One Piece Talent System Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Entering The Stage
In Totto Land, the Eighth Division and the Ninth Division are nominally similar to the other Divisions, but in fact, they are still special in the fact that they have a great level of autonomy.

Todays Eighth Division, Germa 66, is responsible for managing and ruling the entire North Blue in Totto Lands name and they govern far more islands than other Divisions.
Ninth Division has been stationed in the Amazon Lily Island but no one has ever seen Ninth Division being dispatched. Even if Totto Land has fought several local wars with the World Government, not one member of the Ninth Division has shown up, so many people have forgotten the existence of the Ninth Division.

"How can I not come to such a grand event."

Judge walked down from the ship and he caught Laffittes words from a long distance due to the special scientific equipment he equipped and responded calmly to Laffitte.

Next to Judge is the Vice-Captain Reiju and then Niji and others, all of them have calm expressions on their faces.

Step! Step! Step!

It was a thousand Clone Soldiers who followed Judge and others off the ship. These thousand Clone Soldiers are special products of Germa 66. They are all equipped with Scientific Equipment and have undergone a joint transformation of Caesar. Compared with ordinary clone soldiers, they are stronger and better.

The thousand cloned soldiers were all wearing black cloaks and embroidered the number Eight on their backs. All of them were expressionless. Their footsteps were like the real army.

"Is that Germas invincible legion?"

"I heard that they are all clone soldiers who are not even afraid of death"

Someone looked at the neat and magnificent Eighth Division team and couldnt help but murmur with a hint of awe.

Judge led the Scientific Force Base team and came to the right of the Seventh Division to stand here. This is the position of the Eighth Division team.

"You are here, how is the situation in North Blue?"

Laffitte looked at Judge who came and asked with a smile.

Judge said calmly: "All the forces in North Blue have surrendered so there will be no rebellion, as for the World Government I dont think they would have the time to go to North Blue to look for trouble."

Totto Lands entire team has gathered its fighting strength. With such a huge movement, the World Government would not remain deaf and blind. I am afraid they have already received this news as early as a few days ago.

At this time, the World Government is also gathering its Battle forces from all over the World and they have gathered all the troops in Holy Land Mariejois and the new Marine Headquarters to prepare for the forthcoming World War.

"Oh, the Giant Unit is here too."

Judge was chatting with Laffitte for a while and suddenly his eyes flickered as he looked at the sea behind Laffitte.

There, a huge ship came amidst the wind and waves.

Although there is only one ship, the size of this ship is many times larger than other ships. This is the ship of the Fifth Division Giant Unit. There is only one ship, but one ship also represents an Invincible power, the power to dominate the entire sea.

In Judges eyes.

In the other Division Teams, except for the Battle strength of Division Captain and the Vice Division Captain, the others strength is not worth mentioning.

The only thing that makes him feel amazing is the Fifth Division Giant Unit.
The number of members of the Giant Unit is very small, but all of them are giants. Each of them has a very powerful Battle force, and all of them are fearless to death. They all have the militant and brave character of the Giant family.

In particular, the cadres, such as the Sand Giant Road, and others are like killing machines on the battlefield.

Germa 66 was able to conquer the North Blue because of the Fifth Divisions largest contribution to the war effort. Wherever the giant regiment went, any country was terrified and they surrendered. They even caused many extreme headaches for the World Government and Marines.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Giant Corps ship leaned against the shore and a total of thirty giants stepped down from the ship one after another. Their pace was neat and every step they took caused a small earthquake.
The first Giant to disembark the Ship had an upper naked body with black hair having a faint flash of lightning arc. He is the Fifth Division Captain, Thunder Giant Hajrudin!

Fifth Division is the only team that does not have all black capes, and the Division Captain is not equipped with white down jackets, but even without a neat uniform, this unit is still filled with fierce and wild spirits, which makes countless people feel awe and fear!


The Giant Corps has already become the most invincible Corps in this world!

"Long time no see, Hajrudin."
Judge greeted Hajrudin. One year ago, after the Giant Corps assisted the Eighth Division in conquering the North Blue, they evacuated North Blue and entered the West Blue battlefield.

Hajrudin looked down at Judge. For Judge, it was a long time not seeing him for a year, but for Giants whose concept of time is different from humans, it was the same difference in time between the morning and evening meal.

"Master Ross hasnt arrived yet?"

The Sand Giant Road stood behind Hajrudin and asked.

He is the first Giant to get a Devil Fruit. Although he is under Hajrudin, he is the Vice-Captain of the Fifth Division.

In the conversation between the Division Captains, the Vice Division Captains are very tacit and did not interrupt them, but the Giants do not have so many ideas, they have always been known for being straight.

"He probably wont arrive until everyone is here."

Ficheux Erman shrugged and didnt care about Road Interrupting the Division Captains. Giants are Giants, and they are not the same as humans.

Fujitora looked on as usual, and Shiliew didnt care much.

"Um the Fourth Division hasnt arrived yet."

Road looked at the square and because he was a giant, he stood there and took a glance around him and he clearly saw that there were all One, Two, Three, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, all divisions are on the square except for the Fourth Division.

Almost as he finished speaking, a huge sound of footsteps passed in the direction of cake island.

Everyone looked up.

They saw the Fourth Division Captain Trafalgar Law carrying the Cursed Blade (Yt) Kikoku and leading about 300 members of the Fourth Division to the side of the square.

These three hundred members are not the elite of the Fourth Division, but the whole staff of the Fourth Division.

As a medical force, the number of members in the Fourth Division is the smallest except for the Fifth Division, but because of the special nature of the medical force, its status is no different from other teams.
In the eyes of other Division Captains, the relationship between Trafalgar Law and Ross is the closest except for Robin. The core base of the Cake Island and the core palace of the Kingdom of Peace has prohibited anyone from stepping in, even the Division Captains cant step inside. Only Trafalgar Law and Robin are an exception to that rule.

With the arrival of the Fourth Division.

In the whole square, Eight Division teams are listed in different formations, and because they are all elite from different Division teams, they all have strong momentum.

The white down cloak of the Division Captains and the black standard cape of the Elite Members, their uniform arrangement in the square with their combined momentum seems to be suffocating!