One Piece Talent System Chapter 443

Chapter 443 New Balance
"Its over the war "

In the Sabaody Archipelago island, almost half a minute has elapsed after Rosss figure disappeared and countless people immersed in it gradually came out of their dream-like state.
The war is over.

Has the Whitebeard Pirates won? No, although Ace was rescued, Whitebeard was killed in battle and it cannot be counted as their victory.

Did Marines win? No, although Whitebeard, one of the three legendary pirates, was killed, Marine Fleet Admiral and a Marine Admiral died and the Marine Headquarters was completely sunk. This is far from being linked to the word victory.

This battle was initiated by the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirate took over the next war.


Neither party is a winner.

In this war, there is only one person, or a force, that has won a huge victory, that is Totto Land!

In this battle, despite the involvement of the Whitebeard Pirates, Ross eliminated the two Battle powers of Marines, but why didnt the entire Ghost Hand Pirate Force show up?

"This world is about to change."

"Totto Land and the Government, who can win "

Many people looked at the sky and couldnt help but murmur. For the future of this world, these civilians can only feel dazed.

"Marine Flee Admiral and Marine Admiral are both dead, can anyone stop the Ghost Hand and Totto Land?" Someone murmured.

Maybe in the future, Tenryubito will no longer be the World Noble.

Someone beside him shook his head and said, "No, the government will not lose so easily, they have ruled the world for 800 years."

"The main force of Ghost Hand Pirates was not there but that was also the case for the Word Government, no one knows what kind of power they have."

Many people couldnt help whispering after coming back to themselves.

"Where will this world go?"

Someone looked up at the sky and sighed.

For these civilians, there is no way for them to make any changes before this wave that is about to change the entire world, they can only try their best to protect themselves.

Anyone, in the face of the worlds ruling regime, when there is going to be a change, is confused and at a loss.

Sabaody Archipelago Island.

Somewhere on the coast, space swirled.

Rosss Space Distortion ability cant take him too far, his current limit is from Marine Headquarters to Sabaody Archipelago island.

When the space vortex dissipated, three figures emerged from it. Ross stood directly in front and the expressionless Hell Incarnation was on his left side and the dizzy Nami was on the right side.

Because of the span of space and distance, she couldnt bear it for a moment. She felt that the sky was spinning, and it was difficult for her to maintain her standing figure and she began to fell to the side.

Ross grabbed her and held her up.

Nami could only hold Rosss arm at the moment and barely keep standing, after about half a minute, she finally recovered from the violent dizziness.

"Is this Sabaody Archipelago Island?"

She glanced at the surroundings and there was a dazed look in her eyes.


Ross nodded and said: "Marines and the government wont be able to control it for the time being."

Nami recalled her scenes and scenes witnessed in the War Of The Best and couldnt help but take a deep breath. It was a little unimaginable. The ruler of Totto Land, who challenged the world, was now standing beside her.

"Are you going to find your friends?"

Ross casually asked Nami.

Nami didnt know what to do for a while, and she nodded slowly after hesitating for a while as she heard Rosss words.

"Then go, they are also on this island, at Rayleighs place."

Ross lightly smiled and said, "If you want to take risks, just complete your adventure. When you dont have anything to do, come to Totto Land to take care of my finances."

After saying these words, Ross stepped towards the distance and his back gradually blurred, like the water ripples as he disappeared.

Nami looked at Rosss back and hesitated for a while, but she finally exhaled.

Totto Land will go to war with the World Government. Now it is really not a good choice to go to Totto Land. Besides, she promised Luffy. She wants to be a navigator on Luffys ship until Luffy conquers the Grand Line and arrives at Raftel to become the Pirate King.

After dropping Nami in the Sabaody Archipelago island, Ross took the Hell Incarnation and the Hurricane Incarnation and flew directly into the sky at 10,000 meters height and flew in the direction of the Birka island.

At the moment, Ross flew while evoking the Talent System.

On the Talent System Interface, there are 150 Talent Proficiency Points and 7 Free Talent Points.

This 150 Talent Proficiency Point reward sounded in his ear when he left the Marine Headquarters, defeating the Marine Headquarters Battle force led by Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku granted him this reward.


He got 1 Free Talent Points.

With these 150 Talent Proficiency Points, he would be able to raise his power of distortion to the max value of 1000 points, and with 7 Free Talent Points, it is enough to activate the final Time Distortion ability.

However, Ross did not rush to use it, but continued to fly to Birka. His Stamina consumption was indeed quite large at this moment, leaving him only with 10% to 20%.

At the present point, it can be said that the wheels of history have been rolled over, and the torrential rivers of the times are flowing down the river.

After a few hours.

Ross returned to the Sky Island Birka and took a bath under Robins service, he changed into a clean bathrobe and lay down on the soft bed made by island cloud to sleep.

This sleep continued until the noon of the next day. Ross woke up and turned around, he opened his eyes and walked off the bed and came to the window as he stretched out.

"Its noon."

Walking out of the palace and into the outer hall, Ross looked at Robin, who was sitting on the sofa reading a book, and said, "Is there anything going on at the World Government?"

"Theyre trying to minimize the damage, but this was an open war and there were many monitor seagulls in the sky and the whole world had watched everything. They cant cover and hide much."

Robin put down the book and looked at Ross, who was approaching, and said, "Totto Lands forces are almost done with the Peace Country and the leftover forces of the Beast Pirates have not resisted very much."

"As expected."

Ross nodded as he heard this.

He declared war on the World Government in Marine Headquarters, and killed a Marine Admiral and the Marine Fleet Admiral. Even stupid people know that the situation in the world is changing.

In the former sea, World Government and Marines ruled at the highest point, Yonk (Four Emperors) were ranked under the Marines, and Shichibukai took the place behind them, forming a balanced situation.

And now.

The balance has not been broken but has become a new form.