One Piece Talent System Chapter 454

Chapter 454 Eruption
There is no need for Fujitora and others to self-report themselves. "Steel Bone" Kong and others have already recognized them. If they havent recognized who their opponent is after fighting for more than two years, they dont need to be a World Government and Marines top decision-makers.

"For you to suddenly break into Holy Land, We were careless."
"Steel Bone" Kongs complexion is not very good-looking at this moment.

Their original defense strategy was to keep the Totto Land out of Holy Land. If Totto Land tried to rush in, they would fall into their ambush and would pay a great price.

But no one expected that Totto Land would come on an island and did their own trick on them and they directly sent the Division Captains and the Elites into the interior of Holy Land Mariejois!

"I havent seen you for years, Fleet Admiral."

Shiliew of the Rain held the sword handle and looked at "Steel Bone" Kong from afar, he had seen "Steel Bone" Kong and he was once a subordinate of "Steel Bone" Kong, but now their relation towards each other is filled with complete hostility.

"Steel Bone" Kong coldly said: "I promoted you to become the warden of Impel Down and had high hopes for you. I didnt expect you to betray the Government and betray my trust in you."


Shiliew smiled and said: "You shut me down in Eternal Hell on the sixth floor of Impel Down. Is that how you promoted me? Thats really great."

Seeing that "Steel Bone" Kong wanted to say something else, the smile on Shiliews face suddenly turned into a cold and cruel grin as he spoke: "There is no need to say more nonsense."

He put his sword in front of him, and he opened his eyes.

"Get ready."

"World Government!"

"Ghost Hand Ross is not here yet"

"Steel Bone" Kongs eyes swept over towards Shiliew and others, searching for traces of Ross, but he did not find them and he could not help but feel that something is wrong in his heart.

He is not afraid of Ross appearing on the front, he is worried that Ross will remain hidden in the dark, because according to their intelligence analysis, Ross has a hidden ability that even Observation Haki cant find, it seems that he can fold space itself to conceal himself.


But at the moment, he couldnt even look for Ross.

Almost as soon as Shiliews voice fell, the Elites of Totto Land, under the leadership of Division Captains of each team, launched a fierce attack!


He saw Fujitora wielding a Cane Blade in his hand and three meteorites pierced the sky and fall from the sky, wrapped in hot flames.

At the same time, Shiliew swept his blade away and the cold sword energy frozen in all directions and it seems that in an instant, Holy Land Mariejois is turned into a cold hell!


Aokiji moved and he suddenly came to the sky. First, he put his hand on it and the ice ball blocked the meteorite falling towards the Holy Land. Then, he pressed his backhand again and the ice appeared in the Void and Spread out and quickly froze toward Fujitora.

Fujitoras face was calm, and with a wave of his Cane Blade, he shattered the ice.

At the same time, Momousagis eyes flashed with a glimmer of light, and with a sudden flash, she came to the front of Shiliew at a very fast speed. The sword in her hand was wrapped around with an aura that seems to be able to split everything with the force of a sword.


Shiliew blocked Momousagis attack with his own sword.

"You have become a lot stronger."
The collision of this move was lightly understood in both minds. Although Totto Land and World Government collided continuously in the past two years, the two of them did not fight.

Now fighting again, the strength of the two sides is still the same.

"To each other."

Momousagi took a deep breath and pressed to quickly resolve Shiliews, holding the hilt of her blade in both hands, she started to fight with Shiliew of the Rain.

At this time, Aokiji and Momousagi are facing Fujitora and Shiliew, and Ficheux Erman has already moved and the person he is dealing with is Tokikake who just arrived.
"Did you stay here in peace, Tokikake!

In the past two years, Ficheux Erman and Tokikake have fought against each other several times, each time, regardless of up and down and even when fighting for three days and three nights, they could not determine a victor or loser even when they reached their limits.

Tokikake actually didnt want to be entangled by Ficheux Erman, but he couldnt avoid Ficheux Ermans speed, even with the Future Prediction ability, he could only resist and fight back but he could not get rid of him.


After the three Division Captains and the World Governments three forces began to fight against each other, someone on the World Governments side also took the initiative to attack. He wore a white cloak, and it was a spy agency CP0.

He was extremely fast and almost fell deep into the enemy territory in one step. He was planning to kill the members of the Third Division to destroy the Elites of the Third Division when Ficheux Erman confronted Tokikake.


Before his figure rushed over, a shadow suddenly flickered, as if appearing out of thin air, and the shadow came directly to him.

The two made a move at the same time, and with a loud sound, both of them stepped back two steps.

"Fourth Division Captain Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law."

The CP0s Vice Chief Coldly looked at the opponent in front of him.

Trafalgar Law held the Cursed Blade (Yt) Kikoku, and said with a constant face: "Are you the Vice Chief of CP0? I have never seen you before, I wonder how many moves you would last against me."

CP0 Vice Chief snorted and said: "Dont become too arrogant less you die yourself, I know you are a doctor but you cant heal yourself after getting your head cut off from your body!"

Whiz! Whiz!

When Trafalgar Law fought against CP0 Vice Chief, Laffitte and Robin also started to attack at the same time.

At the moment they moved, they met another Vice Chief of CP0 and Vice Chief of the Governments Army.
The Battle Power of these Vice Chiefs is not much different from Tokikakes, but Laffitte has already grown to this level in the battle for the sea in recent years.

As for Robin.

After following Ross around for so long, although she rarely appeared in the front of the battlefield, when Ross has something good that is useless for himself, he often shoves it towards her and he had also trained her. She had naturally reached to this level.