One Piece Talent System Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Attacking
"Theres trouble up there!"

"Holy Land is in danger!"
After the expressions on Momousagi and others faces changed, they all jumped from the Marine Headquarters and used Gepp (Moonwalk) to rush towards the Holy Land Mariejois above the Red Line.

The falling speed of the island is getting faster and faster and it looked as if the sky is sinking.

Many Tenryubitos inside Holy Land saw this scene and the expressions on their faces were beyond something that can be described as fear. They were Tenryubito, descendants of the Gods who created this world. How could they encounter such a terrifying disaster?

Some Tenryuubito were so scared that they directly passed out and fell to the floor.

There are also some older Tenryubitos with strong psychological endurance, whose faces are extremely ugly at this moment, and they are holding a delicate jade cane in their hands and thinking about one thing.

Would our rule end here?


This is not possible!

The Lord is still in the Holy Land and they also possess many means and the World Government has never been shaken in the past Eight Hundred Years. No one can overthrow the World Government. It is impossible for anyone to take their Noble Tenryubito Status from them and push them down!

"How terrible are they to drop an entire island on us"

Kizaru was the first one to come over the Holy Land. His arms were staggered in front of him, and the bright golden light came together. He directly used Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama) and hit it towards the falling island.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of Bang and explosions erupted in the sky.

However, if Kizaru wanted to stop a large island that is falling from the sky towards them with just an Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama) alone then obviously, he is still somewhat delusional.

"It suits me that the air is compressed so closely."

CP0s Chiefs eyes flashed with a cold light. He snorted and his hands flicked toward the sky, he fired a high-density air compression cannon towards the falling Island.

Like Kizarus Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama), this attack caused a constant explosion on the entire island, and countless stones splashed and shattered everywhere, turning into dust.


Momousagi didnt have any flashy attacks. In the moment when she rushed to the Holy Land, she directly cleaved towards the falling island with her sword. The sword energy was intertwined in an instant and rushed towards the island.

At the same time, Aokiji is also using his Ice-Ice Devil Fruit, attacking the falling island with his ice attacks.

World Governments subordinates top fighting powers have moved to attack one after another. For a time, it seems that the most beautiful fireworks in the world are intertwined and exploded above the sky.

Kch! Kch!

Withstanding so many top Battle force attacks, the falling island is finally unable to bear and there is a sound of cracking as it began to fall apart.

"Its breaking!"

"Be careful!"

Commander Fleet Admiral "Steel Bone" Kong, who has never attacked said after the Island began to fall apart.

It is not difficult to break the island, but after the island is broken, those fragments will not disappear but will continue to fall down, causing devastating disaster to Holy Land.

Therefore, in order to elevate the disaster, these fragments must be blocked or destroyed.
"Ice Age!"

"Black jail!"

"Air swamp!"

In the moment when the island broke apart, many Marine Admiral and top Battle forces changed their means, large Ice cubes, dense air, and Gravity powers were used on the falling debris.

Of the innumerable collapsed fragments, some were directly frozen, some were held in the air, and more were broken into more broken fragments, scattered around the periphery of Holy Land.

It is the moment when the entire island is broken.

A large number of black shadows appeared in the sky. They were people standing on the island, and as the island was shattered, they also suffered attacks from Aokiji and others.

"Gravity Blade!"



Various abilities are intertwined in the Sky colliding against the attacks of Aokiji and others.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As if to destroy the world, the deafening sound exploded between heaven and earth, causing a lot of Tenryubitos in Holy Land to become stunned by the shock and their ears began to bleed.

Amidst the loud sound, countless debris splashed everywhere and the smoke was also filling the sky, covering the clear blue sky behind it.

Whiz! Whiz!

In the smoke, the next second when the sound was stopped, a large number of figures fell from the sky and fell directly onto the square of Holy Land Mariejois.

Everyone saw that there were not many people in this group, but everyone was wearing a black cloak, and behind the cloak were written: "One", "Two", "Three", and "Four".

The figures in black cloaks showed no signs of confusion, the number One fell to an area and the number Two fell to another area.

And standing in front of this group of black cloaks is a completely different white from black, which is a large white feather down cloaks, and there are also One, Two, Three, Four, etched on the back.

"They seem to be ready for us."

Fujitora stands in front of the Elites of the First Division, holding the scabbard of his Cane Blade in one hand and the handle of the blade in the other, maintaining the half-posture of the blade with the half-bowed body and closed eyes, and calmly said.

"Totto Land, First Division Team has reached here."

Shiliew of the Rain held a cigar in his mouth and grinned, he pulled out the sword from the scabbard and followed Fujitora and said: "Second Division has also reached here."

"Third Division Support Unit, Arrives."

"Fourth Division Medical Unit, Arrives."

Trafalgar Law carried the Cursed Blade (Yt) Kikoku and his face slightly raised, his tone was quiet as he also added: "Dont think anything medical troops, you cant fight in the front lines."


A figure intertwined with lightning arcs fell in front of many giants. The sound was like the sound of thunderclap that rung in the Holy Land.

"Fifth Division Giant Unit, Arrived."

"Oh, Sixth Division is also here."

Robin wore the usual blue-purple shirt today, and she smiled and did not speak the same way as the previous five teams had. Obviously, she did not like to participate in this kind of self-reports that are though at the moment.

"Captain Robin, thatll take the edge off."

Laffitte carried his red wooden cane and spread his hand at Robin and showed a helpless expression, then he turned his head to look at "Steel Bone" Kong and others, and lifted the ceremonial hat on his head.

"You guys are okay, Seventh Division Special Forces have also arrived."

"So, can your World Government stand up to this battle, or are you just waiting here to get wiped out?" Judge wore a white cloak embroidered with the number Eight on it and came forward with a deep look in his eyes: "Eighth Division Scientific Force Army has Arrived."

"Its time to put an end to what happened before."

Hancock, wearing a gorgeous cheongsam dress stood in front of the Amazon Lily Islands female warriors and looked at the Holy Land Mariejois and she revealed a cold indifference in the depths of her eyes.