One Piece Talent System Chapter 448 1

Chapter 448 Part 1
Half a month later.

Luffy and the gang arrived at Zou Island and found the first Road Poneglyph on Zou Island, and then they came to the cake island to find the second Road Poneglyph.
During this period, Ross just chated with Nami and let Luffy and his gang leave, without stopping them, and let them go to the Country of Peace.

Luffys group found the third Road Poneglyph in the Kingdom of Peace, which was originally Kaidos property.


They found the last piece of Road Poneglyph, and finally arrived at the final island Raftel and they found the last secret left behind by the Pirate King Gold Roger.

If it was a few years ago, this would have been a piece of big news that would have shaken the whole world, but in the current times, this incident is almost next to nothing, it is like a drop of water falling into the ocean.

The attention of the world is no longer on the name of the "Pirate King".

Because at the same time when Luffy and others arrived at Raftel, Totto Land started the conquest of New World in the core Cake Island their first battle force assembled and all the powers in the Totto Land assembled on the Cake Island!

For the first time.


For the last time.

Everyone knows what the full combat strength of Totto Land means, including the World Government. Such a big movement cant be hidden from the World Government.

When the fighting forces were assembled in Totto Land, the World Government also began to prepare and when this news traveled to the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) in the Pangaea Castle. Almost all five people said the same sentence.

"Finally, they are coming."

The front side of Cake Island.

After Ross destroyed the BIGMOM Pirates, Golden Lion had once threw down an entire island on it, which was later flattened by Ross and now it is used as a training ground. At the moment, it is also a gathering plaza.

The entire island was flattened by Ross so its flatness and spaciousness exceed the square area in front of the Marine Headquarters.


A lot of people have been scattered in this square, some of them are Living porters and handymen on Cake Island, and some are people from various teams.

"A ship is coming!"

"Its the ship of Seventh Division!"

In the distant sea, seven ships, headed by a single ship with the symbol of the number seven slowly sailed towards the shore. Many handymen saw this ship and couldnt help but get excited.

Although some of them have also seen the Division Captains before but today is going to be different as all the combat powers of Totto Land would be coming here and this id the first time for these lowest-level handymen of Totto Land that they would be able to watch a scene like this.

"Ooh, it seems like we got here first."

On the ship with the number seven on the sail, Laffitte wearing a white down jacket and a high-ceremonial hat walked down and glanced at the square and smiled.

Standing next to him was the Vice-Captain of the Seventh Division. He looked at the sea in the distance and said, "Look, the people of the Third Division have also arrived."


A ship with the number Three on the sail also approached the coast and behind it was a fleet of six ships.

"He wouldnt dare to be late, lets go."
Laffitte smiled and walked towards the square while carrying the red wooden cane in his hand.

The square was very empty at this moment. Laffitte led his Vice-Captain, as well as the rest of his Division members, and reached all the way to the front of the square.

Behind him.

There are thousands of members of the Seventh Division, all dressed in neat black cloaks and they all followed their Division Captain to the square, with the same number of them remaining on the ships.

"Its Division Captain Laffitte and the elites of the Seventh Division!"
Some people looked at the neatly-dressed people that had appeared on the square from afar. All of them looked calm, showing a faint sense of the majestic Seventh Division, and people could not help but murmur in awe.

Shortly after the arrival of Laffitte, Ficheux Erman dressed in the same white, but with the number three behind him also boarded the square.

"Yo, you got here early."

Ficheux Erman led his subordinates, who were about a thousand people, all the way to the front of the square. Except for his Vice-Captain, who was also dressed in the same white down cloak, the other members of his team wore all black cloaks with number Three neatly embroidered in them.

These uniform coats and cloaks were naturally made in Totto Land half a month ago and they were fully distributed to everyone a week ago.

"Third Division Captain Ficheux Erman is here too!"

"I heard that Division Captain Ficheux Erman was in West Blue not long ago and the Marines suffered a big loss in his hand. I didnt expect to see him here."

There was a look of awe on someones face.

Currently, Totto Land is ruling the New World, and the Division Captains ranks is second only to Ross who is the highest ruler an power of Totto Land. Usually, he is the big man who can only be looked at from afar.

"It is always right to come earlier if you can make it."

Laffitte smiled at Ficheux Erman. He knew that Ficheux Erman had fought in a battle in West Blue, but he was later hunted down by Kizaru and had to retreat.
After the Battle ended, he had received an order from Totto Land to gather all his people and he immediately rushed back here, but he was still the second one to arrive.

"If I hadnt made it, Im afraid I wouldnt have been able to wear this."

FicheuxErman curled his lip and looked at the Elite Seventh Division and his Elite Third Division assembled in the square, all of them wearing black clocks with the number Three embroidered on the back and there was a wave of excitement in his heart.

How long they have waited for all the Battle Forces to gather together like this?

Even when attacking Hundred Beast Kaido, it was only some of the Division Captains that went to his Territory with Ross, and their full force wasnt deployed. This time it would be the whole gathering. All the battle powers and Elite of the entire Totto Land will be gathered here!