One Piece Talent System Chapter 445

Chapter 445 2 Years
Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100
Distortion Fruit: 1000

Soru of Marine s Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) of Marine Rokushiki: 0

Gepp (Moonwalk) of Marine Rokushiki: 0

Observation Haki: 200 (Maximum Value)

Armament Haki: 200 (Maximum Value)

Haoshoku Haki: 100

On the Battle system panel, basically all the points are full, and the rest, such as Kami-e (Paper Drawing) and Gepp (Moonwalk), do not need to reach Max Value.

His Agility has reached the Maximum Value and coupled with his Space ability, Rosss speed is completely comparable to Kizarus and he is even far above him.


Ross thought and closed the panel. After exhaling, he landed downward and returned to the Sky Island Birka.

After returning to Birka, Ross took an Eternal Pose and directly used the Space Distortion ability, continuously crossing the space along the direction of the Log Pose.

After a moment.

He arrived in the Country of Peace.

Today, the Country of Peace is completely controlled by the Totto Land, Fujitora is overviewing the things here and the rest of the Division Captains has already taken the other islands of the Beast Pirates territory.

However, even after occupying all the territories, it is necessary for them to eliminate all the forces belonging to Kaido, and then put their own people to control the islands. It will take some time.

Ross is not concerned about these things as it is only a matter of time.

Now that Totto Land is in full swing, the only threat to them is the World Government, and no other force, including the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates, can reach it.

Even if Ross is not present and all the Incarnations are taken away. With Fujitora and Shiliew of the Rains battle powers, they are not afraid of Akagami (Red Hair) Pirate.

Ross went straight to the forbidden palace area of the Kingdom of Peace.

"How is it, can anyone stand Jacks body?"

Before he walked in, Trafalgar Law had already appeared outside the palace. He was still inside the forbidden palace. In addition to Jack, who was imprisoned here, he also tried to use Personality Transplant Surgery to transform other combat powers for the Ghost Hand Pirates.

"No one is powerful enough to withstand Jacks body and the others are almost the same."

Trafalgar Law spoke to Ross. Rosss Soul-Soul Fruit actually has a strong ability to hone the Will of others. Many members of the reserve team have improved their will after experiencing the magic of the Soul-Soul Fruit.

Their original strength may not be comparable to the Pirates with bounties of 30 to 50 Million Berries but after passing through the Personality Transplant Surgery, they can almost perfectly control the body of an existence with a bounty of over 300 Million Berries.

Their Battle power skyrocketed.

"Continue to try, if it is not possible, use my soul incarnation."

Because of Jacks strength and his body, Ross has been interested in Jack. After all, he is really not bad and he is one of the Three Disasters.

Trafalgar Law nodded while Ross and he walked into the palace.

Hundred Beast Kaido was ordered by Ross to stay here after he became Rosss Beast Incarnation. Unless an enemy came in, he was forbidden to leave.

"Dont move."

After arriving in front of the Beast Incarnation, Ross pulled out the Cursed Blade Murasame and coated the blade with a ray of the power of distortion and cut it towards Kaidos shoulder.

The arc flashed through, and Kaidos shoulder was instantly cut.

But in the next moment, the flesh on Kaidos shoulder squirmed quickly and new skin was quickly regenerated and gradually became the same as the original.

After taking a piece of Kaidos flesh, Ross left the Country Of Peace. Trafalgar Law is a surgeon and there is very little research he can do on the cells. To study the essence of Kaidos body, it is natural to find Caesar.


Ross returned from the Country of Peace and came to the Cake Island base and delivered the flesh of Kaido to Caesars hands for research.
Caesar was naturally excited when he got the flesh and blood of Kaido. Although his interest is more in the study of poisonous gas, he has long wanted to study the body of Kaido deeply as it is known as the undead body.

Before Ross appeared, no one could help him get a piece of Kaido!

"I want to see the results as soon as possible."

Ross saw Caesar took the piece of flesh and put it in a beaker and said plainly. Caesar was lazy and slippery sometimes.

Caesar nodded again and again, and said with a smile on his face: "Dont worry, Im a genius scientist! Leave it to me!"

If at the beginning Caesar had to work for Ross just because he was controlled by him then currently, he wants to work for Ross of his own accord.

Even if he is in the laboratory, it is impossible not to know what is going on in the outside world. Today Totto Land has declared war on World Government.

If Totto Land can defeat World Government, then he, as a member of Totto Land would be one of the architects of the new World Government.

Even if his status is not comparable to those Division Captains, but to become the highest Scientific Force Base Chief and the greatest scientist in the new empire would probably be a casual thing to him. He had always wanted to surpass Vegapunk and now he had the chance to do so!

After handing over Kaidos flesh to Caesar, Ross left the Cake Island.

Time flies.

Almost two years have passed since the war broke out.

In the first six months, Marine Headquarters completed the reconstruction and relocation of the Headquarters to the original G-1 branch base and built a fortress that was better than Marinefond.

In order to fight against Totto Land, the World Government also started world conscription(Drafting Process) and re-established the highest combat strength of Marines.

One year after the War Of The Best, Marine Headquarters completed their Battle Force reorganization. Aokiji succeeded as the Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral. As for the three Marine Admirals, they were Momousagi, Kizaru, and the Green Ox who was specially promoted by the World Conscription.

It is worth mentioning that Tokikake was originally expected to be promoted to Admiral with Momousagi, but in the process of World Conscription, he lost a duel against the Green Ox.

The world has always been about power, the strong lives and the weak die. Green Ox showed his strength and he is stronger than Tokikake. Even if Tokikake is old and had served the Marines for a long time, the position of the Marine Admiral still falls towards the Green Ox.

During the restructuring of the Marine Headquarters, the friction between Totto Land, Marines, and the World Government continued and the Revolutionary Army also took this opportunity to fight against the World Government.

Two years.

Although there has never been a real fight that could be described as a War, at most a battle between Totto Lands Division Captain and Marine Headquarters Admiral have been initiated and there were no results as both parties retreated early but the atmosphere in the whole world has not been relaxed.

Because both the strong and the weak civilians are well aware that this situation will not remain deadlocked for long and the situation between Totto Land and the World Government will soon come to an end sooner or later.

That will be a vast battle beyond the War Of The Best and it will sweep the whole world!