One Piece Talent System Chapter 442

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"Too strong."

The Division Captains of the Whitebeard Pirates looked at Rosss almost invincible posture and couldnt help whispering.
The spirit of Ross at this moment is still above Whitebeard!

He came to the Marine Headquarters alone, he beheaded a Marine Admiral and killed the Marine Fleet Admiral and he also suppressed the Gorsei, one of the world governments highest powers!

"Prepare to withdraw."

Marco was also looking at Ross, but while his heart was surging, he took a deep breath with a trace of calmness in his eyes.

Helping Ross to block the Marine Admirals and giving Ross a chance to kill Akainu and Sengoku had already made it so that they dont owe any favors to Ross. This is Marine Headquarters, which is very close to the World Government and the reinforcement of the World Government will come at any time.

No matter how strong Ross is, he is only one person, and his Stamina cannot be infinite.

After the World Governments reinforcements arrive, Ross may be able to leave easily, but they will not be able to leave at that time, so now is the time to withdraw.

"Its time to withdraw."

Diamond Jozu also whispered.

In fact, everyone is in a low mood now. No matter how miserable Marine Headquarterss situation is and no matter how defeated the World Government is, all of this wouldnt allow them to get back their father Whitebeard.

Marco and others have already planned to retreat and as the fighting continued, they began to move to the periphery of the Marine Headquarters, fighting and retreating at the same time.

Once Marco and others retreated, there was a chain reaction on Rosss side.


As he was about to go after the Gorosei to see if he could kill one of the Five Elder Stars here, a brilliant sword energy burst through the air and hit Ross.

The Sword energy is not huge but it is shining and dazzling. It contains the power to cut everything and Armament Haki is also wrapped in it.

This is Momousagis slash.

"What a pity "

When Ross waved his sword to resist the oncoming sword energy, the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) had already retreated a few tens of meters away.

At this moment, Ross was suspended in mid-air and the afterglow of the corners of his eyes had also noticed the retreat of Marco and others.

After all, Marco and others are only the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates and they are not his men, they cannot always be here to assist him.

To be able to hit Marine so hard, it was because of the assistance of the Hurricane Incarnation, Hell Incarnation and the Division Captains of the Whitebeard Pirates also helped him. Now that Marco and others are about to withdraw, continuing this battle obviously have no meaning.

Ross didnt attack again but he didnt retreat directly, he retracted his blade and remained suspended in the sky, overlooking the Marine Headquarters indifferently.

After Momousagi rescued the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), she did not attack again, she took a deep breath and stared at Ross.

No one else took action without permission. Rosss strength put too much pressure on everyone present. Although they all know that Ross Stamina should have consumed by a lot but no one dared to attack him.

In other words.

Even if everyone works together against Ross, I am afraid that at least one or two people will die under Rosss counterattack and no one wants to be the one to die.

"Its a pity that I wasnt able to kill you here."
Ross glanced at the Marine Headquarters but he did not care about the Admirals, such as Aokiji and Kizaru, who had quietly withdrawn and his eyes finally fell on the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars).

The Gorseis face was filled with gloom. Although the wound between his chest and abdomen was forcibly closed by him using Life Return (Seimei Kikan) but his injury was too serious and it couldnt be erased.

If it hadnt been for Momousagis timely support just now, even if he didnt die on the spot, he would have been seriously injured by Ross and would have been close to death.

"Pirate, it was impossible to make an enemy of the government and live."

The Gorsei coldly said, "No one can rebel against the world and become its enemy and live to tell the tale, no one can do it. Your so-called Totto Land will be destroyed sooner or later."
Ross looked calm as he looked towards the Gorsei and said: "It is good to be the enemy to the world, it sounds very good, but unfortunately, the tenryubito wont be representing the world for much longer."

"Today was not a decisive battle, you should be glad."

Rosss momentum slowly converged.

At the same time, the Hurricane incarnation also gradually shrunk, turned into a small Dragon tornado and came to Ross shoulders, and the Hell Incarnation also shed his earth giant avatar and fell back to the earth, and finally turned into the form of Enel. Under the Gravity Distortion of Ross, he flew to the sky and stood behind Ross without saying a word.

Nami, who was above the rock giant, was lifted by a stone platform, and flew into the air, falling to the other side of Ross.

During the whole process, some of the Marines tightened their weapons, but no one dared to take any action. The consequences of this overhead war are already too serious to be almost unbearable.

If it continued, no one knows how to take responsibility.

"Live well in your last days."

When Ross pressed his hand to Void, a vortex appeared in the space in front of him, and he opened a space portal.

Standing in front of the space door, Ross turned his head to look at the Marine Headquarters and the Gorsei and others before saying: "The next time we meet, this world will no longer belong to you."

His dull voice spread out in the Marine Headquarters and Ross took a step forward, and the vortex of space suddenly expanded, enveloping him and everyone with him in it.


The vortex rippled, then turned into a ripple and slowly dissipated, and the figures of Ross and others had long disappeared.

The Marine Headquarters is nothing more than ruins at this moment and there wasnt even a single building that was intact.

All was left were the low faces of the Gorsei, Kizaru, and others.

Great Age of Pirates twenty-two years.

The Marine Headquarters declared public execution of the Second Division Captian of the White Beard Pirates, Fire Fist Ace.

During the execution, the Whitebeard Pirate regiment attacked and eventually rescued the Second Division Captain Fire Fist Ace, while Whitebeard, one of the three legendary pirates eventually died in the battle.

The war did not end with Whitebeards fall.
With the arrival of Totto Lands ruler, Ghost Hand Ross declared war upon the World Government and another war broke out again, the Marine Headquarters ushered in an unprecedented defeat for themselves.

Marine Headquarters Admiral Akainu, died!

Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral Sengoku, die!

In this battle, Marine suffered an unprecedented loss, and the Marine Fort was completely destroyed and shattered into pieces and became an island that is no longer suitable for human habitation.

The Gorsei, the core of the World Governments highest power, appeared in a critical moment, but he wasnt able to recover the situation. Eventually, the two mysterious combat forces and Ghost Hand Rosss subordinate and the Whitebeard Pirates left separately.

This battle later became known as the War Of The Best.

And this battle was also the first official battle between the Totto Land and the World Government