One Piece Talent System Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Double Sword And Demon Sheriff

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The shipbuilding area is not far from the coast.

After the ship was completed and Ross and Robin saw it, Old Fitz commanded several other Shipwrights to pull the long and thick ropes towards the coast.
Ross watched as they struggled to pull the ropes and shook his head and walked to the stern position, pressing one hand on the stern and pushing forward.


Originally a large group of Shipwrights pulled the ship desperately to move it forward bit by bit. The same ship is now being pushed forward by Ross with one hand and the ship glided forward on the sand.

"Wow, wow!"

"Its moving!"

Many Shipwrights and porters pulling the ship in front noticed that something was wrong. Looking back, they found that the whole ship was moving forward and they could not help but scream as they moved to both sides.

When many Shipwrights and porters saw that it was Ross who is propping up the stern of the ship with only one hand, driving the whole ship forward, they could not help but stare at the old man.

"This guy Is he still human?!"

"A single man is pushing the entire ship forward. What kind of strength it is? Only the Giants are able to do that!"

A short time ago, a naval battle took place near the North coast. Although the Shipwrights and porters knew about it, they did not know the exact details. They always thought that it was a group of pirates and Marines who exchanged fire and the Pirates finally killed the Marines.


Ross pushed the ship to move fast. After a moment, he pressed his hands on the stern of the ship and pushed it even harder. The whole boat slammed forward, cut open the waves and went into the sea.

After the ship entered the sea, Old Fitz boarded the ship again and went to the bottom of the ship to inspect it. After finding that there was no problem, he returned to the shore.

The porters on the shore and the handymen on the Ross ship are rushing to carry all kinds of goods, most of which are fresh water and food, as well as other materials from the old ship.

By noon, everything was finally settled.

"Bon Voyage!"

Old Fitz stood on the dock, waiving at the Ghost Shadow Ship which was gradually moving away with the wind.

There was a glimmer of light in his muddy eyes and as he thought this should be the last ship he built which is heading out into the sea.

Ross looked at Old Fitz on the shore, smiled as he looked at the shrinking harbor, he turned around and looked at the boundless sea in front of him.


"The worlds fastest sailing ship is here, The World Government and Marines treat me as someone who can be easily eliminated by them, I dont know if you are ready"

Half a month later.
West Blue, Somewhere on the western edge of an island.

Nico Robin came to the edge of the cliff and looked at the Ghost Shadow Ship, which was parked not far below, and jumped forward. Countless arms flew out of her arms and combined into a small wing that fanned as she fell.

With a slight impact, Robin fell lightly onto the deck.

"You Came back so soon."

Ross was sitting in front of a set of tables and chairs on the deck, watching Robin fall lightly on the deck and he leaned back on his chair and relax his leg muscles again.
"Thanks to my good luck. I have acquired information on both matters." Robin came over with a smile on his face.

"There is a reward for meritorious service." Ross sat up straight and chuckled.

Robin smiled at him and said, "Whats the reward?"

"Next time you come ashore, fill up all the shelves in your study." Ross snapped his finger.

"Then I would have to thank Captain first."
Robin slightly smiled and regained her serious expression and said to Ross, "As for the Double-Sword Pirates, just yesterday, a great event happened in Yate Sea Area. The Double-Sword Pirates defeated the Marine Fleet of T6 base."


Ross eyes flashed slightly and he said: "These Double-Sword Pirates are good enough to defeat a Marine base Fleet of West Blue."

Currently, in the West Blue, There are not many pirates who have a bounty of more than 30 million berries and because Ross has killed many of them and he even killed pirates who had a bounty of 20 million berries, the pirate force has entered a state of recession.

And now in this period, the Double Sword Pirates defeated an entire Marine fleet, which is undoubtedly once again inspiring West Blues evil forces.

"No, its not just about strength."

Robin shook her head and said with slight solemnity: "It took only three years for the Double-Sword Pirates to rise up and cross the West Sea. When they defeated an entire naval fleet, it also revealed a piece of important information."

"What kind of information?" Ross asked.

Robin responded: "Double Sword who is the Captain of the Double Sword Pirates has a bounty of 59 million Berries but he is not the real Captain of the Double Sword Pirates, There is a hidden existence in the Double Sword Pirates."


Ross had an interesting look on his face.

Robin took a deep breath and looked solemnly: "The existence behind the scene is the Captain of the Ghost Sword Pirates on the Grand Line Ghost Sword!"

"Three years ago, The Ghost Sword Pirates were ambushed and defeated by Marines in the Grand Line. Marines claimed that The Ghost Sword Pirates had been destroyed by their whole army. But the Captain of The Ghost Sword Pirates did not die, but fled the Grand Line and returned to the West Blue. As a behind-the-scenes presence, he created The Double Sword Pirates."

"His former bounty is 98 million Berries!"

At this point, Robin looked seriously at Ross and said, "Shall we change our plan and not collide head-on with The Double-Sword Pirates?"

She knew that Ross was eyeing the Double-Sword Pirates, but The Double-Sword Pirates were obviously a big problem. Their Captain could escape to the West Blue under the Marine encirclement and then he supported West Blues Top Pirate Group. His mind and strength are obviously not to be underestimated.
"No, We are still going ahead according to the original plan."

Ross chuckled and said, "If we are going to change our plans because of someone who got defeated on the Grand Line, then how can we go to the Grand Line?"

Robin knew that she could not possibly change Ross decision, She did not reveal any unexpected expression. Instead, She smiled and said:

"Then theres the second information, about Demon Sherrif Laffitte, a former security officer who was deported by the state because of abuse of his authority"
"Coincidentally, this former Sheriff and the position of the Double Sword Pirates are on the same sea."

"Isnt that just right?"

Ross stood up and took out the sea map: "Its better to accomplish two goals at once. Where are they?"

"Water Gold sea," Robin responded softly.

Ross nodded and looked at the sea map, he took out the compass and judged their position. He said, "Its not far. At the speed of Ghost Shadow Ship, if we go at full speed, we can reach that sea in about five days."

"So turn the rudder, hang the sails, lets go to the Water Gold sea!"