One Piece Talent System Chapter 440

Chapter 440 Disaster
Seeing Gorsei a (Five Elder Stars) appear on the battlefield, Garp slowly lowered his fist.

Garp doesnt have a good opinion on the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) or the Tenryubito. He only insists on the justice of Marines and not on the power of Tenryubito.
Garps fighting intentions gradually subsided and at the moment when the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) attacked, he did not choose to attack Ross and retreated.


The Gorseis strength still surprised the world.

"Heavenly Thunder!"

The Gorsei spoke with a cold voice and waved his hand in Rosss direction and the clouded sky was intertwined with countless thunder arcs that rushed towards Ross.

Is this the ability to control the Thunder?

Seeing this scene, Ross narrowed his eyes slightly but he did not have any intention of giving in. He directly clenched his fist and punched the coming attack.


The thunder, as big as a bucket of water, had not yet fallen when it collided with the power of distortion in the void, it crackled and was finally violently shattered.

The user of the Rumble-Rumble Fruit is Rosss subordinate but in this world, the Rumble-Rumble Fruit isnt the only thing that can control Thunder. Its like BIGMOMs Soul-Soul Fruit that can also control Thunder Cloud in the way of Homies and exert the power of Thunder.

Among Zoan Devil Fruit, there are also special forms that can control the Thunder.


Before people could recover from the thunder released by Gorosei and the shock of Rosss attack, the Gorosei charged towards Ross.

At the same time, a strange and surging power swayed from him and rushed towards Ross.


Before the men could get there, the already broken ground of the Marine Headquarters exploded with a Bang and the lava rose with the flames and swept toward Ross.

Fire? Magma?

Rosss eyebrows flickered slightly as he vaguely thought of something but he wasnt sure of it at this moment. The blade in his hand slashed sharply and slashing towards his front area and then split the skyward magma in half, splitting it from the center.

"The Earth Roar!"

"Hurricane Roar!"

The Gorsei flicked his hands together and attacked Ross with different types of attacks one by one.

With the waving of his hands, the debris rolled wildly like a mudslide while carrying the ice, while on the other side was a furious hurricane, carrying dust and ice all over the sky, coming towards Ross.

Thunder and Wind.
In a short span of time, the Gorsei has already revealed four elemental abilities, which is no longer possible by eating a Logia Devil Fruit, nor Devil Fruit of any Sacred Beast Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit.

Only one Devil Fruit user can possess this power.

Paramecias Disaster Fruit!

It is said that the ability to control all Disasters is known as one of the strongest and invincible Devil Fruit abilities, and its ranking should even exceed the Logia Thunder Devil Fruit!

"Thunder, Fire and Wind "
"It cant be, this is Disaster Fruit!"

Marco and other Division Captains of the Whitebeard Pirates looked at this scene and the expressions on their faces changed, Marco took a deep breath and slowly spoke.

This Devil Fruit has not appeared on the sea for a long time, so many people have forgotten the terrifying power of the Disaster Fruit.


Marco still remembers that when he was very young, the Disaster fruit ability was once used to destroy many islands, and the user of this Devil Fruit was even able to defeat the Marine Fleet Admiral of that generation!
The strength of this Devil Fruit is that it can almost ignore the Crowd tactics. Even if the user of this Devil Fruit faces two or three people with similar strength, he can still force down his opponents by continuously releasing various disasters!

"The Disaster Fruit."

Ross confirmed this at the moment, he snorted and stepped forward, directly avoiding the swept debris flow and hurricane and rushed towards the Gorsei.

The expressions on the Gorseis face didnt change as he saw Ross rushing towards him. He pulled out his sword and split towards Ross. At the same time, a frost aura appeared on the blade.

When the sword was hacked out, a white cold air appeared in the void and the places it passed by seemed to become extremely cold and the land and the air all condensed into ice.

Aokijis Ice-Ice Fruit, strictly speaking, is the ability to pure manipulate of ice, while the Disaster fruit is mastered by the disaster caused by the extreme cold, the Cold Disaster!

As an Ice-Ice Fruit User, Aokiji can ignore the cold disaster, but others would be hard-pressed to resist one of the most terrible disasters in this world.


The sword in Rosss hand was wrapped with the power of distortion and he waved it away, shattering the chill coming towards him.

However, after the cold collapsed, it did not disappear. Instead, it spread out in all directions. In an instant, the temperature dropped by several dozen degrees in the area that was hundreds of meters around!

Under this extreme cold, ordinary people will be frozen into ice sculptures in almost a moment.


What shocked the Gorsei was that Ross who was covered by this extreme cold was still coming toward him, although his black cloak and his mouth and nose were covered with a layer of frost but his speed was not affected!

Ross stepped forward and punched the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars).


The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) utilized his Armament Haki and at the same time, he raised his foot and the whole earth shook as a large piece of soil appeared in front of him to block the incoming attack.
But even so, he still stumbled back.

In front of the current Ross, no matter whether it is Disaster or any bells and whistles, nothing can completly stop his attack!

"This guy his flesh and physical power is really comparable to that Kaido."

The Gorsei was knocked back by Ross and his face became difficult to look at.
Covered by his Cold Disaster, even a strong man like Garp wouldnt be able to remain completely unaffected unless he uses Armament Haki.

And the Ross in front of him didnt even use Armament Haki at all, he ignored the extreme cold simply by relying on his flesh, his body has obviously reached a non-human level!

"Is that all?"

Ross punched the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) and looked at him plainly while saying: "Then, its my turn."

The moment his words fell, Ross held the sword in both hands and suddenly thrust it into the ground.