One Piece Talent System Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Arrival

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"Why bother appearing again and again in West Blue!"
In Vice-Admirals office in Marine Headquarters, Doberman looked at a document on his desk, listened to the reports from his subordinates and couldnt help but yell at it.

Previously, because of Ghost Hand Ross, he was reprimanded by Akainu and was almost driven out of Marine Headquarters to pursue Ross himself. Now, only half a month after Ross incident, Double-Sword Pirates emerged.

"To replace the Captain with a fake, that bunch of bastards from the G8 branch base!"

After reading the report carefully, Doberman could not help but shout angrily at the G8 base on Grand Line.

Apparently, the G8 branch base defeated Ghost Sword Pirates but failed to capture the Captain Ghost Sword. Someone grabbed a fake one to replace the original for military merits. Now that things have been revealed, the other side has directly put forward the push-off method, indicating that they do not know anything.

Under such circumstances, it is impossible to directly dismiss the responsible Marines from their posts and prosecute them and at the worst, they would be criticized for being tricked by pirates and some of their military merits are going to be deducted.

Vice Admiral Doberman, what should we do? Unless a base commander on the Grand Line leads the team, the problem known as The Ghost-Hand Pirates will not be solved at all. The Double-Sword Pirates are also difficult for anyone in the West Blue to deal with.

A Rear Admiral, who oversees the West Blue, asks a question.

"It is impossible to dispatch a Grand Lines Vice-Admiral to the West Blue, which will cause problems in the deployment of the Grand Line forces and the Admirals will not agree with it."

Dobermans hand slammed on his forehead. On one hand, is The Double Sword Pirates, and on another is much more troublesome pirates which are The Ghost Hand Pirates. He never thought that the West Blue would be so difficult to deal with.

Just then, a Rear Admiral next to him suddenly thought of something and whispered, "Vice Admiral Doberman, after The Ghost Hand Pirates replaced their ship in the Shipwright town, their latest course seemed to coincide strangely with that of Double Sword Pirates"


Doberman was slightly shocked, thinking about Ross whereabouts. He knew that Ross targets both Marine and Pirate, which made him think a little.

"If the Ghost-Hand Pirates and the Double-Sword Pirates encounter each other, they may fight to kill each other and it is likely that both of them will be injured, then there may be a slight chance for us Let the nearest West Blue branch be ready to monitor their actions and always supervise their actions, Let the orders be clear that no one is going to act without authorization!"


The Rear Admiral replied.

Ghost Shadow Ship, practice room.

More than ten heavy sandbags of different sizes were hanging there and swinging constantly. Ross had his eyes closed, but as if he could see in all directions, he avoided every sandbag with great precision.

More than half a month has passed since Ghost Shadow Ship was built and Ross Observation Haki has been thoroughly mastered. In The Talent Systems Interface, Observation Hakis branches have become activated gold.

Today, he alternates between ten or more sandbags, which is as simple as eating and drinking water for him. Even if it is bullets, He can easily avoid them by using Observation Haki.

Other than that.

Ross has not put down his Physical Strength Strengthening exercise and the Devil Fruit ability exercise, Distortion Fruit and Physical fitness have slightly improved, His power of distortion range has become a little larger.
Distribution Fruit, a Devil Fruit, seems to have innumerable development capabilities in The Talents Tree of The Talent System, but it is not so simple to operate in practice.

Ross tried to develop the Gravity Distortion ability without the systematic upgrade of the system but he ultimately failed. His Power of Distortion could not even touch the imaginary gravity.

Obviously, it is very difficult to shift from the material distortion to distorting illusory forces. Without The Talent System, it would probably be impossible to do it at all, just like Whitebears Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi), no matter how powerful it is, it will not shatter the real space and time. It will only shatter the atmosphere.

But Ross was able to Distort the direction of the sound. Ross has made a little progress. The doppelgnger phantom has become much more confusing. Compared with gravity, the sound is still more traceable.

"Almost there."
Ross exercised for a while in the practice room with constantly swaying sandbags, then he walked out of it and came to the corner of the room, with several extremely heavy loads on his back and started to do simple push-ups and squats.

He had previously thought about using Seastone to exercise, but when he killed Capone Bege, he forgot to collect Seastone poles and bullets. Later, it became very troublesome to buy them again. After several islands, they could not even be bought on the underground black market.

Hu! Hu!

In the constant ups and downs, Ross, who was naked in the upper body, began to sweat which dripped constantly on the cold floor.

The weight he carries is a very special mineral material in the world. It is very sturdy, but its weight is higher than that of steel. A small piece of this material weight similar to a large piece of steel.
With his current physical ability, carrying a large load of this weight on him is also a very effective method to exercise.

"One hundred and thirty-one, one hundred and thirty-two"

Ross kept counting in his mind.

Half an hour later.

After a thousand push-ups, Ross got up and drank some water. After ten minutes of rest, he started another thousand practice squats. His training for physical fitness was one group at a single time and one thousand of it.

When a thousand squats were done, even with his physical strength, he was breathless, so after a little rest, he took a shower and suspended practicing.

Leaving the practice room, Ross arrived on the upper deck.

Robin was sitting on one side of the deck reading elegantly, while the ships handyman was busy cleaning the deck, afraid to become lazy.

"We will reach The Gold Water sea in one day."

Ross came to the place where Robin was sitting, took out the compass and the sea map and put it on the table. After measuring it for a while, he judged their current position and asked Robin:

"What about the islands there?"

"According to the collective intelligence, Water Gold sea is a chaotic sea. There are no countries. There are twenty-one islands, one of which is a large island, six medium-sized islands, and the other fourteen are small islands."

Robin made a statement about the information on the Water Gold sea, which she had collected before and combined with Ross sea map judgment, she quickly determined the location of each island.

Ross bypassed a small island in front of him and pointed to a medium-sized Island Island in the rear. "This small island only has one small town so we dont need to go there" This is a chaotic sea without a country, here the forces of Underground are complex and any kind of information can be easily obtained.

Robin nodded.

Two days later, Ghost Shadow Ship arrived at the designated Island and anchored near a remote cliff. Ross and Robin went towards the island to collect more information.
The collection of information was easier than he imagined, Although neither of them had gathered any information about the exact location of Demon Sherrif Laffitte, the location of the Double-Sword Pirates was determined.