One Piece Talent System Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Ghost Shadow Ship

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In the Morning after three days.

Ross is still practicing Observation Haki in his practice room same as before. Now his manipulation of Observation Haki is becoming more and more perfect. Hes only a short distance away from mastering this power completely.
While Ross was exercising and trying to cross that short distance, Robin came to the practice room and told him that the new ship had been completely completed.

"Its finished."

Ross grabbed the towel, wiped his neck and forehead and lightly stepped out of the swinging pile of sandbags, came to Robin and said, "Come on, Lets go and have a look."

They left the North Bank and walked along the familiar streets of Shipwright island and soon arrived at the new shipbuilding site on the West Bank of Shipwright island.

Before they arrived, they saw all kinds of waste and sawdust everywhere.

Obviously, in order to build a ship at full speed in seven days, waste and other things are left in the outer ring as there is no time to transport and dispose of it.

Moving forward, a forty meters long ship came into their view as they passed through the waste.

The ships hull is dark in tone, streamlined, without any particularly high cabin. The whole ship is like a long shuttle. Looking at its appearance, it can be seen that the ship is designed to absolutely crush other wide sailing ships in terms of speed.

"Here you are."

On the starboard side of the ship, Old Fitz was making the final measurements, noticing the arrivals off Ross and Robin. He wiped the muddy sweat from his forehead and came over, he grinned and introduced the ship to Robin and Ross:

"Ghost Shadow Ship!"

As the chief Shipwright who designed the entire ship and was responsible for its construction, he is the only one who is qualified to name the ship.

He guided Ross and Robin to the side of the boat, pointing to the hull design and the building path on the ship: "I cut the size of the freeboard and installed vertical triangular sails. The hull is made of heavy Silverwood, strong enough to surpass any ordinary steel."

"Not to say whether it can reach any part of the sea, but at least among other sailing ships, no ship can surpass it in speed!"

Old Fitz patted his chest and showed a touch of pride. It was a ship that he had designed a long time and now it was finally built with enough money and with a perfect keel backbone.

Except for those special powered Ships, none of the ships he knows can match Ghost Shadow Ship in terms of speed.

"What a magnificent ship."

Robin looked up at the entire Ghost Shadow Ship with a glimmer of appreciation in her eyes.

Ross stood next to her, smiling. He was totally uninterested in firepower and the like. What he needed was a speed-based ship, supplemented by firmness and durability.

"Its a great honor to have the fastest sailing ship in the world."

Ross smiled.

Old Fitz waved his hand and said, "No, it should be. Without the Treasure Tree Adam branch you got, it would not be able to withstand the pressures of design and speed. Without the tens of millions of Berries, I would not be able to buy so many Silverwood hulls."

"Whats more"
At this point, Old Fitz looked at Robin and paused. "I also hope that you can take Robin and leave the government and Marines far behind!"

Ross looked at Old Fitz and responded earnestly, "Robin is my crew member and I am responsible for all of my crew members."

Old Fitz stared at Ross and with his life experience, he could not see any sign that Ross was lying, so he grinned.

"All right! Dont you want to see what it looks like? Lets go and have a look!"

Old Fitz boarded the deck with Ross.
Since the entire ship does not have too many overtop structures, the upper level of the entire hull is extremely open and it is almost parallel to the sea level and has been neatly organized

"There is enough room on the deck for a full dance party."

Old Fitz smiled and led Ross and Robin into the cabin.

The mid-level building belongs to the main body of the cabin and it is also very open. There is a hall-like room in the center, with counter sofas and other things, such as a ballroom.

A large practice room is also designed here, which is made up of Golden Oak and special tough steel, which is stronger than Silverwood and can withstand great pressure and weight.

There are also designs in places like the study room. Although there are not many books in it, Robin still shows a sunny smile.

As for the bottom layer of the ship, it is a common cargo hold that can be used to stores all kinds of things.

There were not too many cannon muzzles on the hull. Together, there were only eight cannon muzzles on both sides and Ross was probably too lazy to bother with even those eight.

After looking at all the rooms and the entire hull, three of them returned to the deck. Ross looked at the deck under his feet, surprised.

"Almost perfect."

"Hahaha, although I havent built a ship for many years, I havent forgotten how to built them." Old Fitz grinned and answered Rosss praise directly.

After two steps, Ross turned to Old Fitz and said, "This is almost a perfect ship and the only flaw I can see is that it is lacking a Shipwright."

Old Fitz seemed to have guessed Ross would say that. He took the bottle out of his bosom and took a gulp of wine and intentionally went to the side of the ship and looked at the sea.

"But its even more awkward for an old man to be Shipwright. I didnt go to a Pirate Ship when I was young and I wont go to one when I am already this old. The Sea belongs to you young people."

Having said that, he turned his head and there was a glimmer of sparkling in his eyes. "I only hope that you can take this ship and take Olivias child away from the government."

Ross was not surprised by Old Fitz words.

Red Hair Shankss ship was designed and built by him and he didnt board Shanks Ship. The only one that can make him willing go on board as a shipwright is Robin, but the possibility is very low.


Ross shook his head and stopped inviting.

Old Fitz looked at Ross and Robin and laughed, then slowly walked down the gangway at a slightly faltering pace.
Ross looked at the sea in the distance, his eyes twinkling for a moment as he turned to Robin and said, "With a new ship, its time for us to get some new crew members."

"Next I need two pieces of intelligence, one about the whereabouts of Double Sword Pirates of West Blue who has a bounty of 59 million Berries, and the other for Demon Sherrif Laffittes whereabouts."

This is also Ross final mission before leaving West Blue and embarking on the Grand Line.

The Double Sword Pirates are the prey that Ross had chosen a long time ago. As for Demon Sherrif Laffitte, he was one of the main crew member and the Navigator of the Blackbeard Pirates in the original work.
Now that we want to turn the world upside down, we can just add fire to the group by pulling an "Evil Clown".

Besides, Ross has always wanted to find a navigator and does not want to work as a Captain and a navigator. Every day, besides practice, he spends a lot of time observing the weather and drawing sea map.

Nami is currently too small and far away in the East Blue, and Laffitte, who should be living in the West Blue, is undoubtedly a good choice for a Navigator. The only problem is how to get that person on board.

At this point, Ross is not going to rush to think about it, at least he is going to meet him first.