One Piece Talent System Chapter 45

Chapter 45 West Blue Vibrates

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Three days later.

Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo, led a fleet from West Blue branches to pursuit Ghost Hand Pirates and was defeated and lost four Battleship, his life or death is unknown, this news spread across the sea.
On this day, the entire West Blue boiled.

"This fake!"

"What a joke, even the Rear Admiral sent by Headquarters"

Countless people were holding the newspaper and their faces were full of horror and unbelievable looks.

No one thought that a Rear Admiral that was sent from Marine Headquarters, could not cope with the Ghost Hand Pirates. It is more incredible that this pirate group is only a force of the West Blue and not a powerful force on the Grand Line.

As the news spread, not only West Blue but also some of the pirate forces on the Grand Line also got news and the Ghost Hand Pirates gathered a lot of attention.

On The Grand Line.

On a Pirate Ship of the Happo Navy, a fat old man with a lush, gray beard and bald head in a green shirt is looking at the newspaper in his hand.

He is the twelfth generation Leader of the Happo Navy, Don Chinjao.

"Sais death means that hes not as skilled as a man who killed him and there is nothing to say about death at sea, but it is unforgivable that he killed the next generation Leader of the Happo Navy."

He tore apart the newspaper in his hand, his eyes burning with anger. "Wait for me, kid, Ill find you sooner or later!"

On the other side of the sea.

A pirate with 90 million berries bounty took the newspaper and said: "Did he kill the Rear Admiral of Marine Headquarters? theres a great guy in the West Blue"

Somewhere in a bar, a one-eyed pirate reading a newspaper while drinking grinned: "Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo, the bastard had come to chase after me before, but he died in the West Blue."

"Sooner or later, it looks like youll come to Grand Line."

"Who knows? But Grand Line is not West Blue, so high-profile intrusion into Grand Line may not be a good thing, he has already attracted a lot of attention.

In most cases, the pirate forces fight each other because there is only one big secret treasure and The King of Pirates is the only that can have it, So only by defeating all competitors, can someone stand on the top of the entire sea.

Two days before the completion of the new ship.

Inside the old ships cabin, Ross stood in the center of six swinging sandbags with his eyes closed, His fists were clenched and he was beating the swinging sandbags incessantly.

In his confrontation with Onigumo, although he realized and displayed the Observation Haki, It was not stable. It could only be regarded as a beginner level. He could only display it when he was fully absorbed and entered a special state.

Haki cant be mastered without intense training and Armament Haki hardening also requires a lot of Battle experience to master.

The same is true for Observation Haki.

Even after awakening it in Battle, it will still require a lot of Battle experience and individual practice, in order to polish it to a perfect mastery.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Over time, Ross was no longer confined to a fixed position but began to move gradually. He closed his eyes, threaded through a large number of swinging sandbags, hit those flipping sandbags accurately with his fists and occasionally sidestepped to avoid a few.

"Before my battle with Onigumo, I have always been at a disadvantage in terms of speed. Otherwise, even if Onigumo masters Observation Haki, I can rely on my flexibility and speed to avoid most attacks."

Ross evaded the sandbags as he recalled the previous Battle.
Now, his speed has improved a lot compared to before.

Because of the 40 Talent Proficiency points, he got after killing Onigumo, he put all the points in the Agility Enhancement and now the proficiency of Agility Enhancement has reached 100 points, crossing the threshold towards High-Level Agility Enhancement.

In terms of speed and reaction speed, They are nearly doubled compared with the previous one. If he fought Onigumo again, even if he doesnt use Observation Haki, he wont need to fight to the point where the Win and the lost is undetermined.


The improvement of Agility Enhancement brings not only speed and reaction rate but also more sensitive senses and perceptions, which greatly reduces the difficulty of practicing Observation Haki for Ross.
With stronger senses and perceptions, Ross can easily detect the presence of Observation Haki and he constantly tries to control it during his exercise.

He wants to be able to use the Observation Haki as much as he wants and not just use it instinctively in a battle.

Bang! Bang!

There were twelve sandbags hanging in his room. They were all swinging freely in the room at different speed. The size and directions of each sandbag were completely different.

With his senses of hearing, Ross accurately avoided every sandbag and hits every falling sandbag with his fist

"Its still a bit difficult to control Haki as I want."

Ross kept avoiding and waving his fists, enduring the spiritual burst of fatigue until he could no longer perceive the sandbags that had hit him and he stopped.

Observation Haki does not consume much stamina, but it does consume spirit. Even Ross can only exercise by taking breaks.

Over the past three days, Ross has gradually found the direction to fully grasp Observation Haki with his own exploration and by the points recorded in the reading notes. All that is left is practicing persistently.

Just as Ross stepped out of the practice room and went back to his room, intending to take a sip of water before his short rest, Robin suddenly came from around the corner.

She came over with a newspaper.

"Captain Ross, In todays newspaper you occupied a big page."

Ross took the newspaper from her hand and glanced at the part about himself. They were all official words, The crimes of a wicked pirate, being evil and so on.

"The government is still as rubbish as ever."

He shook his head and found a new Bounty order from the bottom of the newspaper. Looking at the amount on the Bounty order, Ross smiled a little and said:
"92 million Berries, at last, I am no longer a captain whose bounty is not as high as his crew."

Robins bounty is 79 million Berries, which has been a bit higher than Rosss bounty and now he finally has more bounty reward than her.

Robin chuckled and said, "Sooner or later, Captains bounty will be even higher."

The new 92 million berries bounty also caused a violent earthquake in West Blues Pirate Hunter circle.
Together with Devil Child Nico Robin on board, Ghost Hand Pirates has a total bounty of 171 million Berries. This huge bounty reward undoubtedly makes countless pirate hunters eyes red with greed and it also caused tremendous jealousy in a large portion of other pirates in the West Sea.


Even if they are jealous, no one dares to make a move against Ghost Hand Pirates.

Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral, a fleet of five Battleships, this lineup was completely defeated by Ross, this real terrifying record was suffocating.