One Piece Talent System Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Falls
Holy Land Mariejois.

Inside the Pangaea Castle, the war command headquarters.
After the deployment, MarineAdmiral, Fleet Admiral, Fleet Admiral "Steel Bone" Kong, and chief Staff Officer Tsuru and others gathered in this office.

"Mariejois and Marine Headquarters are adjacent, Marine Headquarters can be used as the first line of defense, but in order to prevent them from directly attacking Holy Land from behind, Marine Headquarters is only a strategic point, and it is necessary to withdraw all Battle forces to Holy Land when necessary."

"Steel Bone" Kong looked at the map on the table and propped the table with his hands.

If all Battle forces withdraw to Holy Land, it would be equivalent to giving up the Marine Headquarters. The expressions on Aokiji and other Marines faces were not good, but there is no other way. For the Government, the importance of the Holy Land naturally exceeds that of Marine Headquarters.

"The question is, how will they attack?"

Great Staff Officer Tsuru put her arms on the table and her hands folded under her chin, she said: "They have too many offensive methods, it is impossible to effectively respond to and guard against every possibility."


"Steel Bone" Kong said in silence, "It is indeed so, we can only try to respond to the most likely situation."

The Marine Admirals who were present at the meeting all showed their indignant colors.

And at this time.

A Marine Vice-Admiral suddenly rushed into the meeting room, his face full of nervousness and his forehead filled with cold sweat as he said: "Report! Our reporting Seagulls on the Totto Land have all been shot down, and we have lost all sources of intelligence!"

"Sure enough, they wont easily let us perceive their intentions."

The Great Staff Officer Tsuru did not show any unexpected expressions. When Whitebeard attacked, he also sank all the surveillance battleships and seagulls.

"All hands on deck!"

General Fleet Admiral "Steel Bone" Kong straightened his body and said with a strong tone: "They are coming! Whether the world can still exist will depend on everyone here!"

Aokiji took a deep breath and did not speak.

Kizaru took a sip of tea and said a sentence in his heart that he wanted to go home to support his old age.

Momousagi showed no emotion and her hand always touched the sword sheath hanging around her waist, feeling the coldness of the sword sheath.


Everyone in the conference room pushed out the door and went to different positions.

Kizaru, Momousagi, and Aokiji returned to Marine Headquarters, as they were the frontline Battle force guarding the Marine Headquarters.

The speed and resourcefulness of the three of them are also the most appropriate. Once Totto Land attacks Holy Land Mariejois directly, they can also reach Holy Land from Marine Headquarters at any time.

Green Ox was left in the Holy Land Mariejois with the alternate Admiral Tokikake, these two are responsible for the defense of the Holy Land because Tokikake has the ability of Future Prediction, once it is found that Totto Land had raided them from the rear of the Red Line, he can take the fastest reaction.
Guarding on both sides of Holy Land are the government army and spy agency CP0.

As for the overall army Fleet Admiral "Steel Bone" Kong, he and Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) and others sat together at the core of Holy Land Mariejois to cope with any possible situation.

"Dispersing the troops to attack from all directions, or concentrating their forces to attack from one direction, how would you choose, Ghost Hand"

"Steel Bone" Kong stands at the top of the fort and he overlooked the entire Holy Land Mariejois, everything is under his eyes.

Time gradually passed.
One hour

Two hours

Although the World Government has contracted all of its Battle forces to Holy Land Mariejois, the intelligence forces are still scattered on the sea. At this moment, even if he can get any position information about Totto Lands strength, it is worth a lot of money.

To sacrifice a Battleship for this is nothing.

Four or five hours passed and the Scout Battleship scattered in New World failed to detect any intelligence about Totto Land.

The huge force assembled by Totto Land suddenly seems to disappear. It is hidden in the dark at the moment and it may appear from any direction at any time.

Tension and Depression were spreading.

All kinds of breathless atmosphere pervade the whole Holy Land Mariejois.

As time went on, "Steel Bone" Kong and others did not relax their vigilance because they did not obtain any intelligence, because the General Great Staff Officer Tsuru analyzed that Ross has always been resolute and since he has completed the gathering of combat power, then there will be no delay.

Today is bound to be the day of the decisive battle!

And in this decisive battle, Totto Land has also issued an announcement to the world a day ago, in this battle, the World Government will be completely destroyed.


Just as "Steel Bone" Kong, with his deep and penetrating eyes, looked down on Holy LandMariejois, sitting in the heart of town, waiting for Totto Lands attack, he suddenly sensed something was wrong.

The air seems to be getting a little depressed.

It is not the repression of the atmosphere, but the air becomes oppressive, as the density of the air throughout the Holy Land suddenly rises.

At first, there was nothing, but as time went by, the air density began to rise and rise, making "Steel Bone" Kongs face suddenly changed.

He had a vague idea.

"Could it be that"

"Steel Bone" Kong, whose face changed dramatically, looked up to the sky.

At almost the same time, CP0s Chief, and Kenbonshoku (Observation)s Tokikake, Kirby, and others, all looked up to the sky.
"Oh No!"

Tokikakes face changed dramatically.

Kirby, who guarded the Marine Headquarters, was also shocked, and said, "It turned out to be such an attack this is not something we had expected at all!"

After Tokikake and Kirby and others first reacted, Aokiji Kizaru and others were almost aware and they all looked up to the sky.
Countless Vice-Admirals and Rear Admirals of Marine Headquarters, as well as the governments army, all showed horrified and incredible looks on their faces.

They saw that above that dome, at a height unknown, a dark shadow appeared, and the dark shadow was falling towards Holy Land Mariejois.

When they looked closely, they found that it is not a dark shadow but an island, a large island, and a large island that can hold a country!

That Island is falling!

There is no doubt that this is the attack from Totto Land, the prelude to the decisive battle!

"Damn "

"They can actually move an island to the sky."

"Steel Bone" Kongs face became very ugly.

It is not that they did not expect Totto Land to attack from the sky, but if an attack comes from the sky, there will be some time, which is enough time for Holy Lands Battle force to quickly gather.


They had never expected an island like this falling directly from the sky!

To be able to take an island to the sky, and still be such a large island, isnt that the power of the dead Golden Lion?

Could it be that

Float-Float Fruit was acquired by Totto Land?

The ability of this Devil Fruit will bring a huge trouble!