and quickly came forward.
"Its all right."

Ross waved at Robin to show that he was okay and at the same time asked her to bring the medical box and simply clean up his wound.

Seeing that all the wounds on Ross were skin injuries and they were already scabbing, Robin was relieved as she made several hands and wiped Ross carefully with a cotton ball.

Marine Headquarters.

Inside an office on the top floor of the fortress, there is a plaque on the wall of "Absolute Justice." This is Marine Headquarters Admiral Akainus office.

Akainu sits at the back of his desk with Marine Justice Cloak decorated with gold shoulders, holding a document and looking at Vice-Admiral Doberman standing in front of him.

Doberman is reporting to him about his work.

"There are no problems with these things, I am happy with your work, but"

Akainu listened to Doberman report on his recent work, first affirmed his work, but then raised his head and stared at Doberman.

"Whats going on in the West Blue?"

As a Marine Headquarters Admiral, he oversees the overall situation of the entire sea, although most of the time he is focused on the Grand Line and New World, He will still occasionally pay some attention to the East, the West, the North, and the South Seas.

Doberman listened to Akainus mention of West Blue, and his eyes changed slightly, bowing his head:

"Because you were busy with work, I have not reported to you. I didnt expect you to hear about it. I am going to report it to you after I have finished processing it. After all, it is only a small matter of West Blue. It is not that troublesome to handle."

Akainu snorted and said: "Small things? About that Ghost Hand Ross, but it took a lot of effort to cover it up on the part of the government and it almost made Marines look like rookies!"

A pirate of West Blue naturally cant get into his eyes, but if it comes to Marines face, its not a trivial matter.

"It was my mistake."

Doberman bowed his head deeply and said: "Ive sent Onigumo to West Blue. As he reported a few days ago, he had tracked the exact location of Ghost Hand Ross. I think he can put an end to this in the next few days."

Hearing Dobermans words, Akainus indifference converged a little. He picked up a pen, checked Dobermans papers and handed them over.

Just as Doberman bent over and was about to leave, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open and a Marine Captain came in sweating.

"Report report!"

"The West Blue Fleet, led by Rear Admiral Onigumo, suffered a heavy defeat in the fierce battle with Ghost Hand Pirates, Ghost Hand Ross destroyed four Battleships and the life and death of Rear Admiral Onigumo are unknown!"

The room was silent for an instant.

The air is solidifying.

Akainu stared at the Marine Captain and turned his head. His eyes showed anger, which made the temperature of the room rise slightly.

"What did you say?!"

The Marine Captain shivered and dared not speak.

The expression on Dobermans face was completely stiff and his heart was violently shaken and the documents in his hand were almost unsteady.

Onigumo actually couldnt handle a West Blue pirate!

An unimportant person who they thought they could handle at any time, became huge trouble for them!

The impact and seriousness of the Ross incident are now beyond his expectations.

Great Age of Pirates, April 11.

Ross defeated Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo at West Blue Shipwright town, sinking four Battleships. The news was sent back and the Marine Headquarters shook!