One Piece Talent System Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Underground Intelligence Organization
Because he didnt want to be hunted by Marines on the island, Ross made a situation where it seemed like he had already escaped by a boat on the sea and then quietly returned to the island.

This method may not necessarily be able to deceive Marines for long, but it doesnt matter to Ross how long he has, he just wants to figure out what the situation he is in.
"I should go to Ghale City."

Ross took a long look at the town where he lived for the past year. After shaking his head, he turned around and walked along the path towards the bustling city in the middle of the island.

There is an Underground Intelligence Organization in the city. A large part of the information on many pirates he hunted was obtained from there.

Along the path, and passing over the mountains.

Two hours later.

Ross wore a leather jacket with a low hat that hides most of his recognizable features and was walking on the streets of Ghale City.

He did not deliberately hide his whereabouts and the people of the Ghale City also did not react much. It seems that the things that happened in Tarot town have not spread here yet.

But what Ross wants to know is not just about the Tarot Town, He also wants to know who made him take the fall for the said situation and get rid of him and solve this situation if possible so that he wouldnt be pursued by the Marines.

Just as Ross walked to the location of the Underground intelligence organization, there were suddenly a lot of newspapers spilling from the sky in the streets not far away from his position. Many people picked up the newspaper and looked at it.


"Ghost Hand Ross actually looted and slaughtered a small town? Didnt he hunted down several pirates with bounty more than 10 million berries?!"

Many people looked at the newspapers and they were shocked.

Rosss footsteps paused. He pulled the brim of his hat down again and walked over to the crowd and quietly picked up a newspaper.

The Tarot town massacre.

Only around 70 people lived in the town. The town that was always warm was looted and slaughtered overnight. The whole town was burned into ruins. After careful investigation by Marines, the chief culprit was found to be Pirate Hunter Ghost Hand Ross.

Rosss face was getting darker and darker as he read the newspaper.

At this time, the voices of the many passers-by next to him were also passed into his ear.

"I didnt expect that Ghost Hand Ross would be turned out to be such a terrible pirate!"

"I have already said that Pirate Hunters are similar to the pirates as they are all guys who go after pirates for money. It is not unusual that one of them would do this kind of thing."

"I hope Marines can capture this guy.

The fingers holding the newspaper gradually exerted force and the newspaper in his hands crumpled. Ross was silent for a moment, then he turned and walked into the alleyway next to him while throwing the newspaper in a trash can.

After crossing a few streets.

Ross came to a tavern, which was empty. Only the boss sat at the counter, yawning.
Ross walked into the tavern, glanced at the boss behind the counter. He didnt talk to him and directly walked towards the inner room of the tavern. He then pushed open the door and walked down a staircase leading Underground.

The stairs were extremely narrow but he arrived at the end, they suddenly widened and there was an open room with many fine tables and chairs like a high-class tavern.

"this is really big news!"

"Ghost Hand Ross this guy. Tsk tsk, now that this has happened, we will definitely lose a business colleague in the future."

"Not just that but the Marines will definitely release a bounty. I dont know how high his bounty will be, but I dont think it will be any less than 20 million Berries!"
Several Pirate Hunters sat on the couch and held several newspapers in their hands, discussing.

It was at this time that Ross walked down from above.

As soon as everyone saw Ross, their arguments came to an abrupt end. All eyes converge on Ross and at that time everyones reaction was different, some sneered, some raised the corners of their mouths, and some showed anxiety.

There was no expression of anger on Rosss face, instead, there was a calmness that made peoples heart palpitate.

He glanced around the hall indifferently. There was silence in the tavern.
No one was making any jokes or doing anything. Although, the situation that Ross is currently facing was very bad, and he may even be captured for Marines bounty, but Rosss strength is recognized as powerful among the Pirate Hunters.

Most of the other Pirate Hunters works by forming teams and most of the targets are pirates with a bounty of less than 10 million. Even if they hunted a pirate with more than 10 million bounties, it is only occasional and not something that they can do regularly.

But Ross was different than them. Ross is a solo pirate hunter and he does not work with any group, despite that he alone has hunted several strong pirates with bounties more than 10 million berries in just a few months of time. This shows that his strength is very powerful and in the underground world or in the pirate hunters circle, strength means everything.


When Ross saw that no one was talking, he retracted his gaze and walked straight into the interior of the hall, pushed a door open and walked inside.

When the door was completely closed, many people in the hall sighed.

"Huu, I didnt expect him to come here at this time"

"It seems that Marines encirclement failed completely. They are really useless as ever." Someone said as he picked up a glass of wine and sipped from it.

"I dont know to what level this matter will eventually develop to. Right, what do you think he is here for? He cant be Pirate Hunter now." The person next to him shrugged: "Who knows? Maybe he wants some intelligence on Marines and then flee from here."

Within a room in the Underground building.

Compared to the outside, it was much quieter here. The sound canceling effect was also very good. After the door was closed, the voices discussing outside were unable to pass through.

The interior room is not large. It only had a sofa, a bookshelf, and a desk.

Behind the desk sat a middle-aged man with a thick beard. He had a cigar in his mouth. He is the leader of the Underground Intelligence Organization. Terun.

Next to the desk.

A girl who was about sixteen or seventeen years old, wearing a black shawl was carefully sorting out a pile of documents as if silently memorizing them.
The girls appearance was very immature but Ross recognized her directly when he first saw her a few months ago.

It was Devil Child Nico Robin from the original work.

In the current timeline, she is still struggling to survive by hiding in the Underground world. She is currently a key figure in this Underground Intelligence Organization. Relying on her strong memory, she can remember all kinds of information so that it can be handed over at any time.

"Ohh, Ghost Hand Ross? I didnt expect you to come over at this time." Terun was sitting behind his desk as looked up at Ross.
"The current circumstances surrounding you are not very good."

Ross calmly looked at Terun and said, "You must know about my reasoning to come here, then you should know what information I want."

Teruns mouth raised slightly and he put the cigar in his mouth down: "Is it about Tarot town? I have inside intelligence here but with your current identity, selling the intelligence to you will bear a lot of risks so the price needs to be doubled."

Ross stared at Terun for a moment.

"No problem."