One Piece Talent System Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Still Invinsible

The sword stabs into the earth and the power of distortion instantly pours into the earth, spreading in all directions and surging wildly.
For a time, it was like the ability of Float-Float Fruit has been used and countless pieces of ice and rock began to float in the sky.

The Gorseis complexion changed slightly, he had also noticed a force enveloping his entire body. He stepped on his feet and exhibited the Seismic capabilities of the Disaster Fruit.

The violent shock of the whole earth collided against Rosss power of distortion.


The Marine Headquarters seems to be boiling in an oil pan. Under the shocked gazes of countless people, it explodes in all directions, centering on Ross and the Gorsei.


Ross held the Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand and he slashed it towards the Gorsei. The power of distortion combined with the power of Soul-Soul Fruit suddenly burst out and burst towards the Gorsei.

The fear in Gorseis physic is awakened by this force, and coupled with Soul Distortion, the fear is suddenly magnified infinitely.

The Goroseis eyes widened and his pupils contracted violently, his chest began to heave in and out at a faster speed and his breath almost got frozen, it was as if he had met his worst nightmare in reality in the middle of the night.


The fear in his heart was stimulated to the limit and the Gorsei roared, releasing the power of Disaster fruit desperately.

Thunderstorms, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes erupted all around him for a while, sweeping in every direction and destroying everything nearby.


At that moment, Ross took back the Soul Distortion power and pressed down with the palm of his left hand.

"Arc of Space!"

Under Rosss action, a strange Distortion curve suddenly appeared in the void in front of him, just like a few distorted mirrors and they were placed around the Gorsei, surrounding him in the center.

The Hurricane, Thunder, and Fire released by the Gorsei hit the curved space and could not penetrate through it. After a turn, these attacks hit back towards the Gorosei.

"This is bad"

The Gorsei recovered from his fear and his heart screamed in fear but he could only release the power of Disaster and could not control it. Faced with various disasters that struck towards him from all directions, he could only condense Armament Haki on his body to resist them.


Thunder and fire, wind and cold, all exploded in a flash.

The crazy interweaving of various elements caused the Gorsei to scream, his black suit instantly shattered and many different wounds such as burns and frostbites appeared on his body.

"You are really strong, and the ability of Disaster fruit is really strong but its weakness is that it is so strong that you cannot control it freely."
Ross waved away the Arc Of Space Distortion while speaking indifferently, the blade in his hand slashed towards the head of the Gorsei.

In Totto Land.

What else does Ross do besides training every day?

He asked Robin and Reiju to take care of some things for him. When he is free, he goes to the Devil Fruit database and looks up the strongest Fruit. Disaster Fruit is one of the Devil Fruits that had left many impressions on Ross.

This fruit in made for war, it can be said that this Devil Fruit is enough to bring victory to its wielder. The Devil fruit user would only need to release a few Disaster and the enemy will be basically close to annihilation.
And in a single battle, it is also ridiculously powerful. Perhaps a simple earthquake is not as good as Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi), and pure Skyfire is not as good as Magu-Magu Fruit, but it is still stronger than either of them because it can unleash any kind of disaster!

Two or even three disasters can become intertwined and that power would be extremely terrifying.


It is also because the Disaster released by the Disaster fruit is too powerful, so it also has a shortcoming. Ross is also very clear about this shortcoming and that shortcoming is that this fruit is difficult to control.

The Devil Fruit user wont be able to retract and control the released Disaster as the released disaster is equivalent to completely becoming a real Disaster.
"Master Gorsei (Five Elder Stars)!"

"How is it possible even the ability of Disaster fruit "

Countless Marines of the Marine Headquarters were shocked at this moment.

Originally, the Gorseis ability to use the Disaster made them feel shocked, but Ross actually turned such a huge advantage into a disadvantage in just a few moves and knocked down the Gorsei. His strength is too terrifying.

Even the ability of Disaster fruit cant fight against Ross!

"Cough Fuck"

The Gorsei had a hint of fear in his eyes. He didnt expect that even with the ability of the Disaster fruit at his disposal, he wouldnt be able to do anything to Ross and Ross even turned his own attacks on him.

Had it not been for the extraordinary life-nourishing fluid that Vegapunk had studied and injected into his body, he would have been badly wounded.

"Black Prison!"

Seeing that the Gorsei was in crisis, the former Admiral Black Prison who was not far away did not hesitate to attack and a force of gravity suddenly pulled the power of distortion on Rosss blade.

Two forces interweave and collide in Void.

His gravity is obviously not as good as Rosss current power of distortion and even if he goes all out, it can only make Rosss blade deviate a little.


Holding the sword in both hands, the Gorosei blocks the oncoming sword with the help of Rosss deflating blade and he finally manages to avoid it and rolls on the ground.

"Lets do it together then."

Seeing that the Black Prison had already attacked him, Ross let out a cold snort while holding the distortion Blade Murasame in his right hand, and the power of distortion in his left, and proceeded to deliver a ferocious blow.
Black Prison assisted Gorsei with interfering with Rosss movements with the power of Attraction Fruit, interfering with Rosss power of distortion, making Gorosei have an easier time in using the Disaster Fruit.


With the passage of time, what shocked both of them was that even if they cooperated to deal with Ross in this way, they were still suppressed by Ross with his strength!

The Disaster released by Gorsei was either destroyed by a punch or split with a sword attack and it had no ability to suppress Ross.
As for Black Prisons Attraction Fruit, the remote release can indeed contain part of Rosss power of distortion but the problem is that even if a fraction of Rosss power of distortion is contained, the rest of his power is still not something both of them can deal with!


Ross punched and broke the gravitational vortex released by Black Prison. He punched out again to destroy the wind and fire disaster released by the Gorsei.

With one enemy and two of them, the Gorsei and Black Prison fought against Ross!


In the fierce battle, Rosss eyes flashed with a cold light and he suddenly attacked Black Prison and pushed him down with a stroke, and his figure suddenly disappeared using Distortion Space and appeared directly in front of the Gorosei.

His figure suddenly turned into four, surrounded Gorsei in the center and four Cursed Blade Murasame, wrapped in the power of distortion severely slashed towards the Gorsei!

Gorseis face changed drastically and he immediately roared and released four Disasters in a row, sweeping in all directions, and confronting the four figures of Ross.


Under Rosss power of distortion, the four Disasters were cut apart one by one and the sword edge continued to sweep towards the Gorsei.

Gorsei tried his best to evade these attacks but his body was still rubbed by the sword edge. Blood splattered in an instant and there was a terrible wound between his chest and abdomen.

In a One against Two battle.

Ross defeated Black Prison and hit the Gorsei and once again, his momentum rose to the peak, making countless people lose their voices!

Still invincible!