One Piece Talent System Chapter 444 2

Chapter 444 Time Distortion Part 2
At the same time, the whole green stem starts to appear with a different color that spread all the way from the end, spreading a golden color, and the branch finally became pure gold.

At the moment when Time Distortions branch was activated, Ross saw a strange change in the world, it is as if the whole world had suddenly begun to double in his perception.
Looking carefully at it.

It is not the world that has changed but now he can see every tick and every mark on the timeline!

One dimension is a line, two dimensions are a surface, and three dimensions are a fixed space. With the addition of the fourth dimension, this space will show countless moments along the time scale.

In simple words.

Ross saw the Time itself.

This is not the kind of Future Prediction ability of Observation Haki, but it is real, seeing the illusory existence of Time.

It is just like before when Ross activated the Space Distortion ability and he began to feel the space and he realized that space has become perceptible and accessible to him.


Under this power, Time has become a substance that can be felt and touched by him.

"This is very weird."

Ross slowly reached out with his hand, pressing the countless overlapping Spaces like the phantom, pressing on the "Time Scale" that was difficult to describe with anything, but he felt his hand becoming jerky and sluggish as if it had fallen into the mud.

There is no doubt that Time Distortion is the addition of Talent System to Distortion Fruit, it is the ultimate ability and its strength is undoubted and so is the difficulty in using this ability effortlessly.

Ross tried to stimulate the power of distortion to bend the time scale, but he could only bend it a little bit before it bounced back immediately.

"It turns out that time is flexible."

Ross withdrew his hands and looked thoughtful.

No wonder that people with Observation Hakis Future Prediction ability can see and change the Future without causing the collapse of time. Because time is flexible, even if someone changes the future of an events next moment, it will still bounce back and will not collapse.

Just like what Ross is doing now, even if his Time Distortion power changes the time scale by less than half a second, it still wouldnt cause the time and world to collapse, it only causes this part of the effect and time bounces back to where it was before.

"This is Time Distortion "

Ross tried this two more times, but he could only affect the time scale in a very small quantity. On the one hand, time itself is extremely indestructible. On the other hand, the power of distortion in his body is still quite high compared to his physical power and he currently could not control it.

If he overloaded the power of distortion to bend the time, he would be able to do it but in that case, he wouldnt know what would happen when the time scale bounces back, he cant predict that situation so he wont try it like this.

"It seems that I must continue to increase my physical strength."

Ross stopped trying to use his new ability and blinked slightly.

The ways to continually increase the strength of his physical body was not entirely lost on him, and he had already captured some of the mysteries of Kaidos body while studying its secrets.
Moreover, Kaido is now one of his Incarnations. Taking some cells and flesh for research is naturally a trivial matter for him.

"I cant do that yet."

Ross was not in any hurry and he put this issue aside and re-called the Interface of the Talent System. On the Talent System Interface, there are 100 Talent Proficiency Points that are still not used.

The General Departments most powerful abilities have already reached a good proficiency level and reaching the Maximum Value for the remaining ones like Spirit Hearts and others would not be very meaningful.

Ross thought about it and finally put the 100 Proficiency Points in Haoshoku Haki.
The role of Haoshoku Haki is not only used to clear the cannon fodders, especially when he owns Soul Cutting Cursed Blade Murasame. Combined with Haoshoku Haki, the soul deterrence brought to his opponent is extraordinary. Improving Haoshoku Haki can also improve the power of mental shock ability.


100 Talent Proficiency Points were put in Haoshoku Haki by Ross.

As the golden light flashed, Ross also clearly noticed that the Haoshoku Haki contained in his body directly skyrocketed.

If it bursts out, I am afraid that the characters such as Marine Vice-Admirals will lose their Battle power in front of his current Haoshoku Haki!
Chapter 444 Time Distortion