One Piece Talent System Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Attention

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Water Island.

This sea is called the Water Gold Sea because of the names of the two largest islands here, one is called Water and the other one is called Gold.
Among them, Gold Island is the largest island, which is large enough to accommodate a country, while Water island is second only to the Gold Island, which can be measured between a medium-sized Island and a large size island.

Ross and Robin boarded the island and were walking down the street.

The street style here is very dark. Whether it is a pedestrian or a beggar who is kneeling in the corner, their eyes are fierce. Compared to Kano Country, which is still somewhat orderly, here is a pure disorderly zone.

Some of the Underground forces of the West Blue controls the situation here and the Capone Family was originally one of them. However, due to their heavy losses against Ross, their power has dropped and they have already withdrawn from here.


Suddenly, a gun firing sound came from the front causing countless people on the street to show vigilant eyes as they noticed a thin man with a gun in his hand and a strong man lying in a pool of blood in front of him. He sneered twice and turned away.

"Sure enough, its a Lawless place."

Ross said plainly as both Ross and Robin have been in the dark world of the Underground and these types of situations are nothing new to them so they were not surprised.

After walking for a while, they came to a busy street. Ross looked around and said, "Lets gather information separately and come back here in half an hour."

"No problem."

Robin lowered her hat and gently nodded.

Although she rarely trains, Ross occasionally points out various methods to develop her devil fruit. Now she has no problem dealing with pirates with a bounty of 20 or 30 million berries and because of the special abilities of her devil fruit, she can completely ignore large scale battles.

Ross and Robin separated. After walking for a while, he saw a tavern in front of him. He put his hands in his pockets and went to the counter to order a glass of wine. He asked casually:

"I heard that Double Sword Pirates have appeared on this town recently?"


Behind the counter, a beautiful woman was startled when she heard Ross words. After putting the wine in, she lowered her voice and whispered, "What do want?".

Ross smiled and put two gold coins on the table and said, "Just want to inquire about it. It seems that you know something."

The price of a glass of wine here is at most one silver coin. When she sees two gold coins, the womens eyes suddenly started to shine and she showed smiled at Ross, She accepted the two gold coins without any hesitation. Then she leans slightly down and muffles her voice:

"They came here two days ago and fought with many people when they left. They killed dozens of people. The bodies were everywhere and It took a long time to clean them up. It was a group of terrifying guys Its said that even an entire Marines fleet was destroyed by them."

Speaking of this, the women paused and looked at Ross sitting there wearing a leather cap showing only half of his face and whispered, "They seem to be recruiting people near the West Bank. It is said that one needs to have some strength to join them. You are not planning to join them, are you?."

"Near the West Bank? Thank you very much."

Ross took a sip of wine, stood up and looked up to the women behind the counter and Slightly smiled before saying "As for me joining them they cant afford it."

As his voice dropped, Ross turned and left the tavern.
The women looked at Ross back and her eyes widened slightly, as Ross stepped out of the tavern, she suddenly reacted and grabbed a stack of wanted posters beside the table and turned them upside down one by one and quickly pulled out one of them, looking at the familiar face she could not help breathing a cold breath.

The bounty of 92 million Berries

Ghost Hand Ross!

In the past two days, the two most terrifying Pirates of West Blue have arrived on this island. Today, The Ghost Hand Pirates and The Double Sword Pirates are far superior to other Pirates in The West Blue.

If they collide, it would definitely cause a big event that will alarm the entire West Blue!

At the Separation point.

Ross came back here early and waited a moment before he saw Robin coming from the other direction. She came to Ross and lowered her voice and said:

"Double Sword Pirates are recruiting people at their large fleet stationed near the West Bank, Demon Sherrif Laffitte It is said that someone has seen him in this town in the last few days."

"Oh? Laffitte is here too?"
Ross looked at Robin unexpectedly and thought a little. Then he said: "Its just right that the normal people of the island hear that Ghost Hand Ross is confronting the Double-Sword Pirates. Theres no reason to avoid this big scene. Lets go directly to the West Bank."

Robin nodded as Ross thought exactly the same as her.


Ross flicked his finger and he pushed his cap down from the front and moved forward.

Almost everyone on the street is wearing rags and the atmosphere is depressed and dark, almost everyone is staring at the two people on the street, As Ross and Robin, who are dressed up in a different way are naturally the focus of their attention.

When Ross flicked on the top of his hat, he stared at various people in secret and he could hear shocked sound coming from many corners of the street.

"That guy is"

"Ghost Hand Ross! Its really him!"

Almost at the same moment, the atmosphere of the street changed dramatically. Ross and Robin walked forward and nobody dared to stand in their way. They all retreated back on both sides. Most people did not even dare to look at Ross for fear of causing trouble.

Compared to the Captain of Double Sword Pirates, who has been anonymous for many years, the name of the Ghost Hand that recently swept through West Blue is undoubtedly more awe-inspiring and fearful.

The streets became unobstructed.

Ross took Robin across the street and headed all the way towards the West Bank. Those who could sense Ross direction along the way could not help but think of something and stare at their back shocked.

"They seem to begoing towards the West Bank!"

What is there in the West Bank? Most people are very clear that the Double Sword Pirates are recruiting powerful people to board ships in the West Bank. Will Ghost Hand Ross is going to join the Double Sword Pirates?

The answer is no doubt a no!

It is rumored that the Captain of Ghost Hand Pirates, Ghost Hand Ross has always had the hobby of hunting the strong. West Blue originally had a large number of pirates with the bounty of more than 20 or 30 million berries and he killed most of them, So far, no new person has come up to take their positions.
Now that Ghost Hand Ross is heading towards the West Bank to find the Double Sword Pirates, His goal is already clear to most. He most likely regards the Double-Sword Pirates, which regained the first position of West Blue, as prey!!

"Ghost Hand Ross is going after The Double Sword Pirates? This is big news!"

"If they fought, the outcome is really hard to predict. One is a person who killed a Rear Admiral that was sent by the Marine Headquarters and the other person has been to the Grand Line"

Many people looked at Rosss back and murmured with a tremor in their hearts.
"I think that Ghost Hand Ross has a better chance of winning. It was a Marines Headquarters Rear Admiral that he destroyed recently and not a branch Rear Admiral that other Pirates destroyed." Someone spoke quietly.

One person shook his head and replied, "Ghost Swords bounty is 98 million Berries, and this was three years ago, on the other hand, Ghost Hand Ross has never been to the Grand Line!"

Grand Line is known as the Pirate Graveyard. Many of the most powerful pirates in the East, West, North, and the South Blue couldnt do anything in the Grand Line and they died there.

Ghost Sword entered the Grand Line and had a bounty of 98 million Berries, then he returned to the West Blue, His strength is undoubtedly terrible.

As Ross moved closer to the West Bank, even the Underground forces, who controlled the island, were shaken by the news.

For a time.

The eyes of the whole island are focused on West Bank