One Piece Talent System Chapter 455 1

Chapter 455 Change Part 1
However, for Robin and Laffitte, this is almost the limit of their growth. It would be too difficult for them to further improve their strength to that of a Marine Admiral.

Unless they experience multiple life and death fights and survives under the threat of death and breakthrough by themselves, only then they can hope to grow to the real Marine Admiral level of Battle power.
"Do it."

Judge watched that the battlefield that had been completely separated into various fights, and he also waved the war spear in his face with a strong force and said: "The people of CP will be dealt by us!"

Niji, Reiju, and others are not strong enough to deal with CP0s Vice Chief level powerhouse, but they can deal with the ordinary members of CP0, like CP9.

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

The Division Vice-Captains of the various teams rushed out together with the Scientific Force Base of Judge and fought with the Elite Intelligence Agencies and government forces.

There are some similarities between the government army and the organization of CP0. One Chief is paired with two Vice Chiefs. At this moment, the Chief has not yet moved, and Vice Chief has already been attacked by one person.

The remaining Chief blinked for a moment and suddenly charged into the battlefield, trying to defeat Niji and others as soon as possible.


Before he could rush over, a pink arrow suddenly shot towards him.

He sensed the danger and did not choose to confront it, he turned over to avoid it and then looked gloomy in the direction where the arrow had come from.

"Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock."

Hancock stood there calmly. With her height, she was able to overlook ordinary people. She looked at Vice Chief of the government army and said softly, "Dont"

"Call out my name!"

When the second half of the sentence fell, Hancock had already rushed over and fought against the Vice Chief, the Second Chief of the Government Army.

With Hancocks original strength, it would have been difficult for her to deal with people at the level of Vice Chief, but because Ross occasionally went to Amazon Lily Island to train her, her strength has also been improved.

She was originally at the level of Shichibukai, and after some improvements in Haki, Devil Fruit ability, and her physical body, her strength had naturally reached this level.

The two sides fought for a while.

"Totto Lands rebellion seems to be nothing more than this."

The Chief of the Government army looked at the fierce battle on the field, and his eyes flashed with a cold light because his subordinates were completely caught in the melee, he could not stand it and suddenly rushed out.

But before he could rush to the battlefield, a ray of thunder light struck towards him.

"For Elbaf, for the glory of Totto Land"

Thunder Giant Hajrudin was bathed in thunder and lightning and he looked like a Thunder God. He was at a high altitude and the sky had turned into a sea of dark clouds without anyone knowing about it. With his roar, countless thunder strikes fell like raindrops.

Elbaf is now a subsidiary of Totto Lands, so for the sake of Elbaff, that is, for the glory of Totto Land.

Seeing this scene, the Government Army Chief couldnt help but reveal a look of anger. He set off on Gepp (Moonwalk) and attacked Hajrudin, forcing Hajrudin to resist and it prevented him from creating chaos on the battlefield.

In less than ten minutes, the war has completely erupted and the entire Holy Land Mariejois is caught in the flames of war!

An earth-shattering battle started on the Red Line.

Because of the breadth of the Red Line, it also surpasses any large island in the world, so in this level of melee, it was not quickly fragmented.

Even so, loud sounds of fighting came from Red Line and it is constantly getting damaged.

One must know that standing on this battlefield, there are more than ten characters of Marine Admiral level strength alone, not to mention there are other characters who are only slightly inferior to Admiral.

If a Marine Admiral wants to destroy an island, it would be a matter of minutes for him. With all of his fighting power, it is not difficult for a Marine Admiral to destroy a large island in a short time.

On the World Government side, there is also Commander Fleet Admiral "Steel Bone" Kong, CP0 Chief, Green Ox, Kizaru, and Kirby have not yet entered the battlefield. Kirby has just arrived, and others are guarding against Totto Lands other Battle forces, including those who have not yet appeared. including Ross.

"If Totto Land only has these Battle forces, even if Ghost Hand Ross is strong, it would be impossible for him to reverse this situation "

"Steel Bone" Kong looked calm and his eyes flashed slightly.

Naturally, he clearly knows that Totto Land cannot only have these Battle forces. The Logia Hurricane and the Logia Earth ability users who have appeared in Marine Headquarters before have not appeared yet.

And just as the huddle was forming on this side of the Holy Land, a dark shadow suddenly appeared on the sea not far from the Red Line, or at the end of the horizon.

Looking at it carefully, it is a fleet of ships!

Dozens of large ships sailed towards the Marine Headquarters in such a magnificent way, with One, Two, Three and other signs on their sails, they were the troops of Totto Land!

"A big attack."

"Steel Bone" Kong heard the intelligence report and took a deep breath, saying: "Let the Marines prepare for the battle, and have the Scientific Force Base put out the Pacifista force, put out every single unit!"

He had expected such a massive offensive situation, and the expressions on his face were extremely calm.

Ordinary Pirate Ship, even the large Pirate Ships have insufficient firepower compare with Marines large Battleship.

Whats more, the new Marine Headquarters fortress, whether its defensive power or offensive powers, it is equipped with heavy artillery and it is more powerful than the previous Marine Headquarters Marineford in every single way!

It can be said that it is impossible for the World Government to be afraid of such a massive attack.

With the order of "Steel Bone" Kong, the many Headquarters Vice-Admirals on the Marines side also made their preparations and calmly boarded the Battleships.

"Get ready to fight!"

"Its just a small fleet, its impossible for them to defeat justice!"