One Piece Talent System Chapter 456 2

Chapter 456 Hidden Part 2
Seeing the situation once again entering stalemate and only he as the Commander Fleet Admiral is still on his own, "Steel Bone" Kong took a deep breath, and decisiveness flashed in his eyes.

If Totto Land can hide such a powerful Battle Force as the Zero Division Team. Then their World Government naturally also has some hidden cards that they have not shown till now. Now that the current situation is getting unfavorable for them, then they must act as quickly as possible!
Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

Almost immediately after that, "Steel Bone" Kong took out a Den Den Mushi and conveyed his orders, four or five powerful auras emerged from the Holy Land Mariejois Pangaea Castle.

In the blink of an eye, five figures came to the battlefield. Three of them looked strange, but the remaining two were familiar, one of them was the Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma, and the other was the former Marine Admiral Black Prison who had fought against Ross before!

"For you to call us out this soon, it seems that the situation is not good."

One of the three strange-looking people said blankly.

"Steel Bone" Kong said in a deep voice: "Originally, I was planning to let everyone besiege the Ghost Hand Ross himself. Now, I must end the Battle on the frontal battlefield as soon as possible and force that Ghost Hand Ross to come out."

The powerful Battle force that Ross showed in the War Of The Best has already caused the Government many headaches and they have been most vigilant against him since the beginning, so in order to deal with Ross, it can be said that they are fully prepared.

But they didnt expect that the opponent would show their Zero Division team in this battlefield which made these preparations obsolete and they had to take out their hidden forces in advance.

Because "Steel Bone" Kong knows that the Totto Land forces also have the Logia Hurricane fruit User and Logia Earth-Earth Devil Fruit users who have not shown themselves yet, they are also close to the top Battle force of the sea.

"I know you are here, why havent you come out yet?!"

"Steel Bone" Kong took a deep breath and looked up at Void in front of the battlefield, and spoke out. The object of this sentence is undoubtedly Ross who has not yet appeared.

The Elites and the Division Captains on the Totto Land saw Five powerful battle forces coming out from the World Governments side and the expressions on their faces changed slightly but no one was flustered, because everyone knows that there is still some powerful hidden Battle force on the Totto Lands side. And more importantly, Ross has not made a move yet!

"Sure enough, there is still a lot of Battle force that they had not taken out."

Rosss familiar voice echoed through the Void and spread across the battlefield.

A Vortex Distortion appeared in the in Void and Rosss figure stepped out of it. He was wearing a very plain looking cloth, stepping on the clogs. He carried his hands on his back and his face had the ever calm expressions on them, he walked out of the distorted vortex without showing any momentum and he looked like an ordinary person.


In this battlefield, there is no one who would dare to underestimate him even by a little, in the moment he stepped out of that vortex distortion, whether it is Kizaru or Green Ox, or any others, they all look at him with fixed gazes.

They are not afraid of the Division Captains of Totto Land, because they can fight them even if they are strong and they would have a chance to win against them, but Ross alone is different from everyone, in the War Of The Best battle, he had proved this with blood lessons, even Marine Admirals and Marine Fleet Admiral werent able to stop him, not a single person can block him much less think about stopping him!


Two people working together will find themselves in danger if they go to deal with Ross.

Rosss Battle power is already tough to a somewhat outrageous level, he is completely beyond the seas so-called peak combat strength!

"So you have finally decided to come out?"

"Steel Bone" Kong looked at Ross calmly and said with a deep voice: "The World Government has existed for 800 Years and it has the power that you cannot easily step upon. If your Totto Land had continued to develop for one or two decades, maybe then your power would have been enough to really shake the existence of the World Government."

"But in this battle, you were too anxious and attacked before developing yourselves properly, and you will pay for taking that risk!"

"Steel Bone" Kongs voice echoed throughout the battlefield.

He knows that Ross also had a Logia Hurricane ability user and a Logia Earth ability user, but what about it? Counting himself here, the World Governments Side has six top Battle Forces in this battlefield!


The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), which holds the Disaster Devil Fruit has not yet come out yet and among Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), there is more than one person with powerful Battle power!
Ghost Hand Ross formed a secret team in secret and he had the nerve to think that he could compete with the World Government and even wipe out the World Government. That would be his one and the biggest mistake in this battlefield!

In todays battle, even if Ross cant be killed, at least the battle forces of Totto Land must be defeated, and then the Totto Land rebels will be completely wiped out slowly over the years!

"I didnt expect the government to have such power."

"Totto Land is a dangerous situation."

In the Sabaody Archipelago island and other places, the surveillance seagulls flying in the sky continuously broadcast the situation on the battlefield, and countless people gathered here to watch the War.

Even those who couldnt see it were in a flutter, for everyone knew that this battle would probably determine the future of the world.