One Piece Talent System Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Together
Time passed by.

Although the people present were the Elites and Division Captains of the Totto Land, but no one showed any impatience while waiting here because everyone knows who they are waiting for.
He started from being an ordinary Pirate Hunter to becoming a pirate that ran across the sea, he then reached the New World and laid down Totto Land and finally establish the current Totto Land, facing the World Government across the sea.

It can be said that even the Pirate King Rogers legend is no match for Ross.

And Roger has been dead for 22 years, but Ross is alive and he is in the prime of his age!

While everyone in the square was waiting quietly for Rosss arrival, a ship suddenly appeared on the distant sea.

"Another ship is coming."

"It doesnt seem to be ours."

"No, that seems to be the Ninth Division that has never appeared!"

Some people looked at the coming ship, and there was a little confusion in their eyes. Others recognized the origin of the ship, and their eyes shone.

The Ninth Division, which has never appeared, is here today!

When the ship docked on the shore, a woman wearing a purple cheongsam and with incomprehensible beauty stepped down from the ship. Her face was cold and noble, and her every move seemed to contain a charm that ensnares the mind, leaving countless people lost.

"Is that the Legendary Pirate Empress?"

"No I should say that she is the Ninth Division Captain, Boa Hancock!"

Someone awakened from Hancocks charm and a trace of cold sweat spilled from his forehead as he spoke slowly and dignifiedly.

Hancock led the female warriors of the Amazon Lily Island and came to the square step by step. She did not turn her head, but the afterglow of her eyes swept across the square.

"They are all unsightly men."

With only one glance, she looked back.

"Are they the female warrior of the legendary Amazon Lily Island? They look pretty good."

Judge stood at the forefront of the Eighth Division team and watched Hancock lead many female fighters and came to the position on his right, looking sideways.

Among Totto Land, Judge is the Captain of the Eighth Division team. Although he is not closely related to the other Seven Division, he still has frequent contacts with them.

But Ninth Division is completely hidden in the dark, no matter whether it is a war or a big event, they have never been seen before. This is the first time that many Division Captains present here have seen the Empress.


Hancock glanced at Judge, and then withdrew her gaze as she did not desire to communicate with Judge. She came this time only for the War that will overthrow the World Government.

Although the Amazon Lily Island is isolated from the rest of the world and she rarely leaves the Amazon Lily Island, she still keeps learning the latest news from Elder Nyon.

Ross destroyed the Beast Pirates.

Ross declared War on the World Government in Marine Headquarters.

She knows all about it, she even knew about the local wars between Totto Land and the World Government that have taken place over the past two years.

It was impossible for her to ignore such things, for in her heart, the things she hated most, were the Tenryubito, who ruled the world!

In the old days.
Tenryubito represented the sky and the world. No one was qualified to challenge the world, even Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates werent qualified.

The World Government was like an insurmountable giant peak, standing there, standing still, and making her feel numb and desperate in her heart and she never thought about revenge.

But now.

The dawn of the downfall of Tenryubito has appeared.

The hatred hidden in the deepest part of that numbness and despair was ignited in an instant. Almost as soon as she got the news, she decided to participate in this war!
She wound not pay attention to other things. She would not participate in the local war between Totto Land and World Government, but she will naturally come for the War against the Holy Land Mariejois!

The place that has caused her pain for more than ten years, this time, it will be completely destroyed!

The appearance of Hancock caused a lot of riots.

Although Hancock did not deliberately release her charm power, it still distracted many people in the square.

Fortunately, all those standing on this square are the Elites of Totto Land. Although they will be affected by Hancocks charm, if Hancock does not deliberately use her ability, it will not cause too great of an impact and they can still bear it.

Time continued to pass, and half an hour passed in a flash.

At last.

A voice rang above the square.

"You are all here."

They saw a special white cloud floating tool that slowly landed from the sky. There were two figures standing on the island cloud. One was Ross, and the other was Robin.

Instead of letting Robin meet with Sixth Division in advance, she was asked to follow him directly, which was naturally Rosss opinion.


The Division Captains of the Nine Division saw Robin standing at Rosss side with different looks, but no one said anything. They all silently withdrew their eyes.

Standing in front of the Ninth Division, Hancock looked at Robin for a little longer, then hummed and looked away.

At the moment in the square, the Giants of the Fifth Division are at the very center, and then two sides are filled with One, Two, Three, Four, and Six, Seven, Eight, Nine Divisions, a total of Nine Divisions, each lined up.

"There is no need to look so serious."
Ross stepped off from the white cloud and came directly in front of the square. He glanced at the people on the square and smiled lightly, saying: "But the momentum must be there. You are also the most Elite Members of Totto Land."

The expressions on Shiliew and others faces did not change at Rosss words but the Elites Members in black cloaks all looked up.

For them, Ross is a living legend. Many of them havent seen Ross before. They can hear Ross call them the Elites of Totto Land. For them, they also feel that this is enough glory for them.

"I think it goes without saying that you should all have guessed what was to be done in this meeting today."
Ross looked down at the crowd below and said flatly:

"New World is already our turf, North Blue and West Blue almost all belong to the Totto Land, but there are still East Blue and South Blue and the first half of the Grand Line, these are still firmly guarded by the World Government."

"But it is a pity that Totto Land does not intend to let the World Government have it anymore, or that it is no longer necessary."

Ross looked at the crowd in the square, he opened his arms slightly and said: "Look at you standing here, I think that another war will end all this."

"And the goal of this war is to destroy Holy Land Mariejois!"

With Rosss words swaying in the square, whether it is the Elites of many Division teams or the Division Captains such as Shiliew of the Rain, they cant help but feel their heartbeat increase.

Finally, this day has come!

From struggling to survive on the sea to New World and competing with Yonk (Four Emperors), Totto Land has finally come to today, and it is only the last battle away from completely conquering the world!

Many people present felt that conquering the sea, conquering the Grand Line, and becoming the King of Pirates were already very far away goals, but in a flash, they had already passed all this.

The sea has already been stepped under.

Now there is only one enemy left, which is the one who has ruled the world for 800 years The World Government!